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3DS Android Emulators for Mobile Phones You Can Get For Free

3DS Emulators For Android is a group application that supports Nintendo’s games on android with high-quality graphics. It is like a blessing for all the Nintendo game lovers to play with their favorite characters like Mario, Link, Luigi, Donkey Kong, etc. In the term 3DS, DS stands for dual-screen. It merely reveals that Nintendo uses a dual-screen system for its games.

3DS Android Emulators

Small and handheld devices since coming with small screens, so they aren’t yet defined to replicate these games.

Most of the handheld devices today are available under 6 inches screen size. Thus, it is almost no fun to play full-screen games on small screens.

There is a previous version of 3DS, namely 2DS. There are even third party 2DS emulators for android. Yet, after a later release of 3DS, the popularity of 2DS has faded away.s

There is no doubt in the superiority of Nintendo’s 3DS as a best-selling console.

This is a handheld gaming console still so popular that other platforms are in pursuit of the best emulators for it.

Its popularity still doesn’t stand alongside that of Play Station. But it is still a choice of classic games’ lovers.

Nintendo offers thousands of great games that can be enjoyed on your Android devices.

The only thing you need is a supporting 3DS emulator for android devices. It is still possible to play Nintendo’s games on android phones through emulators.

List of Best 3DS Android Emulators

1. Citra 3DS Emulator

If you have a Snapdragon 845 processor or higher, this 3DS emulator for android should be your first choice.

It has many bugs and crash reports associated with it. The reason why it happens is, this emulator is still under development towards perfectness.

3DS Android Emulators

Besides crash reports on many games, some games still run entirely on this emulator. Citra offers an unofficial port to run this emulator.

There is no formal app available. Yet, its code may be downloaded from Github’s website. There is no support from the developer.

This all may be a matter of concern towards its users. However, it is still a selectable 3DS emulator for android, amongst others.

Fortunately, the users claim that Citra 3DS emulates Pokemon as well. So, finally, we have an emulator to run Pokemon. So, conclusively, this emulator may be called as Pokemon 3DS Emulator too.


2. DraStic DS Emulator

Apparently, the best Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android, DraStic DS Emulator has one of the most smooth graphics that I found on any emulator.

3DS Android Emulators

In fact, the app upscales it to twice on a phone with quad-core chipsets. Instead of cramping two screens on Nintendo 3DS devices, this emulator has six display modes that users can check out and play.

This ensures that everything is stable and the graphics are at the top-notch compared to other 3DS Android Emulators.

I tried for a while and found out users can attach controllers and even physical controllers with it. There is a colossal cheat code available with it that users can enter and get an edge over their competitors.

The emulator is overall optimized to save battery and takes backups of all the data so that you never lose your game’s progress and can continue where you left.

It has a feature called ‘Fast Forward’ which bypasses any long conversations before or after any game in case if you don’t want to go through it.



3. NDS4droid

This is a particularly new emulator for Nintendo 3DS.

It is a reliable emulator on Android smartphones and has a considerable consistent update although it does have its own share of bugs and a few instability issues here and there.

The NDS4droid app is an open-source program and can play almost any ROMs you want to check out.

It is also plugged in with a bunch of features that make it one of the Best Nintendo 3DS Android Emulators although not the only the best.

You can save game stats allowing players to simply get back to the point where they left without going through each level again.

Note that the developers have themselves acknowledged the fact that the emulator isn’t full-fledged. Search for a 3DS Android emulator on Google Play Store and you would find it for sure.


4. NDS Emulator

Except for the ads part which is annoying and sometimes there are three ads back-to-back, the NDS Emulator is worth trying out.

It works on devices with Android 6.0+ and supports .nds and .zip files and caters to a wide range of audiences thanks to its support to a large variety of games.

3DS Android Emulators

It can also edit screen layouts and controls can be modified as well. Next up, players can connect the phone running on NDS Emulator with external controllers as well.

It is one of the best 3DS Android Emulators according to me also you will have to bear the ads-part as I mentioned above.

The NDS Emulator is also equipped with saving and loading game states that allow users to simply jump into the action without waiting or playing through the levels to reach the point where you actually left.

It also accepts cheat codes that will give a tough competition to the rival but some cheats might not work and show an error message around it.


In addition to these emulators, few additional files may be required to emulate games. These other files are called BIOS files.

These files are generally officially launched by the emulators. Their free availability may be subject to copyrights.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUES: Is Citra Emulator illegal?

ANS: Yes, it is. Downloading commercial games & distributing it among others is an illegal practice.

QUES: Are 3DS Android Emulators legal?

ANS: According to all legal criteria, emulation is legal within the United States. However, unauthorized distribution of copyrighted code remains illegal in other parts of the world.

QUES: Can I play 3DS ROMs on a DS emulator?

ANS: On a standard NDS emulator, it’s not possible. However, you can 3DS ROMs to start playing 3DS ROMs on a DS emulator.