Best iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protector 2020 Detailed Review

Best iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protector 2020 Detailed Review.

With your iPhone XR, you have all you need. But with improper handling, you can mishandle your phone screen and it might crack. Keep that screen in perfect condition by choosing the right protector. In this article, we have made available for you the best iPhone screen protector available in the market.

Best iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protector 2020 Detailed Review

How We Choose the Best iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protector

Finding a decent screen protector is actually pretty simple if you follow a couple of easy guidelines.

Made specifically for the iPhone XR

Many phones have similar or identical screen sizes. But for selecting a screen protector, even tiny differences matter. You want a protector made specifically for your iPhone XR.

In a worst-case scenario, mismatched screen protectors could make your smartphone more vulnerable to certain types of damage. They can impede your ability to use your iPhone XR and its touch controls, especially towards the edges of your display.

In a best-case scenario, an improperly sized selection will still look ugly. You don’t want to take an XR screen protector and use it on an iPhone XS or XS MAX. If you’re using an iPhone XR, then you want a privacy screen protector for the iPhone XR, and should risk no substitutes.

Glass Hardness

The screen protectors you want to use will be rated with 9H hardness. The 9H hardness test is actually pretty unimportant. It indicates the glass can hold up to the hardness of a 9H pencil. This isn’t an extremely practical test. It’s not like many people are using their phones as a clipboard to fill out documents. And certainly not with the hardest pencil that’s manufactured.

But having 9H hardness does tell you the manufacturer bothered to test, and 9H isn’t all that different from the hardness of a dull knife. As you consider different screen protectors, you may find slightly greater or lesser protection between them. But it’s pretty difficult to discern without independent testing because the 9H test isn’t very descriptive.

Glass Thickness

One way to try and discern the amount of protection you’re getting is by looking at the thickness of the protector. If the glass was too thick, it would prevent your fingers from controlling your iPhone XR. If the glass was too thin, it wouldn’t be protective.

There’s a happy medium, and it happens to be about 0.3mm. Slightly thinner glass is better equipped to be used with thick phone cases. Even differences as small as 0.03mm might become an issue if you’re using a metallic case. But for people using ordinary cases, anything in the ballpark of 0.3mm ought to do the trick.

Installation Process

Installing a screen protector can be nerve-racking. Some screen protectors include installation kits that can help move things along. Of course, not all installation kits are created equal. Some include an applicator to help you aim the screen protector. Some include an alcohol wipe, dust removal sticker, or microfiber cleaning cloth.

These extras can be particularly useful for replacing an existing screen protector. Most of the best privacy screen protector kits will include two screen protectors. The second often serves as a backup in-case something happens to the first. In either case, for someone replacing an existing screen protector, the materials of an installation kit can be essential.

Privacy Protection

The best privacy screen protectors for the iPhone XR don’t just protect your screen, they protect your privacy from onlookers. This is done by calibrating the glass to reduce the viewing angle of the display on your XR.

How far do you want to reduce the viewing angle? Screen protectors are usually made to reduce the viewing angle anywhere between 45 and 90 degrees. It’s possible to extend that protection a bit further by reducing the brightness on your phone.

How much light needs to be blocked to achieve the protection you want? Some screen projectors block more light than others. The differences are rarely night and day, but are often worth observing, especially if you normally run your smartphone on lower brightness settings to save power.

FlexGear iPhone XR Privacy Glass Screen Protector

Best iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protector 2020 Detailed Review

The FlexGear iPhone XR Privacy Glass Screen Protector is a near-perfect screen protector. It’s been designed for the iPhone XR specifically. Consequently, it won’t get in the way of the XR’s best features.

Their Aura Shield 3D glass is compatible with FaceID technology, as well as biometric technologies. With two screen protectors and a basic installation kit included, it’s easy to see why people like these FlexGear protectors.


  • DESIGNED for iPhone XR and 11 only (6.1-inch screen size)
  • FEATURES of Aura Shield tempered glass: 3D-touch support, anti-fingerprint coating, 9H hardness for maximum protection, shatter-proof, FaceID compatible
  • LIFETIME warranty covers manufacturing defects and installations errors. Also, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the products you receive from us, you will receive a full, no-questions-asked refund
  • MEDIUM degree of darkening. If you need a higher level of privacy, just decrease the brightness of your iPhone screen
  • Please note: privacy protection works when the phone is in a vertical orientation (portrait mode) only. The glass is not curved (3D) and does not cover the entire screen. It’s specially designed to make the protector compatible with most cases

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Blitzby Screen Protector

Blitzby Screen Protector

The Blitzby High-Grade Privacy Screen Protector has a heavy emphasis on visual privacy. Screens are visible only to people who are sitting directly in front of the phone. People who are looking for heavy levels of privacy will also find this protector keeps your iPhone XR looking its best, only slightly reducing brightness.


  • High-quality privacy iPhone XR screen protector in portrait viewing modes. The screen is only visible to persons directly in front of the screen. iPhone XR screen protector only
  • Made with high quality 0. 33mm thick premium tempered glass with rounded edges exclusively for iPhone XR
  • Extremely high hardness: resists scratches up to 9H (harder than a knife) dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easy installation, bubble-free, iPhone XR screen protector privacy
  • Dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easy installation, bubble-free, iPhone XR screen protector privacy
  • iPhone XR screen protector only, Retail package includes: 2-pack privacy Anti-spy glass screen protector, cleaning cloth, dust removal stick, guide stick, instructions, life-time provided

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Magglass iPhone XR Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector

Magglass iPhone XR Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector

Similar to the other screen protectors on this list, the Magglass XR Privacy Protector makes use of an anti-spy display and is made specifically to be compatible with a wide number of iPhone cases.

However, this pack only includes a single screen protector. Instead of providing a second protector, Magglass provides you with all the tools necessary for an idiot-proof installation.


  • Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector for Apple iPhone XR keeps your personal and sensitive information safe from strangers whether you hold your phone horizontally or vertically.
  • EXTREME SCRATCH PROTECTION comes thanks to a tough-as-nails 9H hardness rating with tempered layering and reinforced shatterproof construction. Enjoy crisp, responsive touch inputs courtesy of the embedded PIXEL GRID technology and 0.3MM ultra-thin profile.
  • DIRECTLY VISIBLE – Screen is directly visible and still visible within 90 degrees. Protect your privacy from strangers around you! (IMPORTANT: This screen protector is designed to filter out a portion of screen brightness. Your devices’ screen brightness will be reduced by 35% when this protector is in use. For optimal usage, turn up your preferred brightness during the day to day operation.)
  • CASE FRIENDLY DESIGN provides full coverage that does not interfere or pry loose when used with cases.
  • MagGLASS is a proud Encased brand. Every set comes backed by the Encased Ltd. Lifetime Warranty and friendly support from our dedicated team.

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