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Deep Dream L1 vs. Koogeek Fingerprint Padlock 2020 Latest Updated Review

Deep Dream L1 vs. Koogeek Fingerprint Padlock 2020 Latest Updated Review

The Koogeek Fingerprint Lock includes Siri voice control, allowing you to command the lock to open from your smartphone

Koogeek Fingerprint Padlock in Review

The Koogeek Fingerprint Padlock has a couple of distinct advantages. It’s got style on its side for certain. It’s hard to deny this is one of the prettier and more distinctive locks out there right now.

The gray and black design looks modern, professional, and a tad intimidating.

And actually using the locking mechanism is pretty simple sand straightforward. Even though things are simple, inside you’;ll find a pretty solid battery.

That means you don’t end up having to spend much time thinking about the management of the lock.

Material Quality & Design

How does Koogeek lock when it comes to its security features? For the most part, things look pretty standard. This lock is about 4.5 x 4.5 x 2 inches, making it fairly compact.

Though it does weigh about half of a pound because there’s steel involved with its construction.

The Deep Dream L1 makes use of a particularly thick quarter-inch locking mechanism.

That mechanism is made from steel, while the rest of the chassis is build out of a combination of aluminium and zinc alloy.

It’s a pretty sturdy design.

Interface & Battery

After about two hours of charging, the Koogeek Fingerprint lock is able to operate for about a year.

Though that does partially depending on how often you actually use the lock.

For people who are making frantic use of the lock on a daily basis, a worse case scenario for recharging it might be 6-months.

And for people who are making lighter use, slightly more than 1-year is likely what you can expect. Not bad!

Koogeek Fingerprint Padlock

Because they’ve used a decently sized 280mAh cell, you’re supposed to expect around thirty thousand interactions before the battery needs to be recharged.

That makes this lock fairly suitable for protecting bikes, furniture, and other valuables.

Want to know who was the last person to open the lock? The app keeps track of that for the past 100 interactions.

You can also organize some instant alerts to be sent to whatever device has the app installed on it.

That might include your smartphone, tablet, or whatever. Pretty cool.

Deep Dream L1 in Review

In the ways that count, the Deep Dream L1 is like a very basic padlock.

One that just happens to have fingerprint support. In fact, this lock doesn’t seem like it’s seen any significant improvements in some time.

Once you figure out how to make an effective lock, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel that often.

The DeepDream L1 does offer a couple of unique features though.

For starters, it can interact with Siri. Additionally, it has one of the larger battery capacities of basically any fingerprint lock similar to this one.

And when it comes to its ability to hold up against attack things remain pretty sturdy.

Physical Construction

The Deep Dream L1 is more compact than most locks of this type, stretching 1.1 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches.

The extended 3.5″ height is a consequence of the latching mechanism, which almost doubles the total length of the lock.

Looking at its material construction, the outer lock is mostly a lightweight aluminium shell, which is protecting the internal zinc alloy chassis.

And that internal shell covers the steel locking mechanism.

So even though it’s lightweight, this lock is also fundamentally very strong.

App Interface & Battery

The fingerprint reader also has a tiny LED that lets you know what’s going on with the battery, and what’s going on with each access request to the machine.

If your fingerprint is rejected, it will show a red light.

If it’s charging, it will show a red light. And it will show blue to let you know that you’ve been admitted, or that the charging as completed.

The battery itself is actually pretty sturdy as well.

Similar to the Koogeek Fingerprint Padlock, it’s able cooperate off a single charge for the better part of a year.

Ease of Use

The Deep Dream L1 was made with its own ID chip, allowing you to enter your fingerprints from any direction or orientation. You don’t have to line-up your fingers or nothing.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

And that really cuts down on the time needed to interact with the lock, so the whole thing feels more streamlined.

If you end up installing the lock in an orientation where your hands aren’t necessarily aligned with the lock right away, this chip can be very convenient.