Epson WorkForce ES-200 & ES-300W Review 2020 Latest Updated Review

Epson WorkForce ES-200 & ES-300W Review 2020 Latest Updated Review

The ES-300W comes with ABBYY software, meant for turning your paper documents into editable text. Scanners don’t always read the text correctly, some of them only get 3/4 of the words right.

This model was tested and didn’t make a single mistake

Design and Features

Aside from a few buttons, status LEDs, and the name on the front, the ES-200 looks a lot like the ES-300W.

Measuring 2.0 by 11.3 by 3.5 inches (HWD) with the input tray closed, and weighing 2.4 pounds, the ES-200 is about a half inch shorter and half a pound lighter

But the ES-200 is a little bigger and heavier than the Canon P-215II’s 1.6 by 11.2 by 3.7 inches and 2.2 pounds.

Also, available for those who require completely autonomous scanning sans a PC, is the IRIScan Anywhere 5 Wi-Fi, which allows you to scan to a microSD card housed inside the scanner itself.

Setup and Software

Setup and Software

Epson informed us recently that it will no longer be including optical discs with its scanners.

The good news is that with a simple search for Epson ES-200 software, the appropriate support page displays at the top of the search results list, and from there finding the software bundle is simple.

Setting up the ES-200 consists of opening and extending the ADF, connecting to a USB 3.0 port (or powered USB 2.0 port) on your PC, and turning it on.


Like the ES-300W, the ES-200 is rated at 25 one-sided (simplex) pages per minute (ppm) and 50 two-sided (duplex) images per minute (ipm).

Each scan, or page side, is considered an image. In testing, the ES-200’s scan speeds were nearly identical to those of the ES-300W.

Without the lag time (the time required after the last page is scanned and the scans are subsequently saved to a usable file format)

The ES-200 scanned our test pages at the rate of 28.2ppm and 54.9ipm, which, like it’s higher-end wireless sibling, are well over the manufacturer’s ratings.

What’s so Special About it?

What’s so Special About it?

The Epson ES-200, a portable document scanner launched in 2017 can digitize papers at a staggering speed of 50 images per minute.

It’s portable and it can also scan duplex, so you only have to pass the sheets through it once. Plus it comes with an ADF tray in which you can stack 20 sheets.

It has some cool features bundled into it, like scanning directly to the cloud.

That makes a lot of sense these days because most of us keep our files in either a Google Drive, iCloud or a OneDrive. The Epson WorkForce ES-200 ScanSmart software also offers the option to do OCR on scanned documents.

So you will be able to convert your papers directly to searchable PDFs and editable word and excel files and edit them instantly after.

Not only that, but this Epson scanne

Quality of Images

Quality of Images

This little scanner also comes with automatic deskew. It will align the sheet that you scanned properly, even up to 1 degree in precision.

So it doesn’t matter if the paper didn’t go through the scanner perfectly straight, because the scanner’s software will correct this problem.

This Epson Workforce es-200 portable duplex document scanner has built-in OCR, to help you instantly convert your documents into Word documents, searchable PDFs, etc.

The technology, however, is from Nuance. It’s good OCR but it’s not the best technology that you can get.

We always prefer the OCR engines from Adobe and ABBYY, but this is a personal preference and things can change with updates. Still, in most cases, it will work just great

Whats More

Whats More

If you’re still considering whether it’s worth the extra money, I can tell you now that yes, it is.

Apart from this, all the Epson image processing technology features are included

There is an automatic cropping feature which will output the image without any black borders, an automatic image rotation feature which will rotate the image by itself if you accidentally put it upside down in the scanner.

All these intelligent color and image enhancement features are great and we here at our scanning center, could not work without them


  • Comes with complete software bundle.
  • Quick scanning and saving to PDF.
  • Powered over USB or AC.
  • Accurate OCR.
  • 20-page ADF.


  • No battery.
  • Lacks integrated Wi-Fi.

OCR and Other Tests

Here again, the less-expensive ES-200 converted scanned text to editable text with the same results as the ES-300W,

which was a little better than average for a portable scanner, and about average for document scanners in general.

The ES-200 converted both our Arial and Times New Roman test font pages without errors down to 8 points.

The Canon P-215II managed only 12 points without mistakes on our Times New Roman page, but it converted our Arial test page to editable text down to 6 points.

The Visioneer RoadWarrior X3 tied the ES-200 at 8 points for both fonts, as did the IRIScan Anywhere 5.

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