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Best HDMI to DVI Adapters and Cables 2020 Latest Review

Best HDMI to DVI Adapters and Cables 2020 Latest Review.

A DVI to HDMI cable is a bi-directional converter, which allows you to connect a device with an HDMI display into another device with an output of a DVI display, or you can display an HDMI signal enabled device on a DVI monitor.


High-Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is the most needed type of cable for high-quality video interface.

However, the Digital Video Interface or DVI cables are still existing in some devices.

It is often paired with some PC graphic cards, but you can also find them on different TVs, DVD players, and Game Consoles.

Sometimes, people buy an HDMI cable and a DVI adapter for a signal transfer. This is because a long HDMI cable is cheaper than a DVI to HMDI cable.

Getting a DVI to HDMI cable or an adapter has no difference when it comes to image quality, but keep in mind that these cables only transfer videos.

If you’re looking for the best DVI to HDMI cable or adapters, then look no further as we would list down the best DVI to HDMI cables and adapters in this article.

HDMI to DVI Cables and Adapters

So for these types of cables, like what we’ve mentioned before, a DVI and HDMI cable uses the same video format for video signals.

Therefore, if you’re only using a video signal, you can just use a simple HDMI to DVI cable or adapter which changes the physical connection.

But if you need to use the HDMI connection’s audio signal, you’ll need to have a fully active converter which separates the audio and video signal apart. It sends the video over to DVI and the audio over to other connections.

3 Best DVI to HDMI Cables and Adapters

Looking for the best DVI to HDMI adapter or cable could be quite confusing since there are a lot of options that you can choose from in the market.

From cheap to expensive and to buying fake ones without knowing about it.

BlueRigger High-Speed DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable

This specific brand of HDMI to DVI cable can provide everything that you can expect from it.

The product’s construction is very clean and sturdy, but its most important feature is that it provides cabling and it comes in different lengths.

This specific cable adapter is ideal for setting up a monitor, home theater, or HDTV.

You can get this cable in either 3 feet, 6.6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, and 35 feet. In each of the case, the cable is using a gold-plated connector which provides excellent protection from corrosion and signals conductivity.

As for the cable’s physical appearance, it has a thick CL2 jacket, which provides additional protection to your signal.

BlueRiggeris included with a lifetime warranty. However, keep in mind that from the DVI’s end, the cable wouldn’t be able to transfer the audio.

AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

If you’re looking for an ideal cable that can connect your notebook to any HDMI enabled TV, then the AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI cable would be the best option for you.

With a length of 6 feet, it would be long enough without making a mess in your living room or entertainment unit.

The cable is even compatible to backward, which means you can use to older DVI signals such as DVI-I and DVI-D.

This product is available in 3, 6, 10, 15, 25, and 35 feet cable. As for the cable’s net jacket, it has a nice and thick coating which adds more protection from damages and prevents the metal wires within from being severed throughout its usage.

With its ability to transmit HD-quality video with up to 4k resolution and 18gbps bandwidth, it makes it an ideal cable for TVs and gaming consoles.

Rankie DVI to HDMI Gold-Plated Converter

If you want a good-looking cable that is very reliable, then you’ll love the Rankie DVI to HDMI adapter.

It is designed to convert HDMI to DVI and vice versa, which enables you to connect two devices that you own.

Whether you are connecting your computer to your TV, setting up a gaming system, or connecting two TVs, this cable would effectively do the job.

The adapter comes in white or black, so choose the color that can complement your appliance well. Since the adaptor is bi-directional, it is great to be used at home or office.

It can transfer a video resolution of up to 1080p HD, which makes it an ideal adapter for home theater.

The great thing about the product is that the connectors are gold-plated, which ensures a maximum resistance to wear and tear.

How to Choose a DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable

Looking for the right DVI to HDMI adapter isn’t really complicated, you’ll just have to know the right DVI and HDMI connection that you want to use.

You’ll need to consider some basic quality concerns and compatibility issues. As a tip, the cable’s build quality is more important if you are planning on using it for years.

It would be much better if you get an adapter or cable that won’t fall apart on you, especially if you needed it the most.

Here are some things that you need to look for when buying a DVI to HDMI cable:

The Cable Length

The reason why HDMI products are so popular is that of its reliability, capability, and versatility. It can handle video data, ethernet connection, 3D content, audio data, and some other features that you might haven’t thought about.

The Video Quality

Choosing the wrong or cheap cable or adapter can significantly drop your video’s quality. Most of the time, the drop in quality occurs in small quantities and most people don’t notice it.

Having an adapter that has a secure fit on your electronics could solve half of the total problem. However, you may want to make sure with a firm connection, it would also have quality construction.

The Build Quality

As for DVI to HDMI adapters, if you want them to last for a year or more, choose a product that isn’t too cheap or expensive.

Adapters carry some of your information in the signal, and there are lots of chance that it could drop some of it.

Cable corrosion, which usually happens because of humid environments or water, can worsen your connection.

Fortunately, avoiding these kinds of corrosions is fairly simple like opting for a gold-plated adapter cable. You might also need to check the cable’s protector if it’s a braided fiber cable, or if it has an extra layer of the shield.