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Check Out This Bluetooth Amplifier Review and Buying Guide

Check Out This Bluetooth Amplifier Review and Buying Guide.

Looking for a great musical experience free from cumbersome wiring and connections? Then you must focus on buying a Bluetooth Amplifier. Bluetooth amplifiers are popular because they are easy to carry, easy to connect, and easy to operate.

The 4 Best Bluetooth Amplifiers Review and Buying Guide

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity in modern amplifiers lets you stream your music directly through your Bluetooth amplifier.

This eliminates the need of having an expensive speaker unit. The only thing you need to do is to connect them with a Bluetooth-enabled device like your laptops, smartphone, tablets, etc.

Check out some amazing Bluetooth Amplifiers to buy below

1. Sony STRDH190 2-CH Stereo Bluetooth Audio Amplifier

SONY without any doubt is the world’s best brand in the field of electronic items. If you are willing to pay a high price then there is no other brand that can match the quality of SONY Products.

Their STRDH190 2-CH HOME stereo receiver is another such product.

Its in-built Bluetooth allows you to stream music from your tabs, smartphones laptops, etc. But it also has 4 analog input ports that allow you to play music from your turntable or cd player with a phono input.

It also has 3.5mm AUX INPUT using which you can connect your phone/laptop physically to it.

Enabled with A/B switching you can connect 2pair of speakers to it. You can also switch between A and B to play speakers separately in 2 different rooms or you can play all 4 speakers at once in the same room with A+B mode.

STRDH190-2 amplifier is equipped with a HI-RES AUDIO that makes you feel the music like the artist himself is performing in front of you.

It has a high capacity transformer that gives you clear sound without any distortion. Its reformed design reduces transmitted vibrations from the speaker sound pressure and gives you more focused and powerful sound.

You also get an FM radio feature in this amplifier. It comes with 30 preset radio channels for you. Its remote-control feature allows you to change audio settings from distance making you less tired and more comfortable.


  • Type: 2 channel amplifier
  • Input: Bluetooth/4 RCA Inputs/3.5mm aux input
  • Impedance: 6-16ohm
  • Max power o/p: 100 watts x 2
  • Work Voltage: AC 120-230 v
  • Special feature: Remote control, FM antenna


  • High power output
  • Remote control feature
  • Automatically connects to paired Bluetooth devices.
  • Fm tuner automatically pulls channels in your area.


  • Heavyweight and large size
  • Expensive in cost.

2. Fosi Audio Store BT10A Bluetooth Amplifier

Founded in 2008 FOSI AUDIO sells you their high-quality audio amplifiers at favorable prices. They strictly adhere to ISO-9001 quality norms which make their products durable and require the lowest repair-related costs.


FOSI products are exclusively designed for those customers who wish to pursue hi-fi music. FOSI BT10A amplifier does the same work.

It has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version that gives you a large operating range of 39ft. It has a TPA3116D2 chip that provides you with crystal clear audio.

This chip also eliminates any nuisance noise from the speaker while your music is playing.

You can connect it with your music streaming devices like pc/mobile/laptop either with Bluetooth connection or 3.5MM AUX CABLE.

It has a compact size and you can plug it to play on your computer/bookshelf/ desktop speakers. You can connect the speakers with help of bare wires/banana plugs/spade lugs/pin terminators.

With bass and treble control knobs you can set the desired output of music according to your wish. It generates harmonic distortions of less than 0.04% that gives you clear music.

It is smartly designed with built-in circuitry that generates zero sparks when you plug it to play. This makes it a safer device for you to use.


  • Type: Class D, 2 channel amplifier
  • Input: Bluetooth and aux 3.5 cable
  • Impedance: 2-8 ohm
  • Max power o/p: 2x 50watts(100watts max)
  • Work Voltage: AC 110-240 volt


  • Offers you the latest Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Bass and treble control gives you better sound quality.
  • The small size makes it easy to handle.
  • Low harmonic distortion


  • Remote control feature missing.
  • Less power output.
  • Low Bluetooth range.

3. Dual Electronics DBTMA100 Bluetooth Amplifier

Dual electronics is a subsidiary of South Korea-based SAMSUNG CORPORATION founded in 1965.

Over the years it has established itself as a leading provider in the field of audio/video products for home, car, marine, and aviation applications.

Bluetooth Amplifiers

Their DBTMA100 Amplifier is liked by customers as it connects very easily to your mobile/pc/tablet/laptop via Bluetooth 4.2 connection.

It also remembers your previously connected devices that help in the quick pairing of your amplifier with your music streaming device.

It has a long-range of 100ft that allows you to stream your music from a large distance as compared to other brands.

DBTMA100 is made specifically for their LU43 OR LU53 Dual brand speakers that let you stream music from the speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth connection.

It comes with an illuminated heat sink and a front panel that has bass and treble control knobs for controlling the output of music from your speakers.

This illuminated panel also attracts the visitor’s eyes visiting your home by adding beauty to your room.


  • Type: Class D, 2 channel amplifier
  • Input: Bluetooth and 3.5mm Aux input
  • Impedance: 4-8 ohm
  • Max power o/p: 25watt x 2rms(100watts max)
  • Work Voltage: AC 110-230 volt
  • Power adapter: 15-24DC
  • Special feature: contains Bluetooth antenna


  • Remembers previously Bluetooth paired devices.
  • Long Bluetooth range of 100ft.
  • Bass and treble control gives you better sound quality.


  • Remote control feature missing.
  • Lesser warranty than fosi brand.

Buying Guide For Bluetooth Amplifier

Will you be buying a Bluetooth amplifier soon? If yes, then you must be wondering what things you need to focus on before buying your Bluetooth amplifier.

Bluetooth Amplifiers

Don’t worry you can rely on our buying guide in this article to help you make the right choice. When shopping for the best Bluetooth amplifier, you should consider the following points to make the most out of your purchase.

Watts of Amplifier:

Watts of Amplifier simply means the maximum output power which your amplifier can generate. This is the most important factor to consider.

As it guides you on how many speakers you can run from your Bluetooth amplifier. The total output power of your amplifier must be greater than the sum of power required by all the speakers you are going to connect to the amplifier.


Bluetooth Version:

If you are buying a Bluetooth amplifier then your focus should be on the fact that which Bluetooth version is used in your amplifier.

Buying an obsolete Bluetooth version will create problems like difficulty in pairing, less range of connectivity, and many more.

So, our advice for you will be to buy the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Version. You can also go for the 4.2 version of Bluetooth. Both of these provide you good connectivity range, easy pairing, and stable connection.

Treble and Bass Control:

Bass tells you how thick is the music and treble lets you control the frequency of your music from 2khz to 20khz which tells how clear your music will sound.

But not all Bluetooth amplifiers come with bass and treble control knobs so always go for the amplifier which gives you this feature. This will let you get the output of music quality you wish to listen to.

Remote Control Feature:

If you feel tired to reach your Bluetooth amplifier every time you wish to change some settings. Then you should go for this feature.

This will let you alter all the settings of your amplifier from the comforts of your sofa. But this feature will add to the overall cost of your Bluetooth Amplifier.