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Denon Avc-X3700h Review, Features, Specifications, and Expectations

Are you planning to buy a top-of-the-line AV receiver? There are many different types of products available today. You need to choose the best one that fulfills your exact needs.

Denon Avc-X3700h

Is Denon Avc-X3700h a smart choice? With a successful track record of more than 100 years, Denon offers AV receivers, Hi-Fi systems, speakers, headphones, and many other products.

Now the question is whether Denon Avc-X3700h lives up to your home theater expectations or not.

This Denon Avc-X3700h review explores all aspects with an unbiased approach. Read this review to make an informed buying decision.

Denon Avc-X3700h Features

The AVC-X3700H is perhaps the company’s 2020 model with most to lose, its predecessor having been named Product of the Year at the What Hi-Fi? Awards not 12 months ago, so it was paramount Denon took care while adding its new technologies.

Denon Avc-X3700h Build

Thanks to HEOS and Apple AirPlay 2 connectivity, there’s lots you can do without physically interacting with the AVC-X3700H; as well as unlocking multi-room capabilities, they enable use with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri.

But manually using these Denon amplifiers is part of what makes them so great.

There is a remote control, which is fairly standard for the product at this price – everything you need and fairly robust – but it is about twisting those big round dials, which offer just enough resistance to satisfy without it being tough.

It’s a testament to the AVC-X3700H’s bomb-proof build, and the sense you get from the moment you strain to lift it out of the box that you are getting more than your money’s worth.


3D Audio Support on Denon Avc-X3700h

You can expect full 3D audio support with this AV receiver model.

No matter whether you prefer 3D audio with IMAX Enhanced, DTS Virtual: X, DTS: X, or Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization; you can have a fully immersive listening experience.

Denon Avc-X3700h

Forget about the speaker configuration method when you use Denon AVR X3700H.

Providing support up to 9 channels of amplification and 11.2 channels processing, it takes the listening experience to a new level.

You can fill-in an additional 2 channels and create a 7.2.4 Atmos theater by adding a 2-channel power amplifier. It refines the 3D user experience further.

Audio Quality

The receiver supports the usual Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object oriented audio tracks but along with these we get support for up-mixing and virtual technology features in order to cover all needs and specific room configurations.

When it comes to up-mixing tech we find the usual Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X.

What these up-mixing tech are doing is to up-convert stereo and legacy mixes in order to make use of all the speakers you have in your setup.

As for virtual tech the Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization and DTS Virtual:X are capable of creating sounds that originate from virtual created speakers around your room where there are no physical speakers present.

This virtual tech obviously is not as good and accurate as having real physical speakers and are very much room dependent.

Also the sound many times can be heard very over-processed something we were never very fond of.

If there is anything missing here that would be Auro-3D as this is kept for the higher tier releases.

The only addition compared to the X2700H is that the X3700H has IMAX Enhanced support but material for this is not very widespread yet.

The X3700H comes with 9 channels of built-in amplification and each channel can pump 105 watts of power (8 ohm, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch drive).

Keep in mind that this is only for 2 channels driven meaning that when all 9 channels are active this number goes down considerably.

You have the ability to go all the way to 11 channels but for that you will need an external amp to drive the last two channels.

With the built-in amplifiers, you can go all the way for a 5.2.4 channels audio setup with four dedicated overhead speakers for maximum immersion.

Remote Monitoring Capability

When it comes to buying an AV receiver or home theater receiver, people are on the lookout for devices that thrive in the custom install environment.

Integrators need to offer fast, dependable, and efficient assistance and service to the customers even after the successful completion of the installation process.

Equipped with OvrC and Domotz Pro remote system monitoring and management technology, the Denon AVC-X3700H AV receiver help custom integrators check the status of all connected devices.

Moreover, troubleshooting is done remotely to solve the issue fast.

Excellent Ease of Use

The Quick Select audio tuning makes the Denon AVC X3700H an extremely user-friendly device.

You can find the front panel equipped with four Quick Select buttons.

These buttons save your chosen audio settings for each source. You can also make use of the Quick Select buttons on the AV receiver remote to gain better control.

With the Smart TV connectivity function, you can easily control this AVC receiver model.

It can be done using your TV remote through the HDMI CEC functionality on your TV.

Denon Avc-X3700h

Built-in AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Compatibility

With the help of a sophisticated dual antenna transceiver system, you can enjoy powerful streaming even in overcrowded urban environments.

Keep listening to your favorite music wirelessly from your smart devices. Thanks to the built-in AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth compatibility of the AVR X3700H.

Final Words

If you are searching for a performance-tuned AV or home theater receiver that offers an incredibly immersive 3D audio experience, you can choose Denon AVC X3700H.

Supporting the latest 3D audio formats and video technologies; this device stands taller in terms of performance, flexibility, and user-friendliness.

You can set up and operate this model with ease and comfort. Many innovative features and customization options of the Denon AVC X3700H blend perfectly to provide the ultimate home theater experience.