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Best AKG y500 Review 2021 Comprehensive Updates

Best AKG y500 Review 2021 Comprehensive Updates.

AKG y500 Review 2021: The AKG Y500 is a wireless headphone from the popular manufacturer, AKG. Are they the headphones that you are looking for? You will get to find out as you keep reading.

AKG y500 Review

If you’re looking for ultra-compact, sleek, and great-sounding on-ear headphones then look no further than AKG’s Y500 Wireless.

While AKG might not be a household name to some, this Harman International subsidiary (and sister company to Harman Kardon, JBL, Mark Levinson, and Revel) is well known in audiophile and recording circles. AKG also has a rich legacy in the recording studio.

What is the AKG Y500?

The AKG Y500 is a compact, over-ear headphone that offers wired and wireless operation with the option to switch noise canceling on and off.

We’ve seen a fair few of these over the years but the AKG is notable because it is one of the smallest and most affordable designs to offer this sort of functionality.

Not the most affordable mind, that honor goes to fellow Harman International JBL who dipped below the £100 barrier with the Tune 600 BTNC, but still not at the level of many rivals.

AKG Y500 Design:

Right out of the box, the AKG Y500 has a minimalist yet stylish look to it that’s bound to feel right at home no matter your style.

The several color choices on offer help with this immensely. This can cause the headphones to appear diminutive at first, but rest assured that they fit a grown-up-sized head.

But don’t take our word for it. The AKG Y500 has won the IF-design award.

What impressed us the most was the sturdy yet flexible frame. At first glance, the AKG Y500 may look all plastic, but its design incorporates a mixture of plastic and metal, which is rarely found at this price range.

As far as durability goes, the Y500 has got it in spades. This durability and the stylish aesthetic make it perfectly suitable for outdoor use, which is where we think these headphones shine the most.

AKG Y500?


Device control:

These on-ears, which support Bluetooth standard 4.2, turn on with a sliding switch on the right side of the headphones; this can also be used for pairing.

In combination with various Android and iOS devices, stable ranges of more than ten meters were achieved.

If there is a radio connection, the left-hand remote button can be used to start and stop playback, and to answer and end telephone calls, while a sliding button is available for volume control.

This can also be used for title selection by holding it in the plus position to jump forward and in the minus position to jump back.

Supported language assistants such as Siri or Google Now, on the other hand, can be called up by double-clicking on the button.

The control works flawlessly and the speech intelligibility when making telephone calls is also positive, with clear reception on both sides

Ambient Aware Technology of AKG Y500

The Ambient Aware mode, which can be (de-) activated at the touch of a button, makes it possible to remove the existing shielding from the outside world by significantly reducing playback and making the environment perceivable.

This technology allows you to react selectively to a situation without having to take off the headphones.

The playback level is too low for long-term use since in a noisy environment such as public transport, it is no longer possible to listen to music.

AKG Y500 Features:

The 2.5 mm input enables you to use the Y500 with a wired connection, which is rather handy for when you’re out of battery or simply want to bump up the sound quality a bit.

Not that you’ll often find it necessary to do so, as these headphones have a whopping 33-hours of battery life on them and a fast-charge option that’ll net you 1 hour of playback for just 5 minutes of charging.

However, the Y500 does offer the advantage of multipoint connectivity, which allows you to pair it up with two sources.

This way, you can seamlessly switch between two devices, making this a perfect choice for folks who travel with both a smartphone and a laptop.

Whether this feature outweighs the detriment of unimpressive Bluetooth is debatable, but we can see cases where it might. It all depends on the user.

What More Should I Expect?

There are still other features I believe will be nice if you get to know them. That is the music play features.

Music Pauses Automatically

AKG touts the Y500’s play and pause automation. This feature automatically pauses the music if you take the headphone off, and resumes your tunes when you put it back on.

Music pauses automatically

This is a great feature that saves battery life and ensures you don’t miss a beat.

Think of Comfort

A 33-hour battery life sure sounds marvelous, but this grows irrelevant very fast if the headphones are a pain to wear.

Luckily, the Y500 doesn’t suffer from this issue. Sure, it’s still a pair of on-ear headphones – the comfort level won’t match that of over-ear models – but they’re still rather comfortable.

As we’ve said, the freedom of movement that the ear cups are given helps make sure everyone can find the proper fit.


  • Excellent real-world facilities
  • Decent sound quality with the video content in particular
  • Well made


  • Slightly old fashioned Bluetooth installation
  • Slightly uncomfortable for long stints
  • Seriously talented competition

Like all AKG headphones, the Y500 has a lot to offer to the right user but won’t have much appeal unless you play into its strengths.

These on-ear headphones are best suited to people who want to take their music with them anywhere they go, as they can take full advantage of the incredible battery life and embrace the full benefits of the lightweight and compact design.

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