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Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truck Drivers 2020 Detailed Review

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truck Drivers 2020 Detailed Review.

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truck Drivers: Using a Bluetooth headset in a two-door sedan isn’t the same thing as using it inside of an 18-wheeler. If you’re spending extended amounts of time on the road, then you don’t have time to stop and charge your headset every 100 miles. 


As you face down versatile driving conditions more often than ordinary drivers, you’re in a battle against the noise of bumpy roads, wind, and the roar of your own engine.

Truckers need the best Bluetooth Headsets for Truck Drivers that won’t take the noise around and make it someone else’s problem.

Many of the headsets that are fine for standard vehicles aren’t designed to handle these extra-tough conditions gracefully. 

VXi BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Headset 

VXi BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Headset 

In terms of sheer technical ability, the B450-XT is the most advanced headset a trucker could ever want.

You’ll get essential features like noise cancellation and voice control for hands-free calls, but the B450-XT goes far beyond the basics.

With support for a massive 300-foot range, you’ll never have trouble keeping your headset connected to your Bluetooth devices.

Supporting both A2DP for listening to music and high definition voice microphone, this headset offers everything you could ask for. 

Microphone and Comfort 

The microphone has an unlimited range of motion and is fully reversible. Driving down the road with your radio playing on higher volumes, your voice still come through clearly.

Although some noise can get through, callers won’t have a problem understanding you. That excellent clarity makes the B450’s support for voice assistants like Cortana and Siri that much more valuable. 

VXI BlueParrott B250-XTS Bluetooth Headset USB Charging 

VXI BlueParrott B250-XTS Bluetooth Headset USB Charging 

Using the same powerful noise-canceling technology in the BlueParrott headset listed above, the B250-XTS is a lightweight alternative to its sister.

With a much more lightweight and invisible design compared to the B450-XT, this model uses a narrower headband that many people will find less encumbering to wear.

Two additional differences to note are the included USB charging cable, as well this model including a replacement ear cushion and microphone windscreen. 

Microphone and Comfort 

If you’re looking to make calls and have them heard with the same clarity you’d get from inside on a landline, then this is the headset for you.

Microphone and sound quality will live up to high standards, but regrettably, the B250-XTS doesn’t support A2DP. In other words, you can’t connect to music players, GPS, or other Bluetooth functions beyond making calls. 

Headphone cushions are one thing that will wear-and-tear somewhat quickly no matter how great your device is, so being able to replace them can add another two or three years to the lifespan of your device. 

Mpow Truck Driver Headset 

Mpow Truck Driver Headset 

Directional microphones are hit-and-miss when it comes to noise reduction, but this Mpow headset comes through with excellent call quality even if you’re got an orchestra playing on the flatbed of your truck.

Made to be worn day-in and day-out, this headset utilizes a lightweight design that’s roughly the weight of an egg.

And using a breathable circular ear design, you won’t have to worry about becoming sweaty or uncomfortable from wearing your headset for hours. 

Microphone and Comfort 

The mic on this Mpow headset doesn’t include the foam windscreen you see on many devices. Generally speaking, windscreens aren’t needed, and often times don’t survive well in rough-and-tumble conditions anyway.

In microphones that choose not to use windscreens entirely, like this Mpow has been designed, you’ll find the windscreen effect has been implemented into the calibration of the microphone.

In other words, this microphone will pick up sound as good as devices with a windscreen, provided only that you don’t stick it one inch from your mouth and start breathing heavily. 


If you’re not interested in getting music through your headset, then the BlueParrott B250-XTS is a lean headset that will get the job done for you.

The narrow headband is lightweight and will rest comfortably on your head all day. The battery is ready for a full day on the road, and the replacement foam parts will ensure your headset is rated to last. 

If you’re looking for something a little more standard, then you’ll be satisfied with Mpow’s Bluetooth Trucker Headset.

Their battery life of 13 hours is a little on the low side but rated for the road, you’ll have no complaints about the quality of the sound or microphone.

And if you don’t need special features like a 20-hour charge or amazingly long-distance connections, then you’ll be especially satisfied with the quality that you’re getting relative to its price. 

And if you’re looking for the best of the best, then you want the BlueParrott B450-XT. In addition to all the essential headset features for truckers, it comes with that outstanding 300-foot range and full 24-hour charge.

You’ll be able to pull into a diner and keep your music or conversation going without thinking about it, or keep your music going while you relieve yourself at a rest stop.

As long as a little extra bulk doesn’t bother you, the headset should rest comfortably on your head indefinitely.