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Best 50 Inch Tv 2021: Awesome Selection that is Worth Your Money

Best 50 Inch Tv 2021: Awesome Selection that is Worth Your Money.

If you are looking for the best 50-inch TV, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will list for you the best 50-inch TV that money can buy.

Some of the TVs are on this list based on our experience, and others are here based on the specifications and features they bring to the table. A 50-inch TV hits the perfect balance if 43-inch is too small and 55-inch is a bit extra for you.

 Best 50 Inch Tv

A quality TV is the centerpiece of any home entertainment system, but finding the right display for your needs and the right price for your wallet can be challenging.

When shopping for a TV, there are many different aspects to consider, including size, panel type, resolution, HDR support, smart TV platform, and more.

Our Recommended 50 Inch Tv For You

If you’re looking for a display with genuine home theater performance in mind, then you’ll likely want to opt for a 50-inch- or- larger premium 4K TV.

The best 4K TVs typically use an OLED panel or a high-end LED panel with quantum dots and local dimming.

These display types will provide you with the best contrast, black levels, and brightness performance for dazzling high dynamic range (HDR) images.

For buyers who simply want a reliable TV for casual viewing, however, a smaller screen and a more budget-friendly LED panel should get the job done just fine.

1. Panasonic TX-55HZ2000

The ultimate home cinema TV. It supports all the main HDR formats, ensuring that whatever you’re watching, it’s looking at its best.

 Best 50 Inch Tv

The up-firing Atmos speakers from the GZ2000 are retained to produce a bigger, taller sound, and for avid film fans, there’s the Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing, which optimizes the image in accordance with the brightness of your room so you can see every detail.

Panasonic has also upped the brightness of its flagship OLED screen, delivering a high peak brightness for a really punchy HDR image.

It’s not a TV made with the consoles in mind and it remains an expensive set, but if you want the best picture and sound, the HZ2000 is right at the top.


  • Universal HDR support with Dolby Vision IQ
  • Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing
  • Effective Dolby Atmos sound system
  • Freeview Play


  • No HDMI support for 4K/120fps
  • No Disney+ app
  • Over specified for AV enthusiasts?

2. Philips OLED+935

In our view, there’s no other OLED TV currently available that offers such a combination of picture, sound, and beautiful design as the OLED+935.

 Best 50 Inch Tv

Available in three sizes (48-, 55- and 65-inch), they’ve all received five stars in our reviews.

None of them are, however, suited for gaming. The OLED935 range has none of the new HDMI features that would make it a good match for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

If you already own a good external speaker system, then that’s another reason not to get the OLED+935.

If these aren’t roadblocks then this Philips offers gorgeous images with perfect blacks and wide viewing angles we’d expect from an OLED, married to high brightness and contrast levels that make images leap off the screen.

With support for the main HDR formats, it can work its magic with HDR content and the inclusion of AI processing serves up more natural images without the need to adjust settings.

It sounds pretty great for a TV, though we don’t feel it eclipses a very good soundbar separate.

Nevertheless, the height the B&W system provides for not just for Atmos but soundtracks, in general, adds another dimension. A highly impressive OLED from Philips.


  • Stylish design
  • Excellent integrated sound system
  • Superb picture quality
  • Multi-HDR support
  • Ambilight


  • Lacks eARC, VRR, and 4K/120Hz
  • Native Disney+ app is just HD/5.1
  • Rather redundant for those with an existing sound system
  • Not the strongest motion handling


The CX brought LG’s mid-range OLED series to even more affordable prices, adding a number of refinements and new features in Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode.

 Best 50 Inch Tv

TV shows, films, and streaming look great on the CX, with lots of detail, deep blacks, and the excellent contrast that OLED is known for.

Sound quality is also good and its wide gaming support makes it a perfect fit for either console or PC gamers.

With webOS supporting plenty of video streaming services to enjoy, it’s unlikely you’ll run out of options for something to watch.

The only bugbear is the lack of several UK catch-up apps, but at its current price, the CX is fantastic value.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Great design
  • Plenty of smarts, features, and customization
  • Excellent upscaling


  • Still no UK catch-up apps
  • Just a small leap over the C9

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4. Samsung QE75Q950TS

The Q950TS is easily Samsung’s best 8K TV yet. Picture quality is superb with the set’s 8K Quantum Processor working its socks off to upscale sub-8K content.

Black levels are impressive as blooming – distracting halos of light around objects – virtually removed from the equation.

The TV’s scorching brightness also means HDR content fizzes off the screen while remaining nuanced and natural.

The Q950TS also has Samsung’s OTS+ system that features speakers in the top, sides, and bottom of the screen.

In many ways, it brilliantly conveys the size of the sound and accurately positions effects on-screen. While the Q950TS is not cheap, it’s one of the best LCD TVs we’ve tested.


  • Spectacular picture quality with a wide range of resolutions
  • Beautiful, cutting edge design
  • Innovative and effective object tracking sound system


  • One or two very rare backlight glitches
  • It will be too expensive for most households
  • No Dolby Vision support

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