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Galaxy s7 Battery Replacement Review 2021 Updates

Galaxy s7 Battery Replacement Review 2021 Updates.

Galaxy s7 battery replacement Review 2021 – The battery is the most important part of the mobile and it has to be checked and maintained properly.

Before you replace your battery, you need to look for its specifications along with the reviews so that you don’t end up buying the low power and lesser life battery.

Galaxy s7 Battery Replacement Review

There are a few points that have to be kept in mind before the purchase of the battery. Like the battery should be appropriate to your particular mobile as all batteries are not the same and similarly all mobiles are not same.

So to the particular model number of the mobile, there is a battery which is specially designed and made and that will fit your mobile. So do remember the model number before you get a new one.

1. iPossible Galaxy S7 3200mAh Replacement Battery

Everything is possible with this iPossible S7 replacement battery. Manufactured using top-grade Li-ion cells, this Grade A+ battery is meant to provide you with good value for money.

The unit is CE, ROHS, and FCC certified. On top of that, the battery is compatible with almost all types of S7 phones.

For instance, it’s compatible with SM-G930 G930V, G930A, G930T, and GP30P.

For optimal security, this 3200mAh replacement battery boasts a built-in security chip. This chip comes in handy in preventing overheating and keeping your phone safe at all times.

Last but not least, the Li-ion battery is protected by a 12-month iPossible warranty. That’s a big plus for ensuring that you can always get 100% customer satisfaction on your next purchase.

iPossible Galaxy S7 3200mAh Replacement Battery

The Pros:

  • CE, FCC, and ROHS certified
  • Has a built-in security chop
  • Provides an extra-long battery life
  • Light in weight and sleek

The Cons:

  • The battery drains within a day if used for online streaming

2. AexPower Galaxy S7 3200mAh Battery

This is the only other battery on this run-down that packs more power than the OEMs. Picture this – it comes with a 3200mAh Li-Polymer.

In a nutshell, it enjoys close to 7% more power than an average Samsung Battery. That’s a pretty good thing for anyone who’d like to stream videos live or even conduct video calls.

The S7 battery is compatible with different G930 devices. These include the like of G930V, G930T, G930A, and G930P.

To top it all up, you also get an all-inclusive battery replacement kit. This comprises wipes, screwdrivers, suction cups, a pin among others.

Lastly, the Aexpower battery has a built-in IC chip. This is all you need to do to prevent the system from overheating or overcharging.

The Pros:

  • CE and ROHS certified
  • Provides 500+ cycle lifetime
  • Recharges fast and efficiently
  • Comes with a built-in chip that prevents overcharging

The Cons:

  • They should have provided a blade as part of their toolkit

3. Juboty 3000mAh Li-Polymer Replacement Battery

Our editors can confirm that this battery represents a good value proposition. In fact, it comes with the full installation kit needed for the S7 device.

Juboty 3000mAh Li-Polymer Replacement Battery

Designed with battery power that’s equal to what an original battery provides, the Juboty is designed to stun. First off, it comes with a built-in chip that ensures your phone is safe even when recharging.

The absence of this chip would leave you susceptible to short-circuiting or overcharging.

Fortunately, this unit is certified by the ROHS and CE. It’s generally a great battery that you can count on to keep your phone fully powered.

In totality, the Juboty is meant to provide you with up to 500 recharge cycles. That means the battery can last you for a year or two.

The Pros:

  • Recharges fast
  • Keeps its charge for a pretty long time
  • Easy to install
  • Generally safe to use

The Cons:

  • Interestingly, it only recharges to a maximum of 97%


4. Maxbear Galaxy S7 Replacement Battery

Designed to mimic the kind of power provided by a new original, this Made in China battery is loved by many.

To begin with, it’s FCC, ROHS and CE certified. That means it has passed all the required safety checks.

Maxbear Galaxy S7 Replacement Battery

It particularly comes with a special chip that prevents discharging. That’s alongside another one that prevents overheating or short-circuiting.

It’s no wonder this unit from MaxBear is compatible with a wide variety of S7 carriers. These include G930V. G930A, G930T, and G930P.

The icing on the cake is that the battery is backed by a 12 –month warranty guarantee

The Pros:

  • Awesome connector pins
  • Great power
  • Reasonably priced

The Cons:

  • Lacks a temperature sensor

Don’t let your weak Samsung Galaxy S7 battery worry you. As long as you find the appropriate replacement battery for it, you’ll be able to continue using it for a few more years. Hopefully, the review above will help you make that find today.

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