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Bushnell Neo Ion Rangefinder Watch 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits

Bushnell Neo Ion Rangefinder Watch 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits. 

Bushnell Neo Ion Rangefinder Watch: Within this review, we’ll discuss the advantages of owning a Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Rangefinder Watch, Among the criteria that we’ll be using will also be appearance, durability, and price-point. 

Bushnell Neo Ion Rangefinder Watch

What’s it all About? 

Whilst they are more widely known for their lasers, Bushnell is also getting a name for lightweight and competitively priced GPS devices and the latest to hit your wrist is the Neo iON watch. 

The sporty look in a choice of three colors makes it one of the better-looking GPS watches in the market and one that does not look out of place off the course either. 

With the added options of a pedometer to measure steps and an odometer to measure distance.

However, it is golf that the Neo iON has been designed for, and for these types of watches, it is about average depth and lightweight at just 51 grams. 

The Neo iON is charged in an hour or two using a supplied USB cable that has its own connector that snaps into place very easily. 

What More? 

The longer battery life of three rounds will please the more unorganized golfer who forgets to recharge their device after playing.

Out of the box, it comes fully charged and there’s no need to sync it up to your computer.

It will automatically move holes as you do and on the odd occasion it doesn’t, one push of a button will set you right. 

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But the most useful feature,  (which proved to be very accurate, by the way) is the hazard and dogleg information. 

It also gives you a clearer picture in your mind of the shots required to play the hole correctly. 

It is also one of the comfiest GPS watches to wear. The soft, flexible strap means you can achieve a snug fit without feeling uncomfortable.

The charging clip makes restoring full power a simple task.


  • Easy To Use 
  • Accurate 
  • Compact 
  • Fast 
  • Lots Of Features 


  • Short Battery Life 
  • Heavy / Bulky 

 Best Uses 

  • Longer Distances 
  • Shorter Distances 
  • Weekend Rounds 
  • Tournament Play 

Quality, Comfort, and Durability 

There are many methods you can use to gauge the distance between where you’re standing and your next shot, and some are more effective than others. 

You don’t have nearly as much hassle as these other methods. You also get a suite of other features designed into it. 

It’s a small, intuitive device that sits comfortably on your wrist.

Intuitive Auto-Pilot Technology 

In terms of advanced capabilities, you can get an accurate calculation of the distance of your next shot and it also provides up to four layup or hazard distances.

What makes it even easier to use is the fact that you can automatically advance to the next hole. 

Personal Experience

This is my first Bushnell GPS golf watch and I love that it not only gives me yardages to the front, center, and back of greens but also to the front and back of hazards.

Final Thoughts 

Final thoughts

The Bushnell Neo iON is ideal for this as well as being an entry-level GPS watch that does the basics well without getting distracted by gimmicks that don’t add much value. 

Whilst there may be the odd grumble here and there, these are outweighed by the ease of use, clever touches like the auto on/off, and the styling which makes it one of the best looking GPS watches around. 

The Bushnell Neo Ion is designed to be easy to use as well as fit comfortably on your wrist.

The Bushnell Neo iON GPS watch represents excellent value for money. It is light and comfortable to wear and can be worn seamlessly on and off the course.

Best of all, it’s covered by an impressive 12 month warranty period that covers you in case of any defects.