Flytrex Sky Internet Drone Detailed Review 2021 and Its Benefit

Flytrex Sky Internet Drone Detailed Review 2021 and Its Benefit.

Flytrex Sky Internet Drone: Drones haven’t been around for the longest time. Even then, they’re becoming more prominent in the technology and transportation world. Even is considering investing massive amounts of money to deliver their products to customers.


Flytrex Sky Internet Drone

They’re kind of a big deal. But for the longest time, the technology hasn’t been affordable. Only serious enthusiasts have been able to afford to buy one for specific purposes. They’d also have to develop all the tools themselves.

It’s kind of like personal computers in the early 70s. You had to buy several parts and have a great deal of knowledge in order to get on and program one to do something interesting. That’s all about to change with the Flytrex Sky Internet Drone. 


The Flytrex Sky is a high-end commercial drone that comes complete with a ‘loading bay’ for small items such as drinks or light packages.

But more importantly, it also has 3G connectivity and is designed to work with a cloud-based backend that makes delivering parcels possible, right out of the box. 

Sky Apps

Flytrex Sky is the first multipurpose drone. Use the different Sky apps for the task you need. 

Fly for fun with the Flytrex Sky Pilot app. Supporting manual and autopilot features, auto-takeoff, and landing, return to home, and more features that make flying fun and simple. 

Why wait for Amazon? Start accepting and delivering parcels using the Flytrex Sky Messenger app. Select contact, mount parcel, and hit go – that’s it! 

The Internet Of Drones

Flytrex Sky is the world’s first drone that operates over the cloud. Harnessing the powers of the internet, the Sky redefines what our drones can do and unleashes a myriad of new possibilities! 

All Sky flights are automatically logged to your personal Flytrex profile and are available to you via our website or mobile apps, built-in 3G tracking guarantees you’ll never lose your expensive equipment, range-free connectivity keeps you worry-free even when flying long distances or in urban areas, our gaming platform is available when looking for your next challenge and more! 

Ultimate Platform 

Ultimate Platform 

Although Flytrex Sky is ready to fly out of the box, it also offers an unparalleled platform for hobbyists and drone enthusiasts. 

Install any of the major RC transmitter and receiver systems to enable dual-mode flying using RC control and GSM connection for longer distances missions, range-free connection helps you discover new destinations, GoPro docking bay, dual battery ready for 35 minutes of flight, FPV ready and more! 

Advanced GPS

Flytrex Sky is equipped with the most advanced GPS and antenna technology. Making the Sky easy and safe to fly with tools such as auto return to home, in-flight position hold, autopilot, and more. 

Live Inside

Powered by the latest and most advanced Flytrex Live technology, proven and tested by thousands of pilots worldwide. Equipped with an advanced 3G module that guarantees a streamlined experience. 

Ready To Fly 

Your Flytrex Skybox includes everything you need to start flying, no extra building or parts are needed! Open the box, charge the battery, install the Sky app pilot, and you’re all set for your maiden flight. 

Easy Features for Every Day Use Out of the Box 

The sky is incredibly easy to set up and use. No extra parts or installations are necessary for any shape or form as they’re all included right in the box. Here’s what makes this so special. 

First, assembly is as simple as possible. Since everything is provided for you, Flytrex has done everything in their power to make your life easy. It’s almost a plug and play system, but with more advanced technology. 

Next, the parts included are valuable. Getting everything from one supplier doesn’t only mean less expense and complication. It’s also a matter of expertise. 

They’ve gathered an immense amount of knowledge and have applied it to making Sky friendly to both hobbyists and enthusiasts. They’ve really put together a remarkable product. 


  • Stored flight data, logged to a “secure Flytrex profile” 
  • Built-in 3G tracking and “range-free connectivity” to ensure the drone can be located at all times 
  • Auto-return feature to bring the Sky back to a designated point after or during a delivery 
  • Dual-battery and GoPro ready 


Practicality aside, as a tech demo, the Sky is intriguing and shows just how quickly drone technology is moving. 

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