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Best RCM Jig for Nintendo Switch 2020 Detailed Review

Best RCM Jig for Nintendo Switch 2020 Detailed Review.

Best RCM Jig for Nintendo Switch: The Nintendo Switch is one of the most unique game consoles ever made. It functions as both a handheld and standard console, so you can take your games wherever you go. 

What is RCM Mode? 

RCM mode is a special diagnostic mode that’s used by Nintendo’s repair technicians. It allows for software modifications that are typically blocked. As a result, it’s often used by homebrew developers and modders. 

What is Modding? 

Modding is the practice of installing custom software on a device. A modded piece of hardware can do things it wasn’t originally designed to do.

For example, a modded iPhone can run apps that aren’t available in the Apple Store. Similarly, a modded game console can run games that the original console wasn’t designed to run. 

Why Mod a Nintendo Switch? 

Going back to our iPhone example, modding iOS allows you to make changes to the operating system. Basically, you get to look under the hood of your phone and change settings that you weren’t intended to access.

modded Nintendo Switch works the same way. When you’re running modded firmware, you can play your Switch games as well as run third-party software. You don’t have to be limited by what’s available on the eShop or a cartridge. 

Can my Switch be Modded? 

As you can imagine, Nintendo does everything imaginable to prevent modding. This goes beyond simple software patches. In fact, in April of 2018, Nintendo discovered a vulnerability in the Switch’s custom Tegra X2 chipset. NVIDIA acknowledged the exploit and stated that it could be used to execute unverified code. 

How Can I Ground Pin 10 on my Joy-Con? 

Saying “ground the 10-pin” can sound like gibberish if you’re not technologically-inclined. In plain English, you need to make a connection between the first and last pins on the right Joy-Con rail.

There are several ways to do this. Using just the equipment you have at home, you’ve got a few options. Many people have used a paperclip, tinfoil, or a spare wire to make an improvised connection. 

Are There any Risks to Nintendo Switch Modding? 

Let’s be clear: modding your Nintendo Switch isn’t safe. Most importantly, it’s a violation of Nintendo’s terms of service. Here’s what that could mean for you: 

  • If you break your Switch while modding it, you won’t be covered under warranty. 
  • Nintendo could ban your online account, so you won’t be able to access multiplayer. 
  • You could also lose access to games you’ve legitimately purchased. 

JZW-Shop RCM Jig 

JZW-Shop RCM Jig 

The JZW-Shop RCM Jig is a simple, black or red switch that clips onto your right Joy-Con rail. When activated, it will ground the 10-pin, so you can easily activate RCM mode.

The On and Off positions are clearly marked, so you know when your jig is active. The plastic is injection-molded, not 3D-printed, so it will last longer than most homemade jigs.

Even better, the kit includes a padded carrying case. RCM jigs are small and easy to lose, so a case is an excellent added value. 

NF Orange RCM Joy-Con Jig 

NF Orange RCM Joy-Con Jig 

The NF Orange RCM Joy-Con Jig is a bit slimmer than the JZW-Shop RCM Jig. Other than that, it’s more or less the same. It’s made from injection-molded plastic, so you’re not looking at a cheap 3D-printed switch.

It also uses a 24-gauge wire, which is heavier than the wire in most Switch RCM jigs. The on and off positions aren’t marked, but you can clearly see whether the contacts are locked in. All in all, it’s a well-built little tool. 



The PPX RCM Clip is similar to the last two, but it’s white in color. It also doesn’t have any markings to indicate the switch status.

Instead, the white ABS plastic material provides a highly visible contrast to the steel contacts. This makes it very easy to see when the contacts are pressed into position. The jig includes a small storage box, which makes it easy to keep track of. 

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Final Verdict 

As you can see, there’s not really much difference between these jigs. The JZW-Shop RCM Jig, NF Orange RCM Joy-Con Jig, and PPX RCM Clip all do the same thing.

They ground your Joy-Con’s 10-pin, which is all you need them to do. Unlike a lot of products we review, this isn’t rocket science. A jig either works or it doesn’t. 

If you’re going to mod your Nintendo Switch, you need to be prepared to make frequent updates. As we discussed, Nintendo is constantly looking for ways to crack down on modders

So there’s a never-ending back and forth between modders and Nintendo. This means you’ll be using your RCM jig every few weeks for the foreseeable future. 

So don’t use a cheap little jig that’s going to crack when you need it most. Look for a quality ABS or injection-molded jig that’s going to last a while. The difference in cost is less than a cup of coffee, and you won’t have to worry about your jig breaking. 

In that regard, all three of our Nintendo Switch RCM jig options perform admirably. The only difference – other than cosmetic – is whether or not they include a storage case. If that’s important to you, choose the JZW-Shop or PPX jig. If not, just choose the jig that looks best to you. You won’t be disappointed.