Cassia Hub Bluetooth Router 2020 Latest Updated Review

Cassia Hub Bluetooth Router 2020 Latest Updated Review.

Cassia Hub Bluetooth Route with BlueStream builds on the capabilities of the existing Cassia Hub, to the point that BlueStream is available as an update for previous models.Cassia Hub Bluetooth Router 2020 Latest Updated Review.

The feature allows Cassia Hub owners to set up a wireless multiroom system using any speaker they own, new or old no special BlueStream compatibility is needed in the speaker.

The beauty of the Cassia Hub is that it allows you control up to 22 Bluetooth devices at the same time. Using the hub also increases the Bluetooth range to up to 1000

Cassia Hub – The Bluetooth Router

Access all of your Bluetooth devices and gadgets from a greater distance with Cassia Hub, the Bluetooth router. Working much like a Wi-Fi router, this hub extends the range of your Bluetooth connection up to 1,000 feet in open air and through up to three walls.

No more moving your favorite speaker from room to room – you can access it from all over the house. Amazingly, the Cassia Hub can connect up to 22 Bluetoothdevices simultaneously.

Because it also connects to your Wi-Fi router, the Cassia Hub allows you to control your Bluetooth device and gadgets even when you’re out of the house.

The Cassia app bridges the physical gap between you and your devices by acting as a control panel for each one. Redefine your Bluetooth access with the Cassia Hub.


After unpacking all the devices, the first thing you hook up is the Cassia Hub. The hub offers both wireless and Ethernet connections.

It is recommended you plug-in the Ethernet cable to Cassia Hub and then into your router for setup. Once you complete the setup, you can then move over to a wireless connection.

We did test trying to setup the Cassia Hub up on a wireless connection and it did not work. There were no issues when we connected the Hub via Ethernet connection

Cassia Smart Plug is controlled through the app and you can create scenes.

This process is a little tougher than other smart home device apps but we were able to get the right scene scheduled.

We added to the scene Cassia Smart LED bulb and we had no issues. Next up we started connecting Cassia speakers.

Cassia Hub is not only a good smart home hub but can also be your smart connected entertainment center. We had no issues connecting Cassia Bluetooth speakers to the Cassia Hub.

Here are the specs for Cassia Speakers:

Here are the specs for Cassia Speakers:

  • Speaker color = White
  • Size = Width – 2.56 in., Length – 2.56 in., Height – 6.30 in.
  • Weight = 2 lbs. (approx.)
  • Bluetooth profiles supported = A2DP, HFP, HSP, and ACRCP.
  • Output power = 3W x 2
  • Frequency response = 90Hz~20KHz
  • Sensitivity = 90dB
  • Rechargeable battery = 2600mAh
  • Water resistance = IPX 5 waterproof guarding
  • Service & Support = 1-year limited warranty

Using Cassia Bluetooth Speakers

Using Cassia Bluetooth Speakers

Since there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market, you can either use your own or Cassia’s speakers to get the sound you want from your favorite music source. In the Cassia app, you will see BlueStream.

This is a service that allows you to play music using all your favorite music streaming apps from your Bluetooth enabled devices.

Just make sure you enable it in the app and then go to your smartphone settings to make sure you pair Cassia BlueStream. Once completed, you are good to go and stream music from any source on your computer.

You can also stream local audio files from your smartphone as well as from SoundCloud. (Also in the app.)

Note you need to pick one source though. You can’t stream music to one Cassia Speaker using your computer and then another music source from your smartphone to the other Cassia speaker.

Overall, streaming music to Cassia Speakers is a nice and easy to use feature.

Using Cassia Speakers with Amazon Echo Dot


One of the fastest selling new smart home devices is Amazon Echo and its little brother, Amazon Echo Dot.

One of the biggest differences between Amazon Echo and Echo Dot besides the cost (about $130) is the Dot doesn’t have a speaker.

If you buy the Echo Dot and want to play music using Amazon Alexa, you need to pair your Dot with a Bluetooth speaker. We tested pairing Cassia speakers with an Amazon Echo Dot.

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