GameSir VX AimSwitch Combo 2020 Latest Updated Review

GameSir VX AimSwitch Combo 2020 Latest Updated Review.

The GameSir VX AimSwitch brings wireless mouse and keypad support to all consoles. It’s compatible with the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and your PC.This device uses the GameSir Agility X 2.4GHz wireless receiver for instant wireless


The GameSir VX AimSwitch is a keyboard and mouse combo that works on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The setup consists of the left side of a gaming QWERTY keyboard, a wired mouse, and a USB dongle that makes all of the gaming-console- keyboard/mouse magic happen.

The mouse plugs into the keyboard segment, with this combination transmitting wirelessly to the USB dongle.

The USB dongle acts as the go-between for the console and controller of choice, transmitting the keyboard and mouse inputs in place of the controller’s.

What you end up with is the functionality of the controller, accessible through the keyboard and mous

The Keypad

GameSir’s keyboard is fairly innovative — it’s sort of like someone took a keyboard and then sliced it in half. The remaining keys are basically everything that your left-hand is supposed to manage while typing with proper form on a keyboard.

That includes the 1-5 number keys, and the first five letters of each row. There’s even a tab key and caps key.

It might look like you’ve got only half of a board here, but GameSir cleverly hid away a bunch of different common keyboard shortcuts.

So if you want to use page-down, for instance, you just need to tap the function key, and then tap the page-down shortcut button.

Battery & Switches

Within the board, a 1000-mAh battery is responsible to keeping you connected. The wireless connection is utilizing GameSir’s proprietary Agility X tech, which is the same stuff they use on their top-shelf controllers.

It uses the 2.4G band to maintain a Wi-Fi connection, similar to basically all other kinds of wireless peripherals.

For switches, you’re looking at TTC Blues. They’re a less common imitation of classic Cherry switches.

And just like Cherry Blue switches, these have a 60g actuation force, and a slightly recessed actuation point. In other words, you can’t half-strike a key and have it actuate. You need to really press it.

Blues are somewhat popular for gaming because they split the difference between being built for typing and being built for gaming.

If they’d gone with reds, some people would’ve found the switches a little too loose and disorienting. So blues are a nice compromise that most people should be able to get behind.

In any case, what really matters is that you’ve got mechanical switches. That’s not something you can often say with these kind of controllers


  • Nice Switches
  • Works With All Consoles
  • Good App


  • No RGB Backlighting Here
  • Mouse Feels Cheap

DPI and Cable Design

Likewise, the DPI setting is adjustable, and can be moved between five presets.

The first level is 400 DPI, the second is 800 DPI, the third is 1600 DPI, the forth is 3200 DPI, and the fifth is 12000 DPI.

Since you’re probably using these controls with a console instead of a PC, you’ll probably end up lowering the DPI setting to 400 or 800 and leaving it there.

There’s usually no reason to go to those higher settings for a console, especially given the way the mouse is actually emulating a controller’s joystick.

The wired mouse connection is one small area for complaint. It uses a very standard mouse cable, the type that’s more common among non-gaming mice.

Braided mouse cables don’t just look better, they tend to last longer. In terms of longevity this probably won’t be a real issue, not unless you’re constantly traveling with your mouse

The Mouse

Unlike the keyboard, the palm-rest of the mouse comes with some LED lights. That’s because the mouse is built with a wired connection. The wired connection is minimally intrusive.

Inside the mouse, a 12000-DPI connection means you pretty much don’t have to worry about the mouse being inaccurate or slow.

The sensor is clearly gaming grade. And its possible to turn that sensor up or down, giving you more control over your motion than you can get with adjusting the settings inside a game alone.

Sadly, the button that lets you change DPI settings has to be pressed several times to get where you want to go.

What We Liked

What We Liked

Plug and Play, Great Wireless Response, Computer Accuracy On A Console, Extra Programmable Buttions On Mouse And Keyboard

He liked the wireless freedom of not being tethered to a conventional wired keyboard. It also took up a lot less room than even a tenkeyless keyboard.

I found it interesting he chose to remove the wrist pad. He just felt more comfortable without it.

Multiplatform support, Good Quality, Portability, Mechanical switches

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