Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheels 2020 Review

Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheels 2020 Review.

The Joy-Con Wheel gives you a fun, comfortable way to play driving and racing games on the Nintendo Switch video game system. Simply insert your Joy-Con controller into the wheel and you’re all set. This pack includes 2 Joy-Con wheels.


This Joy-Con wireless wheel double pack is perfect if you love driving games. Compatible with Nintendo Switch consoles, one Joy-Con controller fits into the centre of each wheel – perfect for multiplayer challenges.

When you’re speeding round the track, they offer a more comfortable and immersive experience.

The set-up is super-easy too, as it has useful symbols that help you perfectly align the controller.

Because this pack contains two sets, you’ll be able to share your races with friends, competing for the top spot in frenzied multiplayer games. Please note, Joy-Con controllers are not included.

Joy-Con Wheel Pair

If you take your Nintendo Switch Mario Karting seriously, you might be interested in a Joy-Con steering wheel adaptor.

This wireless wheel Switch accessory uses the motion sensors in the Joy-Con to allow you to feel like you’re driving a real cart.

There’s a learning curve to using these accessories, and they’re on the small side, but they do add a new dimension to racing games.

It’s especially convenient that they come in a pair so you don’t have to send your friends off to buy their own. Mario and Luigi editions are also available.


GH Steering Wheel for Nintendo Switch

The GH Steering Wheel for Nintendo Switch delivers, with slots for both your left and right Joy-Cons.

We should also note that there are smaller versions available in red, black, or blue for 2-button operation.

These weren’t the kind we reviewed, though. We looked at the big, beefy, black, 4-button version of the GH Steering Wheel.

This is a two-part unit, consisting of a steering wheel and bracket. The steering wheel itself is nice and wide, a full 10 inches in diameter.

This provides plenty of space for even the largest hands. It also ensures that both the left and the right Joy-Cons can be comfortably inserted right next to your thumbs.

Feel and Performance

The thing we appreciated most about the GH Steering Wheel for Nintendo Switch was the big, beefy hand feel. You get a nice fat grip that’s made for adults, not kids.

This makes for a more immersive experience. It also makes for easier, more convenient control. So if you want to bring out your inner kid and indulge in some serious competition, you’re ready to go.

To be fair, we’re not talking about Thrustmaster-levels of beefiness here. But considering the low price, you’re getting quite the steering wheel.

The mounting slots hold your Joy-Cons securely, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out by accident. Unfortunately, the slots are actually too tight.

This means that the only way to free up your Joy-Cons is to tug on the thumb sticks.

This is a disappointing oversight, since it means you’ll inevitably damage your Joy-Cons over time. Hopefully GH will add a release tab or similar feature in future versions.

Joy-Con Controllers

The Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are great for single players, but you might want to pick up some extra Joy-Cons controllers to get gaming with a few friends.

which brings us to our next Nintendo Switch accessory.

Unless you want to make the purchase of Joy-Con controllers a prerequisite for entry to your home, you’re going to be found short if the opportunity arises for multiplayer gaming

Switch Joy-Con color selections are growing all the time too. Alongside the neon red and blue, and gray versions, which were available at launch

It’s now possible to pick up a variety of colors including neon orange and purple, Splatoon-themed neon pink and green and neon yellow.

It’s worth noting that you save a little on each individual controller by paying for a pair outright, however. Plus, you’ll find plenty of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con sales if you’re shopping at the right time.

Whats More

  • Can be attached to Switch or used as individual controllers
  • Great size for a child’s hands
  • Can be fiddly to use for larger hands

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