Best Wall Outlet Pinhole Spy Camera for 2020 Review

Best Wall Outlet Pinhole Spy Camera for 2020 Review.

Hidden cameras are disguised as ordinary objects in your home or offices like a clock, speaker, lightbulb, or a mirror. Some of the other most secret hidden cameras are spy cams that are blended in wearables like watches, glasses, pens, or necklaces


If you require to keep your home or office safe from intruders, then you may opt for small security or surveillance cameras.

Security cameras are primarily designed to alert you to suspicious activity, while surveillance cameras allow you to secretly monitor your premises to ensure its safety.

To find your ideal mini spy cam, its best to decide which features matter to you most.

If you need a hidden camera with a constant live feed, you can view from anywhere, then you need a wifi spy camera.

If you want to be notified when the camera picks something up, then motion detection is important. Other features to prioritize include battery life, night vision, memory, and audio capability.

Camera Size

Lastly, before we dive in, how small do you need your spy camera to be? One thing to consider is that the tinier the camera, the greater the trade-off in functionality.

Hidden cameras, for instance, have the tiniest lenses but typically have less functionality than their larger counterparts in this guide.

But their strength is being undetectable – and super-simple to set up. Other tiny cameras, though slightly larger, can offer added features and can be used in more situations.

LKcare Camera Pen

The LKcare Camera Pen looks like your average writing tool, but inside is a 1080P camera that can record video to the 32GB SD card

This pen is a great option if you need a portable hidden camera that is lightweight, easy to carry, and discreet.

It’s a functional ballpoint pen that writes smoothly according to reviewers and includes five ink refills.

Users appreciate the fact that the camera is able to capture video but can also take photographs with the simple click of a button on top of the pen.

Be aware, though, that for the video to be stable, the pen has to be held in a stationary position—otherwise, the footage will be shaky.

AMCSXH Hidden Camera Wall Clock

Keep track of time and everything else that happens in your home or office with a hidden camera wall clock. This basic but efficient version from AMCSXH can be hung anywhere you need 1080P video surveillance.

The hidden camera is tucked into the face of the clock, and users report that it’s very well concealed.

You can charge the battery for a wireless power source or hardwire it for continuous operation. The clock itself runs on a separate AA battery.

Overall, this hidden camera wall clock works well and escapes detection. However, people do find its basic appearance to be on the boring side

ZXWDDP Smoke Detector with Hidden Camera

For a hidden camera with a discreet top-level view of what’s happening in your home, consider the ZXWDDP Smoke Detector with Hidden Camera.

This device looks like a conventional smoke detector but houses a 1080P HD video camera inside to keep a watchful eye on your living room

This smoke detector with a hidden camera can either be hardwired for continuous operation

When fully charged, the battery will last for about 4 hours of video recording.

With Wi-Fi functionality, you can also check the live feed of this hidden camera at any time

Reviewers consistently comment on how much this hidden camera looks like a regular smoke detector

It’s been used to keep an eye on nannies as well as kids during homework time!

Supoggy Mini Wireless Hidden Camera

Buy a hidden camera on a budget for affordable surveillance anywhere.

The camera features 1080P recording, but its small size does limit the lens to a 75-degree field of view. With 6 IR LED lights, you’ll still be able to record at night or in low-light conditions.

Unlike other hidden cameras with Wi-Fi functionality, this model is limited to recording to an internal SD card only (up to 32GB). Any motion detected will trigger video recording to begin, which helps to conserve the somewhat limited 1-hour battery run time.

This budget camera is super small and ultra-portable

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