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HeimVision HM241 Surveillance System 2020 Review

HeimVision HM241 Surveillance System 2020 Review.

The HeimVision HM241 Security Camera System is perhaps one of the finest systems of its kind on market right now. The entire package is brilliant, giving you everything you need to completely cover the entire perimeter of your home with round the clock security.


If you’re looking for a top-quality home security system that delivers on all fronts – image quality, ease of setup, features, and reliability – you should be looking at the HeimVision HM241 Security Camera.

As installs go, it is one of the easiest systems to install we have ever tested. It comes with four IP66 waterproof cameras, ideal for installation both indoors and outdoors, which run wirelessly and are powered by a sophisticated 6TB NVR that logs and stores all your data.

Night Vision is included as standard, as is motion detection and email alerts for any odd activity taking place in view of the cameras. You can access the cameras’ feeds remotely using your phone and the IP Pro app

Full HD, Full Satisfaction.

With FHD resolution and DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), Heimvision HM241 enables you to see the details clearer.

Advanced Motion Detection

With HeimVision wireless surveillance system, you can customize the detection zone through the NVR to minimize false alarms and receive alerts of suspicious motions more accurately.

  • 850nm Infrared LEDs
  • 50 Feet Night Vision
  • 110 Degree Viewing Angle


The unit itself is fairly straight-forward. You have four IP66 waterproof cameras and an NVR unit, as well as all the requisite wires and cables for hooking everything up.

The cameras themselves are smart-looking white units and the NVR is black and sort of looks like a big internet router with its dual antennas.

The IP66 waterproof cameras are designed to work both indoors and outdoors; they’re fully water and weather resistant and they also feature Night Vision.

Ideally, you’d have them outside – that’s where any potential security threat is coming from. Though if you have a large home, they work perfectly well indoors too.

And because you get four cameras with the basic package ($186.99), you have more than enough units to ensure the entire perimeter of your home is covered

For most, four home security cameras will be more than enough.

You can have a couple on the front, one of the back, and one of the side of your house or overlooking your car

How To Set Up HeimVision HM241 Security Camera

As I said in the Quick Verdict selection: setting up the HeimVision HM241 Security System is an absolute breeze. The cameras have mounts fitted to the bottom of them which allow for easy placement anywhere on your home.

All that’s required is a couple of screws and a drill. If you know where you’re putting them, you could have all four installed with 20 minutes, no problem.

HeimVision supplies all the screws and bits and bobs you’ll need to get the system’s cameras up and running in and around your home.

In just a few simple steps, the NVR will locate the cameras, connect to them, and enable you to start recording activity in and around your home.

HeimVision HM241 Security Camera Specs & Features

OK, we’ve talked about how you install the HeimVision HM241 Security Camera System, covered what you get in the box, so now let’s move on to the star of the show

As noted above, the base package comes with 4xIP66 camera units that can be easily mounted anywhere around your home.

You can have these cameras connected wirelessly to your NVR, but also choose to have a wired connection too

In terms of operating temperatures, the cameras will work in any condition

Performance (Image Quality & Battery Life)

For me, the thing that really separates the HeimVision HM241 Security Camera System from the crowd is its image quality.

The footage it captures is crystal clear – both in 1080p on the NVR and 980p inside the phone app. You can see EXACTLY what’s happening in fine detail, even at night, thanks to its Night Vision.

Having the ability to identify and discern details about someone’s face from 50 feet, at night

And with the HeimVision HM241 Security Camera System, you can do this – for less than $200!

I honestly cannot think of a better-equipped, higher-quality home security system that retails for such a great price. You’re getting a hell of a lot of functionality for your money here.