Best Triple Monitor Stand and Benefits 2020 Updated Review

Best Triple Monitor Stand and Benefits 2020 Updated Review.

A monitor stand can help tilt and adjust your screen, placing it right where you want. They can help you avoid glare, maximize productivity, or even hide things from coworkers. There are typically few limitations with a great stand.  In this article we hope to guide you in choosing the Best Triple Monitor Stand available.

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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Triple Monitor Stand

When you’re looking for a triple monitor stand, you’re searching for six things. Those things are VESA compliance, adjustability, durability, aesthetic, panel size, and the specific type of mount appropriate to your circumstances.

1. Types of Monitor Stands

Freestanding monitor mounts work exactly like a regular monitor stand. They sit on your desk as though they were a monitor. That means there’s essentially no installation process, apart from taking a few moments to mount your monitors.

Freestanding monitor mounts are a good choice for someone with a flimsy desk or a glass desk because they do not require the semi-permanent installations used by other stands.

The best mounting option you can select is a through-the-desk grommet stand. Like the name suggests, it requires you to stick a bolt straight through your desk, thus securing your monitors to the desk itself. This typically means you have to drill a hole in your desk. Though this is the most hands-on and permanent installation option, it’s also the most secure.

2. VESA Compliance

A VESA compatible monitor has mounting holes which are drilled at standardized spaces. These holes are usually constructed to connect within the metallic frame of the monitor. The most common standard you’ll see listed is VESA 100, indicating the spaces are positioned 100mm apart.

Occasionally you can find smaller panels which are not VESA compatible. This problem can sometimes be fixed with aftermarket adapters, but not all panels can be adapted.

3. Monitor Size

Most triple monitor stands are built to accommodate every common size of computer monitor. But there’s often less support for larger panels, especially panels at 27” and beyond. Even if a triple monitor stand says it can support a 27” panel, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can support three 27” panels. Even if it can support three, you may find you lose adjustability with larger sized screens.

4. Adjustability

An articulated mechanical arm is at the heart of any truly adjustable monitor stand. But different arms have different joints, and different ranges of flexibility. Some adjustable arms may allow you to move all three monitors from one central joint. Others might allow for tilt and rotation for individual panels. The full range of adjustability is important to pay attention to, especially if you have a specific layout in mind for your panels.

5. Durability

Stakes are raised when you’ve got three panels hanging from one mount. If something happens to the mount, there’s three times the risk. How many pounds can the stand carry? What kind of material does the stand use to secure your equipment? Metallic constructions are generally what you’re looking for.

Most people in most circumstances will not encounter issues with weight limitations, especially when you’re choosing from among the best triple monitor stands. But if you’re using a larger 30” screen with a built-in power brick, you may want to take close at how much weight is supported.

6. Stand Aesthetic

Nobody wants to have to look at hideous hardware. An appreciation of beauty is built-in to the brain. And studies show living in a beautiful environment has a measurable impact on happiness. In other words, it’s not totally ridiculous to care about how the stand looks.

Granted, a person spends little time looking at their monitor stand. And even less time once you’ve got your monitors attached because they effectively block-out most of the stand. Aesthetic isn’t something to obsess over, but it might be an effective tiebreaker.

VIVO Triple Monitor Mount

VIVO Triple Monitor Mount

Serving as a freestanding desk stand, the setting up the VIVO Triple Monitor Mount is as simple as placing it on your desk. It’s built with a steel construction to help it confidently support larger panels. And it offers instant installation, making it an accessible option for people who use glass desks, corner desks, and desks not sturdy enough for a clamp.


  • Compatibility – Fits three computer monitors 13″ to 24″, up to 17.6 lbs each, and with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes (will fit 27″ screens but will allow very limited angled screen positioning)
  • Triple Monitor Force – Clear up valuable work space and increase work efficiency with three monitors mount alignment
  • Fully Adjustable – Mounting arms and plates offer 90° tilt, 90° swivel, and 360° rotation. Monitors can be placed in portrait or landscape shape
  • Perfect Monitor Alignment – The VESA plates allows each individual plate to be adjusted up and down by 1.1” so your monitors will be perfectly aligned
  • We’ve Got You Covered – Sturdy steel design is backed with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

Purchase Here

TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL Three Monitor Stand Mount

TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL Three Monitor Stand Mount

Using a clamp based design, the TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL is far more capable than any freestanding desk stand could ever be. It makes the most of its physical leverage to create fluid adjustability, exemplified by a construction based on an articulating gas spring arm. With wide support for nearly every panel you can find, and equally wide adjustability, it’s hard to find fault with this design.


  • SmartSWIVEL ENGINEERING: TechOrbits scientifically engineered our triple monitor mount with articulating gas spring arms that fully support the weight of your monitors and make it very easy to desk into a free standing workstation!
  • FLOATING SCREEN DISPLAY: Easily attach your monitor and turn it up, down, left, or right. You can also tilt the screen to improve visibility and decrease glares! Our gas springs allow you to conveniently move your monitors to adjust to your day!
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: We carefully designed our premium monitor mount for all shapes and sizes 13″ – 30″ and each arm can hold up to 15.4 pounds! Supports VESA 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm (to check what size you need, simply measure the mm between your monitors’ screws).
  • FULL RANGE MOTION: TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL self-balancing arms allow you to twist and turn your monitors to help improve group meetings as well as your individual working experience. Our interactive screens allow you to multi-task and maximize your performance.
  • SLEEK & STRONG: We designed these floating arm mounts with premium gas-springs and heavy-duty aluminum, providing you with a strong and stylish desktop mount! We include all of the supplies you need, as well as a 3-year warranty!

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Stand Steady 3 Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Stand Steady 3 Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Stand Steady 3 is a pole-based mount stand, capable of being attached with either a side-clamp or grommet. When you move from a single monitor mount to a multiple monitor mount, and monitors start to get cramped together, you’ll find monitor stands often lose their adjustability.

The Stand Steady 3 avoids those problems entirely, retaining levels of adjustability you typically only see from single-monitor mounts. With additional support for cable management, there’s almost nothing you can’t ask of this monitor desk mount stand.


  • FITS MOST MONITORS: The Stand Steady Monitor Mount supports three screens at once! This triple monitor stand fits screens ranging from 13 to 32 inches, up to 17.6 lbs. each, while the durable metal base ensures your monitors stay securely in place.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Experience full motion articulation with VESA compatible monitor mounts that spin 360°, swivel 180°, and tilt 45° while adjusting to your ideal ergonomic height. Easily modify your setup with monitor arms that bend and expand nearly 3 ft. apart for a perfect screen fit, every time.
  • HIGH QUALITY DURABILITY: Designed with a sleek and sturdy metal frame, this clamp-on monitor stand keeps screens stable while adding a high-end look to any workspace. The heavy-duty C-clamp securely attaches to your desk to keep monitors from shaking or tilting while you work.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This monitor mount will fit most standard office desks and standing desk converters. Easily attach your triple monitor stand with a grommet hole or clamp it to your desk to avoid drilling. The VESA bracket mounting plates seamlessly secure to monitors for a simple screen setup.
  • CONVENIENT CORD MANAGEMENT: Keep your workstation organized! Featuring cable clips along its arms and center pole, this monitor mount stand ensures messy cords stay controlled and out of the way.

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