Best Under-Desk Headphone Hangers & Stands 2020 Latest Updated Reviews

Best Under-Desk Headphone Hangers & Stands 2020 Latest Updated Reviews.

A good under desk headphone hanger mount holder should have wide compatibility. The main function is to DE clutter your desk or shelve while providing support for headphones


The Under Desk Headphone Hanger let you safely stash your headphones when not in use, while freeing up space on your desk or table.

These mounts or stands work for both wired and wireless headphones, in addition to video-conferencing and phone headsets too.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best headphone stands and holders.

Above all, it’s most important that your gear stays safe in its new home, especially if you have the fancy, expensive, noise-canceling kind.

Think about how many sets you need to keep on hand, how much available space you’re working with, and what it’s going to look like

Here are some pros and cons of desktop versus under-desk mounts.


These mounts attach to the underside of your workspace, generally with some kind of strong adhesive or clamp, with one or two hanging shelves or hooks for your headphones.

These are a great option for keeping your desk surface clear, and can actually be more sturdy than the desktop kind.

Just make sure you have a large-enough space that you don’t wind up knocking the headphones with your knee while you work.

The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount

This headphone holder, made of soft and flexible silicone, is reinforced with a steel inner pin, and attaches to the underside of your desk with ultra-secure adhesive.

There are two hooks for two sets of over-the-ear headphones, with a wide enough hook to suit all headphone sizes and models.

We love that this Under Desk Headphone Hanger keeps your gear out of sight and easy-to-reach, and users love that it feels secure and sturdy, while the soft material is gentle on your pricy equipment.

New Bee Earphone Stand

Slim and lightweight, this desktop headphone stand is deceptively stable thanks to the aluminum support bar.

Users note that it was a cinch to put together, and the rubber top band keeps your headphones secure and protected.

This is a great way to keep your headphones on the desk and within easy reach; we think it makes a great display stand for a particularly pricey pair of headphones you want to show off too.

Cozoo Under Desk Headset Holder

Cozoo Under Desk Headset Holder

We love a product that does double (or triple) duty, and this under-desk headset holder is no exception.

In addition to Under Desk Headphone Hanger for two sets of headphones, this stand also includes a charging hub with three USB ports, a hanger for your smart watch, and cleverly designed hooks for organized cable management.

It’s easy to install and the adhesive is strong and long-lasting too.

Full Aluminum Headphone Stand

We actually really love the slick, minimalist design of this holder, which looks attractive Under Desk Headphone Hanger while still keeping your headphones out of the way.

The non-skid rubber pads on the base both keep the stand from sliding around and protect your surfaces from scratching.

The soft pad on the top of the stand cushions your headphone band and prevents creases.

Brainwavz BigJ Under Desk Headphone

Brainwavz BigJ Under Desk Headphone

The Big-J Under Desk Headphone Hanger from BRAINWAVZ will effectively de-clutter your desk. If you have clutter issues with your shelf or desk this device is perfect.

Made from high grade plastic it utilizes 3M VHB including integrated cable management. 3M VHB adhesive will withstand max weight less than 2kg.

It is smaller than regular headphone hanger and compatible with most desks easy to install.

It does not come with screws you simply remove red VHB tape cover and stick under desk.


  • Brainwavz BigJ under desk headphone Stand
  • Hanger Holder Mount for Headphones
  • Perfect for Gaming Headsets, Mobiles Accessories
  • Easy Stick On, No Screws
  • Integrated cable manager
  • Curved bed
  • Securely fit for headbands

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