Bose Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module Subwoofer 2020 Overview.

 Bose Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module Subwoofer  2020 Overview.

The Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module Subwoofer is the ideal partner to bump up the already amazing sound from the SoundTouch 300 soundbar and Virtually Invisible 300 wireless surround speakers.


It takes serious consideration when you build out your home theater and music system. Bose makes decisions easier with a wireless modular home entertainment system.

Pairing the home subwoofer with these other components is easy, and you get even bigger sound from your shows, games and concerts.

The woofer uses QuietPort technology to hammer out rich bass with no distortion, even during the most dramatic passages in your favorite movie.

Features and Design

Standing 38.5 inches wide, 2.25 inches high, and 4.25 inches deep, the SoundTouch 300 should fit unobtrusively beneath any TV its likely to be paired with.

Inside that inconspicuous form factor lurks some of Bose’s latest sound enhancement wizardry, including its QuietPort and PhaseGuide technologies.

These are said to increase bass output and perceived soundstage width, respectively. Another clue as to one of this soundbar’s key features lies in its moniker:

All SoundTouch labeled devices are enabled with Bose’s wireless multi-room connectivity platform. Wireless surround speakers, called Virtually Invisible 300, can also be added if you’re looking to go that route.


After following the quick start guide’s instructions to make the requisite connections, powering on the soundbar, and pairing the bass module, we decided that, for this Bose SoundTouch 300 review

Though we got the pair pair up and running fairly quickly —total time from out of the box until playback was less than 20 minutes, including reading the quick start guides

The setup program did an excellent job of optimizing virtual surround effects and channel levels, but it did little to smooth out various room-related bass lumps and bumps.

Moreover, it seemed to heavily accentuate the low to mid treble octave from about 2.5kHz to 5kHz, regardless of where we placed the soundbar or the mic


We expect Bose products to deliver a big sound, and this soundbar and sub combo did not disappoint.

Visitors on more than one occasion had to confirm that the sound was indeed coming from the SoundTouch and not our widely spaced, floorstanding speaker setup.

Better still, the 300’s soundfield did more than just expand across the front wall. It wrapped completely around us, on both movies and TV, in highly convincing fashion and with plenty of height and depth.

Thanks to audio captured during first person camera shots from within the cockpit, we felt fully immersed in the racing around us and dangerously close to the screeching tires and the ultra-loud roar of the high-octane engines.



  • Vocal sound thin, harsh and sibilant
  • Midrange/low treble instruments can sound tinny and bright
  • Only two wired inputs

Out of the Box

Pulling the SoundTouch from its box resulted in a tactile pleasure rarely experienced with a soundbar. Its slimline yet hefty 10.4-lb. form surprised us with its refined and inert design.

The smooth, perforated metal grille and polished glass top sheet invited us to run our hands over its aesthetically pleasing contours.

It features the same polished glass top and rounded edges as the SoundTouch, though not its metal casework.

Still, its compact yet ultra-dense form shows that Bose has packed some serious muscle into this sub. If high build quality is your jam, you’ll love the SoundTouch and Acoustimass combo.

Other items inside the SoundTouch 300’s box include a universal remote control, ADAPTiQ calibration headset, an HDMI cable, one optical cable, a pair of AAA batteries, user manuals, and a power cord.

Sound Quality

Generally, subwoofers  divided into two categories. You have ones for movies, and ones for music. It’s really challenging to create a subwoofer that is suitable for both.

Movies demand punchy, explosive bass that is recreated realistically. Music, on the other hand, demands accuracy and the ability to recreate multiple harmonic tones at once.

When we saw that this subwoofer was being promoted for both uses, we were a little worried. However, the Acoustimass 300 manages to handle both roles competently.

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