ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds 2020 Detailed Review

ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds 2020 Detailed Review.

ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds: Wireless earbuds are now the gold standard for music listening. Even just 5 years ago, they weren’t nearly as popular as they are today. 

What’s more? 

What's more? 

Given the fact that Bluetooth technology has improved vastly over the last few years, it’s easy to see why. The technology has improved so much to the point that there are literally thousands of different makes/models to choose from. 

Browsing on Amazon, you may have come across the Enacfire F1’s. They’re often available as a “lightning deal” for a generously discounted price. 

First Look 

The Enacfire F1are not the first Enacfire brand earbuds we’ve tried in the past. Moving forward, looking at the F1’s, you’ll see a much more useful design that Enacfire implemented when creating them. Both earbuds appear to be as small as possible and include a charging case.

These “in-ear” earbuds are sleek in appearance and boast touch controls for operating your music on the fly. Additionally, they’re packed with a wide multitude of features. Let’s take a look at each feature and truly see what they have to offer. 

Comfort and Fit 

Opening the box for the first time, you’ll want to achieve a secure fit right from the start. If you don’t, your experience using and listening through them might be unsatisfactory.

Take a second and look through the included ear tips. They’ve included 3 different-sized pairs – small, medium and large. Swap each one out and make sure the ones you choose are snug yet do not create any pressure points. 

Charging Case 

A lot of earbuds these days include a charging case. It’s definitely a good addition and offers a few benefits. First, it gives you somewhere to securely store them while they’re not in use. Second, it keeps the earbud batteries topped off and ready for listening at a moment’s notice. 

Battery Life 

Battery Life 

As we previously mentioned, the charging case can hold around 5 or 6 charges before needing to be topped off. The earbuds, on the other hand, are advertised to have an 8-hour battery life. 

Through normal volume (about 50%) and consistent music-listening, we were greeted with a “low battery” warning at about 7 hours each time we drained them down to their lowest level.

Touch Controls 

Taking a glance at the Enacfire F1’s, you’ll likely notice that there are no physical buttons on the outside of the earbuds. Instead, “touch controls” were implemented. With the use of a single finger, you’re able to tap the outside of each earbud to command different functions.

To skip tracks, touch for 2 seconds. If you’d like to pause your music, double-tap the right earbud. To answer a phone call, tap once. More functions are available, but these are the main ones that will get you started. 


Given that the Enacfire F1’s boast IPX8 waterproofing, it’s obvious that these were made to easily withstand the elements. In fact, IPX8 means that they’re completely sealed from dirt and water ingress and can handle full submersion in depths over 1 meter deep. While we’re not exactly sure how deep you can take them, they’re definitely rated for swimming. 

Sound Quality 

Likely the most important aspect of any earbuds is the sound quality. After all, it’s really what you’re buying them for. Whether you’re listening to music, taking a phone call, or watching a movie with them, we must say, the Enacfire F1’s seem to deliver.

The clarity is fantastic since highs, mids, and lows all sound right-on. No matter what genre of music we used them with, we found good results. 

Potential Downsides 

Although the Enacfire F1’s have a whole lot going for them, we found a couple of things that weren’t too impressive. 

First, the range is limited to about 30 feet. This means, the moment you move too far from your paired device, you’ll experience laggy transmission or a complete drop in the connection.

Most wireless earbuds these days max out at around 50 feet, so the limited range might be a deal-breaker for some. 

Final Thoughts 

Final Thoughts 

The Enacfire F1 True Wireless Earbuds have a whole lot of great things going for them. They’re compact, comfortable, and simple to use. Additionally, they have outstanding battery-power and emit high-quality tunes right from the box, with no tweaking.

The value they provide is excellent – there is really no debating that. They perform quite well in most regards, although we did have a couple of qualms about the wireless range and the use of micro USB. All in all, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable, well-rounded pair of truly wireless earbuds. 


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