Best 3-in-1 Magnetic USB Charging Cables 2020 Detailed Review

Best 3-in-1 Magnetic USB Charging Cables 2020 Detailed Review.

Best 3-in-1 Magnetic USB Charging Cables: Today, we’re going to look at three different magnetic charging cables. First up is the NetDot Magnetic Charging Cable. This is a relatively short cable with an anti-twist design for the sheath. Next, we’ll look at the TOPK USB Magnetic Cable.

This cable sports more tip options than most, including a 90-degree tip for maximum compatibility. Finally, we’ll examine the Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Charging Cable. This is an extra fast 3-amp option that allows you to charge faster than most. So, which one is the best? We’re going to need to look closer at all three, and examine their features. 

NetDot Magnetic Charging Cable 

NetDot Magnetic Charging Cable 

The NetDot Magnetic Charging Cable is a universal cable that comes in multiple options. First off, you can buy it in a one, two, or three-pack. If you’re trying to charge multiple devices and want a plug-and-play option, the three-pack is a great value. Moreover, you also get your choice of style. You can order your NetDot cables in black, grey, or silver. So if you want a cable that matches your device, you’ve got plenty of options. 

The cable itself measures 3.3 feet in length, enough for most everyday charging purposes. It might be short for some uses, but it’s good enough for the majority of people. Moreover, it has a very well-engineered design. The insulation has carbon fiber, anti-twist design.

This is a great feature if you’re concerned about tangling or kinking. If the cable gets twisted up, it’s easy to untangle with just a few twists of your fingers. There’s no need to deal with rubbery insulation getting stuck. 

Charging performance is also relatively good. The cable delivers 9 volts of power at a rate of two amps. For electrical neophytes, that converts to 18 watts of power delivery. This is enough for standard charging on any modern smartphone. Keep in mind that this isn’t the same as quick charging.

But it’s enough to meet manufacturer specs for standard charging needs. You can charge your iPhone X in about two hours, or your Samsung Galaxy S10 in about the same time. You can also sync your data without any issues. 

TOPK USB Magnetic Cable 

TOPK USB Magnetic Cable 

The TOPK USB Magnetic Cable comes in a three-pack, which makes it a great bargain for multiple devices. Moreover, each cable has its own design. The first is a simple 3.3-foot cable. This is useful for phone charging and other less demanding applications.

The next is a similar 3.3-foot design, but with a 90-degree tip. This is useful for easy charging, particularly if cable management is an issue. Finally, there’s a 6.6-foot cable with a similar 90-degree tip. This allows for longer runs for AC chargers and other long-distance applications. 

All three cords have a similar proprietary tip. This tip has a round opening, which is magnetized for inserting the different heads. There are Micro USB, Mini USB, and USB Type-C tips. As before, Mini USB has limited applications. But the other two tips will keep you well-sorted for the vast majority of modern electronics.

Moreover, the tips also function as dust covers. This will ensure that your cables maintain a long life, even if you’re using them in dirty areas. 

The 90-degree tips will rotate 360 degrees around the end of the wire. As a result, cable management is easy. You don’t have to worry about orienting the tips for plugging into your device. At the bottom of each proprietary tip, there’s a blue LED ring.

This makes for easy visibility, even in a dark environment where finding your plug can be a challenge. The magnets are also very strong. You don’t have to worry about your tips coming loose just because the cord got tugged. 

Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Charging Cable 

Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Charging Cable 

The Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Charging Cable offers a bit more versatility than the other two options on our list. To begin with, it comes in a one-pack or a three-pack. So if you only need to charge one device, you’re covered. Conversely, if you need to mix and match between multiple devices, you’ve also got plenty of options.

Cables are available in red, green, or dark grey, so you can match just about any piece of electronics. 90-degree tips are also available, as are extra plugs for older Mac devices. So no matter what you need, you’ll have plenty of options. 

Leaving aside the extra tips, the other cables come with Micro USB, USB Type-C, and Mini USB tips. The Micro USB connection is not compatible with Motorola devices, due to Motorola’s undersized ports. That said, for any other Micro USB devices, you’re going to have full compatibility. The tips mount in an oval-shaped, proprietary port. As with the other options, the tips function as a dust cover.

This is a great feature, and it’s highly recommended that you use it. It will prevent your cables from getting clogged and failing you in an emergency. Furthermore, the magnets are very strong. A slight tug, or even tripping over the cable, won’t easily pull the tips loose from the magnetic port. 

The cables are all well-suited for low visibility. On each tip, there’s a pair of blue LEDs that ensure that they’re easy to find. This makes them a great choice for driving, and even for the visually-impaired. In between the tips, the cables sport a braided nylon shell. This makes them virtually impervious to twisting, and easy to untangle when they do get twisted. No need to worry about them sticking or getting kinked under normal charging demands. 

Final Verdict 

Which one of these cables is the best? Simply put, it depends on your needs. For the most charging capacity, choose the NetDot Magnetic Charging Cable. This is a powerful charging cable with 18 watts of maximum power. Not only that, but it has a tangle-free design that’s easy to use. Our only complaint was the short length, which can be limiting. 

The TOPK USB Magnetic Cable offers a little more versatility. It comes in a three-pack, so you have a variety of charging options. The 90-degree tips are particularly well-designed, with a 360-degree swivel that offers plenty of versatility. The value here is great, but the 12-watt charging capacity is a bit limiting. 

Finally, we looked at the Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Charging Cable. This cable offers the most options of all, with several different packages. The nylon braided cable is very well designed, and the 15-watt charging power is better than most. That said, the price per cable is a bit steeper than our other options. 


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