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GTX 1060 Graphics Cards 2020 Latest Updated Review

GTX 1060 Graphics Cards 2020 Latest Updated Review

For many gamers, they see it as quantum leap in terms of performance and the power efficiency. In general, you will find that card offers smooth and fast gaming experience ever.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming Graphics Card

Crafted to perfection – when it comes to gaming, there is always no room for error.

You make errors and you will end up with no sales at all.

This model comes with more perfection to make it even better.

Why You Should Get It


it is good knowing that it is going to be a top model even when you decide to spend your money on it.

The reason is the NVidia Pascal architecture that serves as the backbone for building this card.

It will help with the best performance of your games at all times.

Next-gen gaming Technologies 

It is something important when it comes to gaming that you get to enjoy new gaming technologies.

You will not have to worry about such technologies as this model comes packing them a lot.

With the new technologies, you can now game on VRs, Ultra-high-resolution monitors, and multiple monitors.

VR Ready 

There is no doubt that sometimes you want to immerse yourself in a game. There is no better way to do so other than using the VR technology. This model is VR ready so that you can easily set it up and you are good to go.

Cooling system

Well, the cooling system is something you will like if it does its job correctly.

Do not worry as the model comes with an impressive cooling system.

It has two 90mm blade fans, copper heat pits, and more for cooling.

The graphics card should always be operating within the optimal working temperatures.



  • It is expensive

MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1060 3GB VR Ready

Cooling teamwork – the model is easily top rated because of its performance.

Well, you will like its cooling capabilities even more.

It comes with impressive Torx fans that deliver on better cooling.

The design of the TORX fan helps to create up to 22 percent more air pressure.

This is important for better cooling still when working at low noise levels.

Whats More

Cool LED effects

Gaming is fun when you have some cool LEDs around.

It is the reason you will see more people looking to get models with the best LED effects.

The manufacturer allows you to control the LED individually for personalization.

You can decide to have a steady light, breathing or flashing.

Offers G-Sync

This is an important feature you will want to have starting today.

No one likes to end up with a model that does not deliver on gaming experience.

With G-sync, you can now have smooth and fast gaming experience all the time.

No more issues such as screen tearing.

Resolution Capabilities 

it is a top performance card so expect it to deliver on UHD resolution.

You can now game in 4K as a way of enjoying the overall performance of this card.

Well, expect to end up with sharper and crisper images always.

VR Performance 

Since the world of gaming is moving towards the VR technology, you can be sure that this type of card will still support it. The best part is that the improved hardware will make gaming with the VR better in every aspect

PNY GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb Graphics Card

Ready for gaming for those people who love gaming, they will always find that this type of graphics card is what they have been looking for.

It offers the best in terms of performance and processing capabilities.

Performance  it is all about taking care of the gamer with the right performance for gaming.

The model comes with the ultra-fast FinFet and next generation memory technologies.

They two allow for the use of the DirectX12 features.

New Gaming Technologies 

For a new product on the market, it has to show that it is worth spending your money on it. This is what this model is all about. It comes incorporating all the important NVidia gaming technologies.

Many users will find this type of model being amazing when it comes to revolutionary image capture for gaming. You still have a chance of gaming without much trouble on multiple monitors.

VR Ready 

it is now possible to enjoy a bit of VR gaming when you have a right graphics card.

The VR performance on overall is smooth.

It comes with the lowest latency that you will never notice the lag. You can easily set up the VR and be good to go in no time.

Groundbreaking Design 

The model comes with a great design you will love to look at more often.

You will also like the fact that its design allows it to stay cool just as it looks.


  • VR Ready
  • Impressive design
  • The right size
  • Solid performance


  • Noisy fans.

Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 Mini, 6 GB DDR5 VR Ready

Design and layout

There is no doubt the first thing you shall note is the mini design.

This type of design is important for those who have limited space to install a graphics card. Its size should make it easy to work with various cases.

The matte black and grey shroud is here to give it a clean look.

This is something you can always expect to get with this brand. It is not just about a clean look as it also works great to deliver on performance.

Ports and Connectivity 

Being from the line of the GTX 1060 series, you can expect it to have relatively the same ports as the others.

You will get 3 DisplayPorts, 1 HDMI ports and 1 DVI port.

The overall number of ports should make it possible for you to enjoy using the model more often without a problem.

Performance Score 

It might be mini and appealing, but can it deliver on the performance that people want? That is the question any new user would ask.

Well, the model in terms of performance, it scores impressively.

It will make it easy for you to enjoy games in 1080p quality. That should be something that drives a gamer to get it.

Fan Noise 

The fan noise is another important part of using a graphics card. Some people easily get irritated by the fan noise. At full load, you might notice it is a bit loud, but generally it is something you can use without worries.


It is possible to push the core clock up to 2057MHz. Just for the reason that it allows for overclocking, you should find more people feeling it delivers on performance just as they want.