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Best Floor Standing Speakers 2021: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Floor Standing Speakers 2021: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

A quality floor standing speaker can instantly supercharge your sound system. Not only do they look good, drawing focus to a sound system and making it stand out rather than blend in, but they’re known for sounding spectacular. If you wish the best of floor-standing speakers for yourself, then I urge you to read on!

Best Floor Standing Speakers

Best Floor Standing Speakers are designed to slot in next to bookcases and TV cabinets, taking advantage of vertical space and resulting in a smaller footprint.

Most of them, especially the pricier ones, will quite happily fill even a large room and create theater-quality sound. And to complete your hi-fi system, check out our list of the Best Stereo Amps.

Maybe you’re building a hi-fi system from scratch, or going up in size from a bookshelf pair to a bigger model. Wherever you plan to spend time, there’s a speaker to suit your budget here.

Or, if you simply want to splash the cash on a pair of serious high-end floor standers, we’re here to help.

1. Fyne Audio F50 Floor Standing Speakers

Fyne Audio already has a few entries on this list, but if you’re familiar with the brand you won’t be surprised.

It’s a bold move to launch a loudspeaker into the sort of competition the F501s face – but then it’s equally obvious that Fyne Audio made the right decision.

In fact, the F501s picked up a What Hi-Fi Award in 2018, the firm’s first year.

Best Floor Standing Speakers

Design is seamless, build-quality is solid and timing is sweet.

The transparency of their sound is utterly convincing and while a degree of system-matching is necessary, keep that in mind you’ll be in for plenty of sonic thrills.


Type: Three-way design | Sensitivity: 90 dB/w/m | Impedance: 8ohms | Mid/bass driver: 15cm IsoFlare | Tweeter: 25mm Titanium dome | Max power handling: 75W | Dimensions: 98 x 20 x 32cm


  • Well made and finished
  • Some interesting technical aspects
  • Revealing and engaging sound


  • Require judicious system-matching
  • Sound best at a reasonable volume

2. B&W 603 Floor Standing Speaker

B&W’s 600 Series floor standers pack in a lot of B&W engineering, including the company’s silver Continuum cone material and a high-tech FST driver, both of which are used for the midrange unit.

B&W 603

Build quality is a touch lacking for the money, but the B&Ws make up for it with a breathtakingly expansive sound.

There aren’t many speakers at this price point that handle vocals so superbly and extract as much detail.

They’re not the most relaxing listen and do require an amp with plenty of pokes, but partner them correctly and you’ll be richly rewarded.


Sensitivity: 88.5 dB/w/m | Impedance: 8ohms | Max power handling: 200W | Biwire: Yes | Dimensions: 98.5 x 19 x 34 (HXWXD)


  • Brilliant with vocals
  • Stunningly spacious soundstage
  • Impressive levels of detail


  • Not the most relaxing sound
  • Build quality could be better

3. Q Acoustics 3050i Floor Speaker

If your love for bass and big sound is greater than your budget for new speakers, these could be just what you’re looking for.

Q Acoustics 3050i

Q Acoustics dominated the ‘best sub-grand floor stander’ category for over a decade. And while the 3050is have been bested by Dali’s outstanding Oberon 5s, these 2018 Award-winning product still has plenty to offer.

They’re not short of energy or scale, tempered by plenty of musicality, warmth, and control.

In fact, you may only need to hear these speakers for a few minutes before wondering which finish will best suit your room. Supremely talented.


Sensitivity: 91 dB/w/m | Impedance: 6ohms | Max power handling: 100W | Mid/bass driver: 2 x 16.5cm | Tweeter: 22mm | Dimensions: 102 x 31 x 31cm (HxWxD)


  • Musical performers
  • Large-scale presentation
  • Flexible about positioning


  • Nothing of note at this price!


4.  TheSpendor A7 

Spendor’s superb floor standers sound great, look great, and are portable enough to fit into most homes.

Refined yet entertaining, the top-of-the-line A7s continue the firm’s knack for combining stunning clarity and subtlety with hugely enjoyable dynamics and rhythm.

Spendor A7

There’s a stunning level of detail on the show. Each instrumental strand and vocal quirk is laid bare – musicians watch out, there really is nowhere to hide.

