Audio Pro A10 Design, Features, Price, and Audio Quality

The Audio Pro A10 is a fine compact speaker that works well across a range of musical genres. Though its soundstage isn’t particularly huge, and it lacks the smarts of speakers like Apple’s HomePod and the Sonos One, it is less expensive than both efforts – offering a cheaper way to build up a multiroom system.

Audio Pro A10

The Audio Pro A10 sees the Swedish audio brand take a different tack with its wireless speakers.

Made for smaller rooms, the compact A10 can be used as part of a multi-room set-up and offers a number of different avenues for playing music, as well as a degree of voice support.

The A10 joins a growing trend of wireless speakers that have ambitions of meshing stylish design and great sound.

With the wireless speaker market becoming a popular and crowded one, the A10 pokes its head above most of the rest with a strong offering.

Audio Pro A10 Features

Whatever source you have, the A10 should be able to wring a tune out of it thanks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airplay support.

There’s also a 3.5mm jack located to the rear for physical connections.

Switching through sources is as easy as tapping a button on top of the speaker, or tapping your preferred source in the Audio Pro Control app.

For file support, the Audio Pro A10 is compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and Apple Lossless. If you have designs on true High-res audio playback, you’re out of luck.

Bluetooth is limited to v4.0 and AirPlay support is first gen, so you don’t get multi-room through Apple.

That said, if you have more than multiple Audio Pro speakers, it can be set up within a multi-room network through the app – assigning zones to each one with the ability to play music to a speaker or all of them.

The control app is competent. If you want to control playback, tweak audio settings or sort out multi-room grouping, the app is the place to do so.

However, apart from setting the speaker up, I spent little time using it since it’s less convoluted to use native apps to play content than the control app.

In terms of support for streaming services, the A10 has the big ones covered in SpotifyTidalApple Music, and Qobuz, with the app working as a launcher to open your music streaming app of choice.

Physical controls are nestled on top, with controls for playback, volume, Wi-Fi presets, Bluetooth pairing, switching inputs, and power. There’s also an LED indicator, which indicates volume levels.

Switch to the Wi-Fi input and you can tinker with the four Wi-Fi presets available.

Playlists or radio stations can be assigned by pressing one of the numbered buttons for three seconds until you hear a tone – it certainly helps for quick, no fuss access.

Adding to this speaker’s list of talents is Amazon Alexa support, although it’s the ‘Work with Alexa’ variety than built-in support.


Design and Outlook

The Audio Pro A10, though, is an entirely different design.

A fabric-coated cylinder standing just shy of 20cm, it resembles more the kind of speaker we’re used to seeing from its rivals, but most importantly, it brings the company’s sonic signature sound to a multi-room speaker costing less than £200.

Audio Pro A10

There’s little else to say of its outward appearance, other than it houses the same controls as on many Audio Pro speakers – namely for power, pairing, source selection, play/pause, volume and four pre-sets.

On the back is a threaded insert, so the A10 can be wall-mounted. 

The usual connections, wired and wireless, are featured, with the A10 having capacity for 3.5mm aux, Bluetooth 4.0, Apple AirPlay, wi-fi and Spotify Connect. It also supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and Apple Lossless formats.

Inside, however, much has changed from the A10’s rectangular stablemates.

Not wanting to sacrifice the full body that has become a beloved aspect of its class-leading sonic character, Audio Pro has packed in a 7.5cm long-throw woofer and bolstered its output with two 11.5cm passive radiators.

It is the use of a BMR, or Balanced Mode Radiator, tweeter that is most canny, however.  

Among its many benefits, this flatter-faced driver has the ability to offer wider dispersion than a traditional tweeter – up to 180º in fact – and so can make the most of the A10’s cylindrical form, making it far less fussy when it comes to positioning.

Audio Pro A10 Audio Quality

Slotting in a BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) tweeter driver and a woofer into its compact form, the A10 delivers a thoroughly engaging performance.

It doesn’t produce a particularly wide soundstage. However, there were plenty of times where I’d stopped what I was doing and just listen.

No matter where I placed the speaker, so long as it was facing outwards, it sounded great.

When it comes to sifting through the detail of a track, the A10 puts in a composed performance.

Audio Pro A10

Flinging at it an orchestral composition in the form of Danzon No.2, the Audio Pro A10 emerges with its composure intact, sticking doggedly to the task despite the track’s varying tempo shift, as well as showing some dexterity when dealing with dynamic range.

Bass performance is decent, and while it does feel restrained it at least doesn’t overspill.

Midrange clarity is resolved well, with voices clearly rendered and detail communicated well, right down to the hushed tones of Sam Sparro’s vocals in Black & Gold.

A play of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ By the Way and the free-flowing character of the A10’s sound becomes apparent, never missing a beat or a strum of a guitar.

Prince’s When Doves Cry left me totally engaged, as the beats flow with a sense of purpose and accuracy, the track’s composition never less than tight and compelling with a good sense of timing thrown into the mix, too.

So even though you failed miserably with your reinvention all those years ago, don’t assume there are no exceptions to the rule.

This may not look like the Audio Pro you know, but in terms of its sonic potential, the A10 is very much part of the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions we have already answered so you don’t need to worry about the product. We really hope we answered some of your questions!

QUES: Low volume in Bluetooth mode.

ANS: 1.Check the volume on both speaker and phone. If there is no volume turned up on the speaker it does not matter how high volume you have on your phone, there will still not be sound.

2.“Remove” the speaker in your paired Bluetooth units and pair from start again. (Please note that you need to remove the device completely, not only disconnect)

QUES: How to change Battery in remote

ANS: Press a clip through the small hole on the back of the remote and the front will pop up. Then you can change the battery.

QUES: How does volume control work with Bluetooth playback?

ANS: Your device (smart phone, tablet or computer) has 1 volume control, and your Audio Pro speaker has 1 volume control. Set volume on speaker to approx. 75% and then adjust volume on your device.

QIES: Can I pair different Audio Pro Bluetooth speakers with each other?

No, you can not pair Audio Pro speakers with Bluetooth to each other.

QUES: Presets doesn’t work

ANS: If your preset doesn’t work as normal after a firmware update, perform a factory reset on your speaker and the presets should start to work again.

QUES: Airplay 2 & Google cast

ANS: Airplay 2 and Google cast are supported in G10.
There will come more models with this feature during 2021.

Old models will will not support this because it requires different hardware.

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