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CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall 2020 Detailed Review

CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall 2020 Detailed Review. 

CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall: We count on being connected to the Internet every day, for work and play. But our information is only as secure as our Internet security system. And that’s where the powerful CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall comes in.

It’s a newly released product that’s been designed from head to toe to offer network protection against malware, viruses, and other threats within your connected home or office. Today we’re going to take a look at it and determine everything that it has to offer, what kind of security it brings, and how it gets the job done. 


CUJO is a smart Internet security firewall that comes with oversight from experts. As a firewall, it will secure all devices that connect to your WiFi router at home. It detects and blocks viruses and other malicious code, and also looks for a sign of human-generated attacks (hacking). It also keeps your devices from connecting to malicious sites which can be used as part of attacks against you and your family. 

Hackers try to lure you into visiting malicious sites so they can easily sneak code into the site and from their onto your computer via webpage/browser attacks.

This attack works against your smart TV’s, your phones, tablets, connected cameras, and many other IoT type devices. If these devices are connected to your WiFi they need to be protected by a managed, always up to date device like CUJO. 

CUJO can also be configured to enable parental controls so you can help keep young ones away from places inappropriate for their age. You can also decide to limit other sites, you are in control. 

It is easy to configure CUJO. You plug it into your router and after establishing a secure channel that only you can access you can now control it from your tablet or smartphone. 

How It Works 

The only thing you’ll need to install the CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall is an Ethernet cable. Connect one end to the CUJO and the other end to your Internet router, modem, or wireless extender. Download the CUJO app to your iOS or Android phone to walk you through the rest of the setup. 

You can connect all of your devices, electronics, and appliances that access the Internet. Be sure to okay notifications from the CUJO app on your phone. This way, you’ll be immediately alerted to any suspicious activity on your network, from hacking attempts to malware intrusions.

Through the app, users can block or allow, if necessary, any Internet traffic you recognize even if it’s flagged. You can overrule CUJO at any time. 

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CUJO Eyes 

The eyes you see on the device are not there just to make it look like a cute robot, but they serve as an indicator.  When all four eyelids light up, that means that the device has detected a new threat. 

When only the two upper eyelids light up, it means that your CUJO is connected and is working properly.  Also when the device is disconnected or offline, only the lower eyelids are lit. 

Finally, when the eyes are blinking, it means that it is getting a firmware update or is processing something internally.  When the eyes are blinking, you should not turn the device off. 

The Mobile App 

The Mobile App 

You would need to download the CUJO mobile app to activate your device.  Plus points go to CUJO for making their app visually stunning and easy to use.  Every screen looks like an Instagram post and everything is very intuitive. 

The mobile app automatically identifies all the devices connected to your network and gives each a name that you could easily identify, such as a router, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 7, MacBook Air, and others. 

One of the most useful features of the mobile app is the notification.  If CUJO detects something wrong, you will be notified about it via the mobile app. 

On top of the alerts, it also allows you to see all threats that were detected and blocked.  Looking at the Events tab, you can see what threats were detected for a particular device on your network and the date and time it was detected. 

After you get an alert, you can use the mobile app to stop the device from accessing your Internet connection until such time that you can physically access the device to correct the situation. 


CUJO requires a monthly or annual subscription, which includes automatic updates of the unit. The smartphone app is free. There is no web or online interface for CUJO. The monthly subscription is $8.99 or you can sign up for a year at $99. The CUJO unit itself retails for just under $250. At this time, CUJO comes with a 180-day free trial of the subscription service. 

The Final Verdict 

The Final Verdict 

Securing all your devices is a must in today’s connected world.  Hackers are a real threat and the amount of damage they could do when they get into your network, your laptop, and smartphone can range from damaging your reputation to you getting blackmailed, to even losing your savings. 

The CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall shows us that it is not enough to just install an antivirus or antimalware software.  And it makes your network security very simple.  You just plug it, setup, and wait for it to alert you when something’s afoot. 

It is like having your own IT guy doing nothing but checking on your network’s security and then asking you what you want to do every time it detects something.