Defender 4K Wired Security System 2020 Latest Updated Review

Defender 4K Wired Security System 2020 Latest Updated Review

The Defender 4K is aimed at the competent home DIYer or small business owner that wants a professional all-in-one CCTV system at a budget price

Safe, simple, reliableb and it requires access to an AC power source, and this system is only compatible with our 4K surveillance cameras and accessories.


Unbeatable Image Quality

When something happens, you need all the details. With 4K (8MP) ultra-HD you’ll have full clarity with 4x the resolution of 1080P, when it matters most.

Instant Insight

Stay connected to your home or business with remote live viewing and instant motion notifications right from your phone.

Whether you’re checking in on a package delivery, or looking back to make sure your shop is locked up, get instant access to your live feed from the free Defender 24-7 App.

Truly 24/7

With clear night vision up to 130 ft and IP67 rated weather resistant cameras, day or night, rain or shine, Defender will keep watch when you can’t be there.

Save & Share

Did something happen? Simply save any footage right on your phone and share with friends, family or the police.

Initial Setup

Setting up the software side of things is relatively simple, but it’s during the initial set up that you’ll notice some of the quirks of the generic CCTV operating system that Defender uses. Keep the quick start guide to hand.

On the first screen, you’re required to create an IP camera authorization code. As the quick start guides notes, this isn’t actually used on this system, as you can only connect the included wired analog cameras.

But you still need to create a code, and it needs to follow certain rules of minimum length and alphanumeric characters.

After set up, you’ll notice an Analytics icon on the main menu, complete with a shiny “New” tag, encouraging you to click on it. Don’t bother: Analytics is only available for IP cameras. Which aren’t compatible with this device.

Defender 24/7 App

The app for the Defender 4K system is called “Defender 24/7” in the store. You may come across Defender HD while searching; this is only for the last generation model and isn’t compatible with this device.

The Defender 24/7 app is best described as bare-bones, with a simple interface to view the camera feeds or scan through recorded events–and not much else.

it does feel like a no-frills afterthought though. You can’t access any further configuration options of the DVR from the app, so while it works as a basic remote monitoring tool, it isn’t a replacement for connecting a monitor.

If the app is going to be your primary interaction with the system, there are perhaps better options out there for you.

video Quality And Field Of View

4K resolution is the highest I’ve seen in a home security system yet, and it really shows. You can zoom in and still have a good quality picture.

Images are crystal clear, with good colors and contrast out of the box

This is really the most important for a CCTV system: it’s no good capturing a grainy image of someone.

defender 4k sample video frame

View the sample footage in the review video

It’s passable, but not nearly on par with the 4K daytime footage. I’ve seen better quality night time recordings from lower resolution cameras that have more IR LEDs.

The other consideration with these cameras is that they’re not wide-angle, so the field of view is quite small.

The screenshot below shows a comparison between a Reolink RLC511 (5MP resolution), and the Defender 4K (8MP) camera, positioned next to each other.

What’s In The Box?

Inside the plain packaging you’ll find a value-packed bundle consisting of:

  • A Digital Video Recorder with 1TB hard drive pre-installed.
  • 4 x Defender 4K wired analog cameras.
  • 4 x 60ft/18.2m BNC+DC cables.
  • An HDMI and Ethernet cable.
  • A USB mouse for operating the DVR
  • Power adaptors, mounting templates, quick start guide, and screws.

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