Flowmotion Smartphone Stabilizer 2020 Review

Flowmotion Smartphone Stabilizer 2020 Review.

The FlowMotion ONE stabilizer is highly effective for keeping videos smooth and in focus. Its technology  custom is designed to suit its purpose, and it uses only the highest precision motors to ensure stability


The FlowMotion ONE stabilizer offers such a solution. It is a small, compact device which is highly effective for keeping videos smooth and in focus.

Its technology is custom designed to suit its purpose, and it uses only the highest precision motors to ensure stability. Further, it is designed to be easy to hold and use.

The FlowMotion ONE stabilizer is perfect for both professionals and hobbyists, as it extremely easy to use.

It is the ideal device for helping people capture any moment that they do not want to lose.


  • Easy to use
  • Great battery life
  • Fits almost all phones (without a case)


  • Heavy to hold for long periods of time
  • FlowMotion Android app has some bugs


What truly sets this stabilizer apart from all others is its exceptional versatility.

The FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer is able to be used with a wide variety of mounts.

It will easily mount on virtually all camera mounts, as well as GoPro mounts. There is also an optional extension pole.

Regardless of which mount is being used, the stabilizer can always be controlled by its grip and joystick.


In addition to keeping videos level and steady, the stabilizer also takes a great deal of the work out of recording videos.

One of its most useful features is the auto-follow technology that allows the stabilizer to follow a person’s movement throughout a recording.

Selecting the person to follow is easy, and will be done right on the screen. From there, the stabilizer does the rest.

It will follow the person while recording, regardless of where they move.

Live Stream

In addition, the stabilizer comes equipped with technology that enables a seamless video sharing experience.

Friends and family will be able to tune in directly to Facebook or YouTube to enjoy the smooth and clear videos being recorded with the ONE stabilizer.

It is therefore a device that not only keeps videos steady and offers a variety of recording settings, but also enables greater connectivity between people.

App and Battery Life

Modes and Technology has an app. Inside the FlowMotion app is auto follow technology to mark the subject on the screen and always keep them in focus.

Other features of the app include the ability to stream live to Facebook and YouTube, create motion time-lapses, panorama photos and the option to create your own custom film and photography presets.

It will depend on the weight and usage for real world battery life. Out of the box, it is Android and iOS compatible and connects via Bluetooth.

Design & Hardware

It is on the heavier side, even without putting your phone in it, which may be an issue for some when using it for long periods of time.

The FlowMotion One is compatible with a number of phones including all the latest iPhones, Galaxy S, Huawei, Google Pixel and more. As long as your phone is between 2.16 and 3.3-inches in width, it’ll work

At the top is where the main phone holder is, it is sturdy enough to hold most phones (without a case), without the fear of it falling out.

operational Modes

Motion is a form of input. This input can be either intentional, or unintentional. You can move your hand slowly from left to right, panning the video across the landscape. Alternately, maybe you’re running while filming.

The up and down movement of your legs causes the video to bounce around. To us, making this distinction is easy. But to a computer, it’s not as easy to separate these movements.

While filming a baseball game, you might jerk the camera to the left to capture a home run.

How is the stabilizer to know if this was intentional, or just an accidental movement? Flowmotion’s solution is to provide you with three separate modes to choose from.

Whats more

The FlowMotion app makes using the stabilizer simple and enhances the experience. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The app will allow users to store and watch recordings as well as input settings for the stabilizer. It also provides additional features like panoramic shots and time-lapse settings.

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