The sound is clean and organized, while still packing plenty of punch to keep things entertaining.

Vocals are a particular highlight. They also time with pinpoint accuracy and are immensely transparent, without ever sounding too clinical.

They’re still full of expressive melodies and undulating dynamics that will keep your head nodding.

They’re hardly what you would call ‘cheap’ but if you’re in the market for a pair of top-notch floor standers, the elegant A7s should make their way to the top of your list.


Sensitivity: 88 dB/w/m | Impedance: 8ohms | Max power handling: 200W | Mid/bass driver: 18cm | Tweeter: 22mm | Dimensions: 93.4 x 18 x 30cm (HxWxD)


  • Stunning insight and precision
  • Expressive sound
  • Compact size and unfussy nature


  • Nothing of note

5. Elac Debut 2.0 F5.2 Standers

The Elac Debut 2.0 F5.2s are brilliant performers for the money. Mature and sophisticated, they’re robustly built and unfussy when it comes to positioning.

The main drivers use Aramid fiber for greater stiffness, resulting in a transparent sound with plenty of detail and dynamic expression.

It’s not a criticism when we say that some rivals offer a fuller presentation – in fact, some rivals can offer more in most regards.

But the F5.2s aren’t about offering more; they’re about offering the music as it is fed to them, as transparently as possible.

The detail and textural insight is their forte. They’re able to take note of an instrument’s body as well as any idiosyncrasies in the way it’s played, which makes for a compelling listen.

Elac has been in the speaker business since the 1980s and has made many fine products in that time. It’s fair to say that these new Debut B5.2 speakers should be considered one of the company’s finest efforts. For this sort of money, they’re an exceptional value.


Sensitivity: 86 dB/w/m | Impedance: 6ohms | Max power handling: 140W | Mid/bass driver: 13cm | Tweeter: 25mm | Dimensions: 102 x 18 x 23cm (HxWxD)

6. ProAc Response DT8 

While not perfect, ProAc’s immensely-solid towers turn in one of the most musically cohesive performances we’ve heard at this price.

Best Floor Standing Speakers

They render instrumental texture superbly and stereo imaging is lovely. While they are relatively slim in stature there’s no denying their ability to deliver bass lines with conviction.

They have insight and attack in spades, while the midrange performance is impressive: voices come through loud and clear, and there’s a high degree of transparency on show. Voices never muddy into the instrumental backdrop, making for a coherent, distinct performance.

Agility, power, weight, these speakers have them all and then some.

Their look might be a bit more divisive (the unusual design and use of logos won’t be to everyone’s taste), but we really like these speakers.

They deliver such an entertaining sound that we can’t help but recommend them. Take a bit of care with system-matching and they will impress.


Sensitivity: 90 dB/w/m | Impedance: 8ohms | Max power handling: 180W | Mid/bass driver: 16.5cm | Tweeter: 25mm | Dimensions: 97.8 x 19.3 x 23cm (HxWxD)


  • Agile, articulate sound
  • Expressive dynamics
  • Insightful midrange


  • Slightly over-badged

7. Fyne Audio F303

Fyne Audio F303 Stunning speakers from the fledgling audio brand.

The imposing F303s – standing almost a meter tall – sit above the Award-winning F302s in the Fyne range.

Best Floor Standing Speakers

That extra mid/bass driver and a larger cabinet are the differences between this model and their smaller siblings’ standard two-way design.

There’s a serious scale to be had from these hefty cabinets, not to mention plenty of basses, thanks to that extra driver.

For powerful dynamics, these speakers are hard to beat for the money. That said, you will need a fair amount of space for them, including some space between them and a wall to avoid a boomy sound.

But they can do delicate too, and feel very at home handling subtle rhythms. They display texture and warmth too, with plenty of insight.

Overall, they’re exciting, upbeat, and fun, which makes them easy to love. Admittedly you might get a little more insight from the Dalis mentioned above, but for scale and excitement, these Fynes really are masters of their trade.


Sensitivity: 91 dB/w/m | Impedance: 8ohms | Max power handling: 150W | Mid/bass driver: 2 x 15cm | Tweeter: 25mm | Dimensions: 96.2 x 19 x 27.1cm (HxWxD)



  • Slight edge to the treble
  • Need lots of room

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