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Canon DM-E1 Directional Microphone 2021 Updated Review

Canon DM-E1 Directional Microphone: Helping to enhance audio quality when recording video with your digital camera, the DM-E1 Directional Microphone from Canon is an external microphone offering a range of directional control, including a dedicated shotgun setting as well as switchable 90° and 120° stereo settings.

Canon DM-E1 Directional Microphone 2020 Updated Review

What’s the Canon DM-E1 Directional Microphone 

The Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1 features a shotgun design and delivers high-quality movie sound. It is easily mounted on the hot shoe and connects into the 3.5 mm microphone socket of an extensive range of compatible EOS cameras.
Capture rich and realistic sound, such as the entire tonal range of a music performance – from the high frequencies of violins and flutes to the low frequencies of double basses and bass guitars – with a 50 Hz to 16 kHz pick up range. A sensitivity of -42 dB lets you record even the quietest sounds. 

What’s More? 

Record clear, high-quality sound without unwanted noise, a bundled windshield cover, significantly reduces outdoor wind noise; and a 66 dB S/N (signal/noise) ratio that means less noise from background interference.

A compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry the microphone with you wherever you go. 

A lightweight button type lithium battery keeps weight to a minimum. 

Features of Canon DM-E1


Shotgun and Stereo (90°/120°) directional controls can be easily adjusted using the directivity switch for use in a variety of shooting situations. 

Compatible with select Canon EOS series digital cameras

Included Wind Screen helps reduce peripheral sound from wind and other outside noise. 

Shock mount construction helps reduce camera operation noise and lens driver sounds. 

Frequency response of 50 Hz to 16 kHz. 

Power check lamp allows the user to conveniently check the status of the life of the built-in battery. 


Advantages of Canon DM-E1

External microphone offers enhanced audio quality as well as greater recording control to render more dynamic video productions. 

Three separate pickup settings are available to suit a variety of shooting needs:

  • Shotgun is a monaural recording mode that picks up a narrow band of sound in front of the camera.
  • 90° stereo recording mode is suitable for a single subject and adds some audio context to the sides to suit recording small groups of people. 
  • 120° stereo recording mode offers a wider angle of sound that is ideal for recording larger groups.

This microphone is compatible with select EOS digital cameras that have a dedicated movie recording mode and an external mic jack. 

The included windscreen helps to reduce peripheral sound from wind or other ambient sounds for cleaner, more focused playback. Additionally, the microphone has an integrated shock mount construction to reduce camera and lens operation noise. 

A frequency range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz can accurately capture a wide variety of sounds.

Rather than using the camera’s battery, this microphone incorporates its own power source to offer longer continuous recording times.

The included CR2032 button-type lithium cell battery is easily replaceable and a power check lamp is featured on the mic body for checking battery level status.

Additionally, when connected to a camera, the microphone will be automatically turned on or off in conjunction with the camera’s own on/off switch. 



The Canon DM-E1 Directional Microphone provides an opportunity to take advantage of a higher quality microphone in a variety of situations.

If you’re using a compatible EOS digital camera with a microphone jack and want to record intimate interviews as well as live concerts, it will work well for you.

Overall, it seems to be built well and provide plenty of performance upgrades.

Frequently Asked Question

What microphone is highly directional?

Shotgun microphones are the most directional mics on the market. The general shotgun polar pattern is shown below. Sometimes this is called the lobar pattern if the microphone exhibits side lobes (a side ring) of sensitivity. The shotgun pattern often resembles the above pattern without the side lobes.

What is microphone in camera?

What is an on-camera microphone? An on-camera microphone is a special kind of mic that’s been designed to work well with a camcorder or a video-enabled DSLR camera. It’s typically lightweight (to help keep the overall weight of the camera low), and often features the ability to mount to the shoe of a camera.

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