Best DDR4 RAM 2020 Latest Updated Reviews

Best DDR4 RAM  2020 Latest Updated Reviews

Investing in high quality DDR4 RAM can increase your speeds ten-fold if you’ve neglected an upgrade for some time or if you’re putting together a brand new custom build

By upgrading to DDR4, you’ll be amazed by how much faster your system will run. However, it’s very important that you only get the best memory for your money


With a CAS latency of 14, the Team Xtreem kit leads the way in low-latency RAM favoured by gaming PCs, especially AMD Ryzen rigs.

As such, it takes the top spot as our pick for the best RAM for gaming.

Not all that long ago a kit as well-rounded on both price and performance would’ve been a distant dream. However, a recent DRAM price crash and an increasing process maturity in DDR4 production means kits such as this can often be found for far less than they would’ve been only a couple of years ago.

That’s great news for those of you eyeing up AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, which favour a memory clock around the 3,600MHz mark

Ensuring the Infinity Fabric clock is kept at a 1:1 ratio with your memory and your chip ticking over happily with minimal latency penalties.

If you want to eke out all your CPU has to offer, and ensure your system looks fresh in the process, the Team Xtreem ARGB kit is a great option—just a shame about the name.

  1. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB DDR4-3200MHz

Corsair has outdone itself with the Dominator Platinum RGB.

The original DDR4 kit has been our favorite high-end memory bundle for quite some time now.

Its sleek exterior, patented DHX cooling technology, and unrivaled performance have made it a formidable flagship over the years, often topping our best RAM for gaming list.

Now, the iconic Dominator Platinum is back with a stealthy new design and Corsair’s new Capellix LED technology.

The Dominator Platinum RGB takes the same best-in-class performance of the original, adds higher-clocked SKUs and 12 individually addressable Capellix RGB LEDs.

The new LEDs are brighter and more efficient than previous iterations, and available via Corsair alone.

Combined with Corsair’s iCUE software, the Dominator Platinum RGB has become both the best RGB and high-end performance kit.

We still think it’s well worth every penny if you can afford it, whichever capacity kit you go for DDR4 RAM

  1. G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB DDR4-3600MHz

G.Skill’s Trident Z RGB RAM has dominated our guide for years now, and it’s no surprise the company’s Trident Z Neo series has also earned a spot here.

Similar to the original Trident Z RGB series, the Trident Z Neo comes equipped with brilliant RGB lighting done in a very tasteful manner.

Similar to the overall performance of your Ryzen PC build, the Trident Z Neo offers fantastic bang for your buck.

You can get a 32GB kit for under $200, which means you can also easily upgrade your machine to an 64GB of high-speed DDR4 memory down the road.

Like its counterpart, the Trident Z Neo comes in various speeds and configurations ranging from 2,600MHz all the way up to 3,800MHz.

Each module comes equipped with five individually addressable DDR4 RAMs that can light up any PC build beautifully.

  1. G.Skill Trident Z Royal 16GB DDR4-4000MHz

Known for superb binned memory and high speed kits, G.Skill’s Trident Z Royal blends 4,000MHz (effective) operation with a highly stylised design.

Best suited to high-performance Intel builds, such as those built around the Core i9 10900K, the Trident Z Royal makes for the perfect high-speed pairing.

This kit will keep your CPU fed with the data it needs at a rapid rate, and it comes out among the top in every benchmark we could throw at it.

There’s also room to overclock this kit, if you see fit.

Whereas you may want to choose a slower 3,600MHz kit for AMD Ryzen, the Trident Z is a great option for most other high-end PC builds.

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