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Best Tablet Padfolio 2020 Latest Updated Review

Best Tablet Padfolio 2020 Latest Updated Review

Padfolio is smaller and a tad lighter than portfolio but similarly functional, and can store a stack of files, documents, papers, and even gadgets and comes in a classic and professional design that you can bring to your meetings and business conferences

NERO MANETTI – Zippered Leather Padfolio

The NERO MANETTI Zippered Leather Padfolio/Portfolio is a classic leather portfolio that can help you become more organized at the office, at home, or anywhere.

It has everything you need to get organized including pens, notepads, folders, and more.

This is a business portfolio that you must have to keep things organized and in place.

The NERO MANETTI leather padfolio takes you to the days when writing things down mattered. Inside the portfolio is a system of pockets and sleeves for everything you need.

This is an organizer that has slots and pockets for IDs, business cards, pens, pad papers, your cell phone, or your tablet. It is neat, made of very fine quality leather with a zippered opening.

Inside are 12 interior pockets while a sole pocket is found exteriorly for documents.

The NERO MANETTI padfolio is just the right size to take anywhere. It is not bulky and is also stylish to take anywhere. It can match what you are wearing and won’t clash with your style because of its color.


  • Made of fine leather
  • With zippered opening
  • With slots for phone or a tablet device
  • Not bulky and will work with
  • Will protect precious documents and cards


  • Too worrisome to take anywhere

Aaron Leather Portfolio – Tablet Holder

The Aaron Leather Portfolio/padfolio is a zippered binder planner for the year 2018 to 2019. It is a portfolio where everything you need to get organized is found.

You can touch the premium genuine leather of the Aaron Leather Leather Portfolio. This is what genuine buffalo leather looks like and it was made by expert craftsmen no doubt. comes with a very strong YKK zipper and puller.

It is a spacious leather padfolio where you can place precious documents, IDs, cards, and even your mobile devices.

comes with stationery and accessories slots like a zippered pocket inside, a writing pad holder, a leather latch to hold your device, external pockets, and many more.

This comes with a classic and professional design. It has safe and secure pockets, zippered closures, and a solid brass snap. This padfolio is also available in different colors and designs. You can choose one that matches your needs.


  • Made by expert craftsmen
  • Made from 100% buffalo leather
  • Spacious interior pockets and slots
  • Gadget-friendly
  • With an aesthetic design
  • zippered closures and a brass snap


  • Not a good idea to carry around
  • Too bulky

Rustic Town Handmade Leather Luxury Business Portfolio

This is a simple handmade leather business portfolio from Rustic Town. It is a professional organizer made of fine leather. This leather padfolio has simple sleeves for documents, pad papers, and more.

Made from premium genuine leather, the Rustic Town Handmade Leather Luxury Business Portfolio could be your old school way to organize your stuff to work. Versatile; it can hold documents, IDs, cards, a pen, sheets of paper, and more.

It has a padded cover that further protects your documents and adds to its professional appeal.

This leather portfolio is slim, lightweight, and easy to take with you when you travel.

It even has a sleeve that can fit a slim iPad mini.

You need to the portfolio for easy note-taking and also for carrying precious documents to any destination. It is made from genuine leather so it is easy to maintain.

It is available in different colors so you can find one that will match your style.

This leather padfolio may be close to being the perfect product but it does not have zippers to enclose and protect everything. It does not have snaps either.


  • Made from 100% supple leather
  • With simple sleeves and pockets
  • For easy note-taking
  • Can take an iPad mini
  • Easy to maintain


  • Does not have a zippered enclosure or straps