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Best RGB Lighting Kit for PC 2020 Detailed Review

Best RGB Lighting Kit for PC 2020 Detailed Review.

Best RGB Lighting Kit for PC: If you want to dress up your gaming PC, an RGB lighting kit is a great accessory. Does it perform any useful function? No. Do gamers love them anyway? Absolutely! After all, your gaming rig is designed for fun and entertainment. So why not accessorize it with something that looks cool? 

Creating Custom Colors 

Before we delve into today’s offerings, let’s start by talking about how an RGB light kit works. To begin with, some kits and motherboards will produce colors automatically. This is a great feature if you just want to connect your kit and start gaming.

But what if you want to create your own custom colors? In that case, you’re going to need to understand a thing or two about creating custom colors. 

Single-Channel or Multi-Channel? 

The next thing we need to talk about is what type of controller you’re going to use. No, we’re not talking about game controllers. We’re talking about LED controllers. The controller is simply the device that the LEDs plug into.

It controls the color and brightness level of each individual bulb on the light strip. Some high-end motherboards sport built-in controllers, but what if you’re supplying your own? In that case, you’ll need to know what you’re buying. 

Corsair iCUE Commander PRO

For gamers, Corsair needs no introduction. They’re well known for their high-performance RAM cards, as well as accessories like RGB keyboards. Their iCUE Commander PRO lives up to Corsair’s standards for quality and performance.

It’s a complete controller kit, designed to operate a two-channel LED system. It connects to your PC via a 6-inch SATA connector, which provides sufficient power for all of its functions.

On the face of the unit, you’ll find a pair of 3-pin connections for LED strips. There are no strips included in the kit, but that’s not a concern considering everything else you get. 

Speclux RGB LED Light Strips for PC 

Speclux RGB LED Light Strips for PC 

The Speclux RGB LED Light Strips for PC are unfortunately misnamed. Yes, you get a pair of LED light strips, both of which are just under 14 inches long. This is the ideal length for a full-sized PC case, which is standard for most gaming rigs. Both of these strips have a magnet between every three bulbs.

This makes mounting easy if you have a case that’s constructed from steel. If you have an aluminum or plastic case, Speclux also includes a set of 3M adhesive strips. Either way, installation should take just a few minutes, and you’ll be ready to go. 

Alternatively, you can use the LED controller that’s included in the kit. It connects to your motherboard via a SATA connection, which will provide more than sufficient power. The controller only has one 3-pin connection, though. 

So you’ll only be able to operate it in single-channel mode if you’re using the lights in this fashion. Still, there are plenty of options for control. You can adjust the brightness through five different brightness levels. In addition, if you want color-changing LEDs, you can choose five different speed levels. 

Airgoo PC RGB LED Strip Light Kit

Airgoo PC RGB LED Strip Light Kit


The Airgoo PC RGB LED Strip Light Kit is the most basic option on our list. There’s no controller included in the package. Instead, you’re looking at a pair of 16-inch LED strips. There’s also a 20-inch, 4-pin RGB extension cable for easier placement.

You can plug the strips into separate ports on your motherboard, or daisy-chain up to four of them. Provided your motherboard sports a 4-pin RGB controller, you don’t need anything else to get started. 

Installation is very easy. Each light strip has built-in magnets that will snap to any steel PC case. If you don’t have a steel case, you’ll want to pick up some 3M adhesive strips for installation. The lights themselves are exceptionally bright, so they’re ideal for see-through cases.

You can create whatever RGB effects your motherboard will support. You can even use the lights with sync technology, to match your lighting to what’s going on in your game. You also get Airgoo’s 12-month warranty, ensuring that you’re protected from any manufacturer’s defects. 

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Final Verdict 

So, which one of these RGB light kits is the best of the bunch? As with so many things, it depends on what exactly you need. If you want the ultimate in control and performance, go with the Corsair iCUE Commander PRO.

It’s pricey, but it offers more features than just about any option on the market. Not only can you control dual LED strips, but you can also control up to six fans. And Corsair’s iCUE software is exceptional. For a motherboard with no built-in LED controller, it’s an ideal choice. That said, it’s a wee bit pricey. 

The Speclux RGB LED Light Strips for PC is a more affordable option that includes an LED controller. Not only that, but it includes a variety of adapters. So if your motherboard has a built-in controller already, the strips are easy to connect. Then again, you don’t get any extra fan connectors. 

The Airgoo PC RGB LED Strip Light Kit is a great choice for motherboards with 4-pin connectors. It’s very affordable, and the LED lights themselves are very high quality. The extension cable is a great added value, since it makes placement easier than it would be otherwise.