Best USB Wall Charger Covert WiFi Security Camera 2020 Review

Best USB Wall Charger Covert WiFi Security Camera 2020 Review.

USB Wall Charger Covert WiFi Security comes into use Whatever you need a spy cam . USB-charger spy cams solve the problem of disguising the camera by sticking it inside a fully functional USB


If your looking for a inconspicuous spy camera that is the perfect mix of hidden and feature rich, then you need to get a USB Spy Camera.

These cameras can be plugged in and look just like chargers, even a light on them will not draw attention.

We at gadgets spy have tested over 20 different spy USBS and dedicated over 40 hours to finding the best one out there.

We think the STS USB Wall Charger Mini Camera is currently the best camera to get with its combination of competitive pricing and ease of use its hard to beat.

 Hidden Camera USB Charger 1080P

This simple USB charger doubles as a hidden camera. When plugged in, you can barely tell the difference between this hidden camera USB charger device and a regular generic USB charger.

It doesn’t have an LED light on the front of the device, making it virtually undetectable at night.

Despite the small size, this gadget is able to capture decent videos that 1080p and 30fps and automatically store these files into the attached memory card.

Since it is only able to support up to 32 GB memory, you can either opt to turn on the motion detection mode to limit video recording or continue with the loop recording mode.

You don’t have to worry about the device stopping recording due to full storage since it is already programmed to delete the oldest video files.

Unfortunately, if you want to look up a video file that was weeks or months ago, you wouldn’t be able to retrieve it.

Just in case you want to keep a copy of all the video files that this device records, you can easily plug it into your computer and manually store your recordings.


  • Portable USB Charger
  • No LED Light
  • Special USB Cord


  • Low Audio Quality
  • Low Night Vision Capability

4k USB USB Charger Camera

This use camera is perfect for those that want things easy and dont want to worry about a ton of wires and charging issues. They just want to plugin in their camera and go.

Asside from the plug settings it comes with the best resolution out there for recording devices.

Its 4k video is second to none and provides a wide angle lense that really lets you feel like you can see anything in the room.

Dont want to waste too much recording space when nothings happening? No problem the motion sensor ont his camera will make sure you only have the camera on when it counts.

There is also an option for video calling which is a great bonus.

Do you need to use your cellphone and remote view? No problem this camera comes with an app and allows you to view remotely from anywhere without any issue.

The sheer breadth of features of this usb cam make it the best in the market.



  • No Secure feed features

 Fulao USB Charger Camera

This USB charger device is one of the easiest to set up. Plug it in and you can connect it to your smartphone through a mobile app and Wi-Fi network so you can now have live video access to the camera.

However, the app only allows the viewing of live videos but does not store any files on its cloud.

Instead, you will need to manually connect to the memory card where the device continually stores your recorded videos.

If you don’t have to check on any old video recordings, you can easily leave the memory card in the device since there is no need to delete any files – it does that for you.

The camera can actually automatically overwrite the oldest files in storage. However, if you put in a 128 GB memory card, which is the maximum capacity it can support, it will probably be long before it uses up the storage.

Also, you can secure your recorded files with the password protection feature. Placing it on motion detection mode activates the motion sensors and also allows you to maximize the storage space by only setting the device to record when movement is detected.

The app will send over any notifications when there is movement in the area.

This feature is adjustable. Motion sensors are reliable and capable of detecting movement several feet away.


  • High quality video recordings
  • Mobile App Connectivity
  • Password protected Storage


  • No Night Vision Mode



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