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Aftershokz Headphone Review that Will Leave You with no Doubt

The AfterShokz Aeropex wireless bone-conduction headphones are a good choice if you want to listen to music while paying attention to other stuff that’s going on. Do you think it is impossible? I will prove it to you in the article.

Aftershokz Headphone Review

They feel nicer to wear and the shrink in size does make a difference from a comfort point of view.

Aftershokz Headphone Sleek and Classy Design

With every new iteration, Aftershokz has successfully managed to shave a considerable amount of weight off the frame and the vital parts of its headphones, to make them lighter to wear and less noticeable when you’re on the move.

Put the Aeropex up alongside the Trekz Air and you can appreciate how much slimmer things have really gotten here.

Aftershokz Headphone Review

Aftershokz says they’re 30% smaller and 13% lighter, and while those sound like small numbers, the difference is very obvious as soon as you pick them up.

These are considerably lighter than the last generation. It’s still the same neckband-style look, but it’s significantly reduced the size of the arms that sit just in front of your ears. The frame is skinner too.

Things have been upped in the durability stakes moving from an IP55 water-resistant rating to an IP67 rating. That means you’re getting something that’s equipped to be submerged in water up to one-meter depth for 30 minutes.

In reality, that rating is about doing a better job of fending off sweat and increasing its chances of surviving for a run in the rain and maybe dropping them in a puddle on the way as opposed to taking them for a swim.

Aftershokz Headphone Performance

In terms of comfort and convenience, the Aeropex is exceptional. Unfortunately, they just don’t sound all that great.

Bone conduction headphones are known for being light on bass and these are no exception. Instead of a boom or a thud, electronic and hip-hop tracks pop through these, preventing my workout playlist music from having a sense of depth.

Aftershokz Headphone Review

Of course, some of this is due to the fact that there’s nothing in your ear canals, so you’re hearing everything around you, muddying the audio picture.

To that end, the headphones come with a pair of memory-foam earplugs, which are supposed to block out other sounds and restore a fuller soundscape.

In my experience, though, the earplugs just made everything muffled to the point that I wasn’t even enjoying the music. This sort of defeated the purpose of the bone conduction headphones anyway.


Aftershokz Headphone Battery Life

There’s the promise of improved battery life here with the Aftershokz Aeropex. You’re now getting eight hours of music playback and talk time, which is up two hours on the Airs.

It also takes just one-and-a-half hours compared to two hours to fully charge up. You’re now also getting an hour of music playback from a quick 15-minute charge.

Aftershokz Headphone Review

When you first turn the headphones on and tap the buttons, it’ll give you a status update on battery life to give you a heads up when it might be time for a spell on the charger.

If you’re in the gym for an hour a day or running for around the same amount of time, that’s plenty of battery to play with for the week, and that’s pretty much what we found.

Amazing Audio Quality

As we said, bone conduction technology remains at the heart of how Aftershokz delivers audio, in a way that doesn’t entirely distract you from the world around you.

The way that bone conduction tech works hasn’t changed for the Aeropex, using transducers to guide through vibrations up your cheek bones and to your ears, to deliver sound without needing to have something sitting directly inside of your ears.

What has changed is what Aftershokz refers to as ‘Premium Pitch 2.0’. This time it’s using the transducers to channel those vibrations that are angled to sit better on the cheekbone

What are The Pros:

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Snug fit – Doesn’t come loose during exercise
  • 8 hrs of continuous playback time
  • Great to use for workout like running
  • IP67
  • Water detection charging cable

What are The Cons:

  • Loud bass causes loud vibration which irritates the ear
  • The open-ear form factor becomes disruptive in a noisy environment
  • A “forward mids” sound signature limit the types of song that can be reproduced well.
  • Someone with longer hair might prevent the transducer from making full contact with the cheekbone

As said earlier, If you’re looking for headphones that are primed for getting sweaty with and you don’t want to drown out the world, the Aftershokz Aeropex is currently your best option.