Dali Spektor 2: Everything You Should Know About the Speakers

On paper, there’s little to differentiate Dali’s new Spektor 2s from any of their main rivals. These speakers stick to the classic budget stand mounter formula like Superglue sticks to fingers.  There’s everything we would expect from a typical £200 box here, from two-way driver configuration and ported bass tuning right the way through to the 25mm dome tweeter and 13cm mid/bass driver.

Dali Spektor 2

But as with any dish, culinary or (in this case) acoustic, the list of ingredients only tells you so much – and those familiar with Dali will know it has something of a talent for budget boxes.

Dali Spektor 2: Short Description

It’s exciting to test the latest super speakers. But no matter how groundbreaking high-end technologies may be, they are reserved for the few.

Dali Spektor 2 is aimed at anyone who may need a pair of speakers.

They are so compact and cheap that they can fit into any budget – and any living room or student dormitory.

Dali Spektor 2 is a classic no-nonsense compact speaker in the economy class in every way.

A 5.25 ″ bass/midrange with Dali’s wood fiber membrane and a 1 ″ dome tweeter in a bass-reflex cabinet that is a little smaller than a shoebox.

The cabinet is beautiful and discreet, and it pleases the heart of an old hi-fi nerd that, in addition to the ultra-anonymous black ash finish, they are available in good old-fashioned walnut (delook).

At the back, you will find a small bass reflex port and a terminal with banana/screw terminals.

They are of a quality that costs a fiver pair in China, but brilliant in a speaker at this price.

Due to its size and price, Dali Spektor 2 is perfect for small premises. It is easy to find space on the shelf, but it will perform at its best on a stand, away from reflective surfaces.

With half a meter to the back wall and a listening position correspondingly close to the opposite wall, bass reproduction is achieved that matches the other tone areas.

Dali Spektor 2

Dali Spektor 2: Presentation

For those who are not familiar with Dali, the Danish brand was founded by Peter Lyngdorf in 1983 and proudly designs and manufactures its drivers and speakers in Denmark.

The company is very productive and boasts a catalog featuring nine different speaker ranges.

The Spektor series is a budget range fitted with custom-made drivers designed specifically for each speaker.

Dali has always been very open about the fact that designing their own drivers with a precise type of speaker in mind makes electronic filtering a lot easier.

In other words, by mastering the response curve, impedance and phase, fewer components are necessary, thereby lowering production cost and offering the key advantage of minimal signal deterioration.

In addition, the soundstage gains incoherence and the speakers are easier to drive.


Sound Quality of Dali Spektor

Playing jazz bass legend Stanley Clarke’s dazzlingly potent mini-concept track, Combat Continuum, the Spektor 2’s exuberant sense of life and pace is immediately apparent.

And It isn’t just that it has more treble energy than most, but there’s also greater clarity and intensity.

It bests most for bass power and extension, too. It might become a bit too aggressive and in your face at party levels, but most of the time it simply sounds open, detailed, and dynamic.

This is something of a double-edged sword with the simple piano, voice, and strings of Diana Krall’s Desperado, drilling deeper into the recording so that her enunciation becomes still clearer, the grand piano’s sustain is richer and more reverberant and the massed violins sound more like individual instruments possessing greater harmonic structure.

But the warmth and silkiness that the song depends on to really hook you in is just a little lacking.

What the Spektor 2 makes of Boz Scaggs’ blues number The Feeling Is Gone from album Out Of The Blues, however, is quite remarkable.

The great man has seldom sounded more adenoidal or soulful and the song simply thunders out with huge energy and drive, sounding improbably massive given the size of the speaker.

The Spektor 2’s ability to track a rhythm and keep its finger on the pulse of the music is right on the money.

For sheer brio and musical involvement, it’s certainly going to be hard to beat.

Dali Spektor 2

Soft Dome Tweeter

Dali Spektor 2 has the power to render high-frequency nuances with great precision; short forays but with high acceleration, it uses low moving mass and a rigid motor.

The Dali tweeter is constructed from a very lightweight weaved fabric and like most soft dome tweeters is below half the weight; 0.056mg per mm squared.

Dali’s tweeter is impressively capable of playing even elusive lows in the high-frequency range with no disintegration.

This is vital when processing transference from the woofer to the tweeter. This gives a smooth conversion and maintenance of every nuance in the mid-range.

Wood Fibre Woofer

A proven Dali trademark technology, the wood fiber cone membrane is built from a combination of fine-grained paper and wood fiber pulp for structural rigidity, agility, and coarseness of the membrane that prevents undesired surface resonances.

Merging the wood fiber cone with the spider suspension and low-loss rubber surround leads to the unfiltered imitation of the tiniest micro-detail with high precision.

The cabinet is designed for peak power and airflow.

The structure prevents internal vibrations and the improved airflow around the cone area unhindered movement offering the ability to convert most of the amplifier’s energy into movement.

The woofer is developed specifically for Spektor 2 with even the angle of the cone and size of the dust cap being designed for superior assimilation, diffusion, and performance.

Our Final Words on This

In terms of price, Dali Spektor 2 is in the class just above the supermarket’s offer shelves, but it has much more to offer.

With a solid amplifier to kick life into it, you get a speaker that sounds both bigger and deeper than it is. The nice and nuanced midrange suits acoustic music perfectly, but it has enough bass to play rock – in a smaller room.

Although both sound pressure and overview are limited, the Spector 2 is an outstanding small speaker, which can give a taste of hi-fi to the first stereo system. BUY HERE

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