4k Projector Review 2021 Comprehensive Updates

4k Projector Review 2021 Comprehensive Updates.

4k projector Review 2021: So you probably have a TV (or even two or three), but for your next entertainment upgrade have you thought about getting a home theater projector?

Here’s our selection of the best projectors you can buy to upgrade your home entertainment experience in 2021.

4k Projector Review 2021 Comprehensive UpdatesThe biggest benefit of projectors is they’re a truly high-impact workaround for those who don’t want a massive 75-inch 4K TV to dominate their living room when it’s not in use but still want the benefits of a big picture.

What’s more, the best projectors in this guide all offer some level of portability. That means it’s fairly easy to project your favorite movies and TV shows onto a wall and get the true cinema experience, then hide it in a closet or tuck it away on a shelf when you’re not using it

1. Best projector: Samsung The Premiere

After more than a decade since its last home cinema projector, Samsung has exploded back on the scene with The Premiere LSP9T projector.

Samsung The Premiere

This ultra-short-throw beamer makes use of 4K HDR laser projection, with a three-color laser removing the need for a color filter and therefore allowing The Premiere’s 2,800 lumens brightness to really shine.

Pictures are punchy and colorful, and Samsung’s world-first introduction of the HDR10+ format, which adds in scene-by-scene picture calibration incompatible films and TV shows.

This projector also benefits from full implementation of Samsung’s smart TV operating system, which – if a bit sluggish at times – is incredible to have on a projector over the basic and poorly organized interfaces we’re used to. The built-in 40W speakers are above par, too.

2. Most Stylish: Vava 4K Laser Projector

The Vava 4K projector is something of a marvel, with a sharp 4K picture and impactful HDR despite its 8-bit color limitations.

Vava 4K laser projector

As an ultra-short-throw laser projector, you’re getting a massive picture (up to 150 inches) while only having to place it a few inches away from a wall or screen.

The 2,500 lumens brightness is more than enough to make its images look vibrant, too – while a sleek design and soft fabric covering ensure the projector is aesthetically satisfying even when it’s turned off.

The smart platform is somewhat secondary here, with an old iteration of Android TV and a couple of big-name apps (Netflix, Hulu) nowhere to be seen.

But with Vava’s mix of bright 4K images, impactful color, and ultra-short-throw picture – all packaged in a gorgeously sleek design – it’s a brilliant choice for a new home projector.

3. Best All-Rounder: Epson EH-TW9400

The Epson EH-TW9400 is an excellent home cinema projector. You’re not getting the laser projection of some of the models above, but as lamp models go, it’s a stunner.

Epson EH-TW9400We have this beamer five stars for its impressive color reproduction, HDR support, and 2,600 lumens brightness, making for bright and impactful images.

While this isn’t a native 4K projector even upscaled images are detailed and come across well, with highly natural skin tones and an impressive amount of shadow detail.

Blacks could be deeper, and motion could be smoother, but there’s really little to complain about here.

The EH-TW9400 boasts advanced capability all around, from its 3D compatibility to motorized lens controls – the latter point allowing for real precision and an easy setup. There’s even a lens cover to prevent dust from creeping in!


4. Best for Brightness: BenQ TK850

The BenQ TK850 is a 4K projector for your living room, with boosted audio, intense 3,000 lumens brightness, and a focus on sports broadcasts to help it stand out from the piles of other projectors out there.

BenQ TK850

It’s not the first BenQ projector that’s caught our eye: we gave a glowing review to the BenQ HT3550 last year, even if that model is more angled towards die-hard cinephiles than the TK850.

The BenQ TK850 can output 3,000 lumens of brightness, making for vividly-realized colors and immediately visible detail, even in daytime or with some level of ambient light in the room.

There’s some video noise in gray shadows or dark scenes, and the lack of streaming apps may disappoint some, but overall the TK850 is a fantastic projector for your home.

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