Akaso Trace 1 Dash Cam 2020 Latest Updated Reviews

Akaso Trace 1 Dash Cam 2020 Latest Updated Reviews

The Akaso Trace 1 camera is a nice light compact camera with simple controls and an added bonus. This dash cam has two cameras – one facing forward, and one that will record everything going on inside the car


The Akaso Trace 1 has basically all of the essential abilities people have come to expect from these types of devices. It’s built with a proper G-sensor, it has some intuitive parking modes, and so forth.

The integrated G-sensor automatically activates the emergency recording to store and lock the segment. The parking monitor records incidents when you park.

It does not record incidents that happen when you are away from the car.

In low light conditions, or at night, the Sony Starvis camera records images well and automatically activates when the light gets dim.

Specs and Design

The Trace 1 measures approximately 3 x 1.75 x 1.25 inches. It’s relatively light, and has a whopping three ventilation ports to dissipate heat.

There’s an on/off button and SD card slot (up to 128GB) on the left, and four action buttons on the bottom of the unit.

The buttons vary in function, turning things on and off while recording is taking place, or navigating the settings menus when recording is off. I prefer being able to change settings while recording, but that’s a minor gripe.

Akaso provides the unit with a suction mount with a rotary knob to extract the air. It sticks very, very well. So well, in fact, that the first couple of removals required a pry tool. It eventually became easier.

It also took me a minute to find the attachment point on the camera, as it was hidden by a rubber plug with the Akaso logo on it.


  • Very good day and night video
  • Infrared interior video captures good detail
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery run time


  • No GPS capability
  • Uses a lot of storage

Front & Inside 1080P FHD View

With dual SONY IMX307 sensors, the dash cam simultaneously captures both 170° field of views of 4 traffic lanes and inside cabin, in high-quality 1080P FHD videos.

It is a better option for professional drivers, such as Uber/Lyft driver, taxi driver, truck driver, and etc

Super Night Vision

The SONY IMX307 STARVIS sensors, the superior lens modules with F/1.8 large aperture, and the built-in 4 IR lights, ensure a better image quality with lower noise and more natural details in low-light condition

WDR Wide Dynamic Range Technology

WDR improves the overall exposure to create a well-balanced image, with greater details in dark and the highlights that do not get blown-out

Holds Up to 10-Hour Videos

The dash cam holds up to 10-hour videos as it supports up to 128GB Class 10 microSD card and it utilizes advanced compression technology. Note: 10-hour videos are recorded with dual 1080P@30fps default setting

24hrs Front & Inside Parking Monitor

The dash cam can be activated to record two 30S footages of front and inside view and lock the files as evidence, in the case that a thief breaks into the car or a hit-and-run happens. No extra hardwire kit required


Setup of the Trace 1 was minimal. Other than installing a TF storage card (not included), affixing the suction cup mount to the windshield and routing the wire and attaching it to a power plug, there’s really nothing to it.

By default, it’s set to turn on when it has power and stay in “park” mode as long as the battery lasts. Park mode can be set to three levels of sensitivity (as can the normal “incident” mode).

This will start recording video and audio if there is a jolt or crash to the vehicle. You can select the length of videos, and in Park mode, the camera will record video until there is no more motion, and then finish the clip.

This will allow you to view what happened in case of a parking lot crash where someone hits your car, then drives off.

Whats More

Front and Inside Recording

Trace1 dual dash cam is equipped with dual lenses to capture exterior and interior of the car simultaneously at 1080p30

When inside recording is not needed and turned off, the front lens records 1080p60 for crisper and smoother image.

Unparalleled Night Vision

Thanks to the state-of-art Sony STARVIS at both lenses, which extends the sensitivity of sensor beyond visible light to near-infrared range, and WDR technology, Trace 1 dash cam excels capturing every detail of your surroundings regardless of lighting conditions.

G-sensor & Parking Monitor

Loop recording comes standard, and built-in G-sensor locks the recording clip to ensure data integrity when collision gets sensed.

Parking monitor protects your vehicle even when parked – it enables the car dash cam to turn on if any impact is detected, record for 30 seconds and turn off again.

Other Features

Trace 1 dash camera supports up to 128GB of mircoSD storage (class 10 or above and at least 16GB recommended, memory card NOT included); efficient heat dissipation design; internal microphone with on/off option; auto LCD off to save power.

Perfect Dashcam For Everyone

With so many tech and safety features packed into an affordable package, this dash cam front and rear is a perfect option to everyone

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