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Garmin Forerunner 935 2020 Latest Updated Review

Garmin Forerunner 935 2020 Latest Updated Review

The Garmin Forerunner 935 is a fitness enthusiast’s dream that’s perfect for swimming and cycling, has a long battery life, and measures several metrics you won’t find on similar watches.

A high-quality GPS running watch provides accurate data about your runs, displays the information you want clearly on one screen, and offers a variety of useful fitness metrics.

Design and screen

  • Comfortable and easy to put on
  • 1.2-inch 240 x 240 display
  • Screen is visible even in sunlight

If you’re a fan of the Garmin range, then the look and feel of the Garmin Forerunner 935 won’t be that much of a surprise to you.

In essence, it’s the Fenix 5 an incredibly powerful watch from Garmin that can manage to track all manner of things – in a more ‘Forerunner’ shell, with less hardened glass and metal and more sleek rubber all around.

It’s less of a fashion statement and more of a refined model – the metal buttons around the display are the most striking element of an otherwise anonymous design.

That’s not to say that it’s bad – the strap is a nice silicone option, which stretches nicely in between the lugs to sit comfortably on the wrist.

It’s super easy to put this watch on, which is worth noting as it’s oddly difficult with some other brands, who employ a ‘double band’ approach that you have to feed the strap into.

Full set of functions and hardware

  • Wrist-based heart-rate monitor (HRM)
  • 1.2-inch colour display, 240 x 240 pixel resolution
  • GPS, Altimeter, Compass, Gyroscope, Thermometer

Cutting to the real details, it’s hardware that really separates one Garmin device from the next. And the range of hardware dictates the functions supported by that device.

The Forerunner 935 essentially does almost everything that Garmin offers – the only features its missing are Garmin Pay and offline music support, which the new Forerunner 645 Music offers.

GPS and wrist-based heart-rate monitoring (as well as compatibility with Garmin chest straps if you prefer) provide the basics for activity tracking, but with those extra sensors giving you a lot more data.

Compared to the 735XT, it’s the addition of the barometric altimeter, gyroscope and thermometer that offers more hardware features.

How Does it fare with Wear?

How does it fare with wear?

The glass watch face does not scratch easily, so I’d recommend skipping on the screen protectors and let the display shine clearly.

This watch was frequently tossed around and bumped into a few walls.

Apart from a slight scratch on the edge of the face that’s only visible when angled in the light, this watch still looks pretty new.

Performance and Training Features

  • Training status measures
  • Accurate heart and distance, elevation
  • Navigation and routes supported

Providing the time, speed and distance of your run is now a little basic, with many devices looking to give you more.

For the Forerunner 935, running is the best served activity in our opinion, with some features like training status needing you to be running to return results – sorry cyclists.

When on a run the Garmin Forerunner 935 is accurate in returning heart rate and GPS data, matching the route we would run and within the expected heart-rate ranges. It also corroborated with our manual pulse testin

Stellar Battery life

  • 24-hour tracking
  • 2-weeks as a smartwatch

The biggest failing of so-called smart watches is battery life. Take the Apple Watch for example: if you get two days from it, you’ve done well.

Let’s just say that the Forerunner  laughs in the face of any of the smart watches out there, easily surpassing the endurance of anything from Apple or Android/Wear OS.

Sure, the display is very different and there’s nothing like the level of app compatibility that you’ll find on those smarter devices, but on average the Forerunner 935 will last you about a fortnight.

This will vary depending on your tracking, as running the GPS and HRM features will deplete the battery faster, of course.

However, it is still good for 24 hours of continuous tracking, so will see you through an Ironman, which some other devices simply won’t.

Garmin User Interface and Garmin Connect

Garmin user interface and Garmin Connect

  • Slick user interface
  • Easy syncing with your smartphone

With so much offered, it’s easy to see how features can get lost on a watch. In the 935 there’s been some work to enhance the user interface over the Forerunner 735XT

Everything on the 935 is customisable, from the screens you’ll get during activities to the amount of data they contain. If you want to change the fields that’s easy, plus you can make changes during activities too.