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Best Magnetic Sweepers For Picking Up Metal 2021 Review

Best Magnetic Sweepers for Picking Up Metal 2021 Review.

A magnetic sweeper is also known as a magnetic broom provides a quick and easy clearing of scrap metals like nails, chips, screws, nuts, barbed wire, staples, tacks, and much more. You can use these brooms to remove all kinds of metal waste at home, offices, and other commercial places


Nails, pins, staples, or any other metal debris are not restricted to the inside of the home. They can also get lost in the grass and pose dangers to tires, pets, and kids, and so on.

If you recently had a renovation project or the neighbor just erected a structure taller than your fence, a thorough cleanup is necessary.

Several decades ago, you would have needed a group of people to comb the lawn for any leftover metal pieces. Today, we present to you a tool that uses an olden mechanism-magnetism.

The magnetic sweeper is applicable in a wide range of environments including commercial spaces, offices and homes.

The Husky Magnetic Sweeper Review

The Husky magnetic sweeper measures 6.7 x 8.7 x 36.6 inches, and it features an 18-inch sweeping width, a telescoping handle that you can adjust from 30 inches to 40 inches, and sturdy rubber wheels that would prevent damage to your floors.

The sweeper also has a heavy-duty aluminum construction and a quick-release option to discard all collected items.

A buyer comments that he was very surprised how many nails he managed to pick with this sweeper after his roof renovation and that it saved him a lot of flat tires.

He adds that the dump lever is convenient and easy to use and that he highly recommends the Husky magnetic sweeper.

Another reviewer mentions that the large wheels are perfect for gravel or any uneven terrain and that the sweeper works flawlessly. However, the customer complains that it’s heavy and difficult to move around.



  • Heavy
  • Might be difficult to move around

The Central Machinery Magnetic Sweeper Review

If you don’t want to spend hours trying to pick up nails and screws from your lawn, you might take a look at this 30-inch magnetic sweeper with wheels offered by Central Machinery.

Users love the extra-wide sweeping head, but some do note that it’s overpriced.

The head of this sweeper for nails measures 30” x 3” x 4”, and it provides 50 lbs of magnetic pull.

The sweeper features a one-pull release to quickly get rid of debris, a telescoping handle that you can extend from 30 inches to 44 ½ inches, 7-inch wheels, and a weight of 20.5 lbs.

The Central Machinery sweeper is suitable for shop floors, carpets, and grass.

In general, buyers have a favorable opinion regarding this magnetic sweeper with wheels, and they praise its usefulness and convenience.

A customer mentions that the sweeper made his job of cleaning 20, 000 sqft of space very easy and that it works smoothly.

Another happy user shares that he had no issues to use the sweeper on grass and that it picked up every nail.

He adds that it’s made of quality materials, but it’s heavy. A purchaser mentions that the magnet is powerful and that the sweeper is easy to move around.



  • Wheels issues
  • Magnet close to the ground
  • Heavy

The Neiko Magnetic Pick-Up Sweeper Review

This 36-inch magnetic pick-up broom with wheels offered by Neiko is well-made, easy to use, and an excellent choice for cleaning after a roofing job.

Users love that it’s easy to maneuver the sweeper, but some do note that it’s not very suitable for grass or gravel.

This nail picking sweeper measures38.2” x 8.7” x 7.9”, and it features a weight of 19.6 pounds, a quick-release handle to remove attached particles immediately, a 36-inch sweeping width, a telescoping handle that you can adjust from 29 inches to 42 inches, and 7-inch large wheels.

This sweeper can pick objects up to 30 lbs.

A buyer comments that the magnetic broom is perfect if you want to clean concrete and that you need only one or two sweeps to get everything.

He says that if you’re using it to pick nails up in grass, you must immediately dispose of the nail after you hear the clicking sound.

Another user shares that he found over four pounds of staples and nails and that he is extremely pleased with the usefulness of the Neiko magnetic sweeper.

A reviewer shares that he uses the sweeper weekly with no issues and that it pick-ups metal objects even if they’re slightly covered in dirt.

ProsMagnetic sweepers

  • Easy to roll around
  • A quick-release handle
  • A telescoping handle


  • Flimsy handle and screw
  • Smal
  • Problems on grass wheels