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How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

– How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker –

Millions of people put their phones in the pool or shower by mistake, or their phones come into touch with water due to rain or inadvertent splashes. There is currently no built-in means to remove water from a phone, particularly the phone speaker, and doing nothing to remove the water can cause a long-term problem. Here are solutions on how to get water out of your phone speaker.

How to Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker

It’s not just you, as you can see. We can be clumsy to the point of spilling water on our phones occasionally. Even if you weren’t clumsy, some water may have accidentally gotten stuck in your phone’s speaker grill, resulting in muted sound.

You don’t have to be concerned, though, since we’ll show you how to drain water from your phone speaker in this post. Just be ready to put the advice to the test!

How to Remove Water from Phone Speaker

Hearing such muted noises may make you think that you have a faulty speaker. However, if you respond quickly, it won’t be that bad!

Even phones that do not have an IP certification provide some protection against water damage for a limited time. As a result, if you act quickly, you may not need to visit a repair facility to get your phone speaker replaced.

To remove water from a phone speaker, either play a loud sound to force the water out, let the phone at room temperature dry, or take it to a repair shop.

Try these methods for removing water from your phone’s speaker!

1. Check Your Phone for The Speaker Cleaner Feature

When the phone speaker doesn’t sound well, certain Android phone skins offer a specialized tool to eliminate foreign particles. Water, dust, and other foreign particles are removed from your phone speaker with this function, which blasts high-pitched sound at maximum power.

Please verify your phone for such a feature before trying any other method in this post. It might appear under the sound or other options as “Speaker Cleaner,” “Clear Speaker,” or whatever your OEM names it.

On some phones using MiUI software, we know the feature as “Clear Speaker.” To clear water from the phone speaker, go to Settings Additional Settings Clear Speaker and follow the on-screen directions.

2. Download an App to Get Water Out of Phone Speaker and Ear Speaker

If your phone doesn’t have the Speaker Cleaner option, you may still eject the water from the speaker by playing a high-pitched sound. Playing music from your collection will, however, have no effect.

There are noises developed expressly for cleaning water that can be played through phone speakers, and that’s exactly what you’ll need.

And, while we’re on the subject, you don’t need to go searching for those audio files because you can use an app to remove water from your phone’s speaker and earpiece.

There are a lot of “Speaker Cleaner” applications in the Play Store, and they work great.

These applications, like the phone’s native “Speaker Cleaner” function, play a loud, vibrating sound that clears water from the speaker.

Here’s how to use an app to drain water from a mobile speaker:

a. From the Play Store, download and run the “Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Dust, & Boost Sound” app.

b. If you’re using a Bluetooth speaker or earphone, make sure they’re turned off.

c. Turn up the volume on your phone to its highest setting.

d. Make sure you set the switch in the app to (you can switch to Ear Speaker to get water out of ear speaker after).

e. Now press the “Start Cleaning” button while holding the phone with the speaker facing down.

It might take up to a minute or more for the procedure to complete. After that, play a song to test whether your phone speaker now sounds good. If not, repeat the procedure two or three times more. It’s even possible to change the sound mode.

3. Let the Water Dry Out

To be honest, blasting high-pitched sound into the phone speaker to get water out of it might only work in limited circumstances (maybe if the water didn’t travel far within the speaker). Most of the time, placing the phone somewhere to dry entirely works.

You may dry out your phone by leaving it at ambient temperature for several hours (24 hours). Simply make sure you position the phone such that the impacted speaker is facing down.

Alternatively, you may bury your phone for at least 24 hours in uncooked rice. Because rice’s tendency is to suck in every liquid/moist around it, this method is excellent in draining water from the phone speaker.

Carlcare is your best chance for addressing issues like these and more if you use an Infinix, TECNO, or Itel smartphone.

You can expect nothing less than high-end expert repair service from us as the official after-sales service provider for these brands. Most importantly, CarlCare is the sole allowed supplier for original OEM spare parts if your phone speaker has to be replaced.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read through this section for common questions and their answers on how to get water out of your phone speaker.

1. How Does the Apple Watch Eject Water from The Watch?

Ans: “Water Lock is a function available on Apple Watch Series 2, Series 3, and Series 4. The screen is locked in this mode, allowing the wearer to swim while wearing the watch.

Water Lock also uses minor vibrations to drive water out of the speaker holes on the side of the watch. They market this to keep water from producing any long-term issues.

Water Lock does not make your Apple Watch more water resistant; it only locks it to avoid accidental taps when you’re using it near water. Water Lock is switched on automatically when you start an Open Water Swim or Pool Swim activity in the Workout app.”

2. My Phone Speaker Has a Bit Water Inside of It, How Can I Fix It?

Ans: “First, give your phone a good shake to let some water out.

Go to Fix My Speakers – Expel Water from Your Phone’s Speakers After Getting It Wet and play a certain track at maximum volume to eject water from your phone’s speakers.

Then wait a little and try your speaker; you’ll notice a change. Play some music from your phone at maximum volume for 15 minutes.”

3. How Do Phones Remain Waterproof, Despite Their Ports?

Ans: “Manufacturers use sticky, rubbery glue-like substances to form an airtight seal, which is referred to as gaskets, seals, tapes, or adhesives.

However, glue isn’t perfect: you don’t want visible goop pouring out when buttons, ports, and detachable components protrude from the phone.”

4. How Do I Get Water Out Of My Phone Charger Hole?

Ans: “Simply set it in a warm location, preferably in direct sunlight or on a windowsill. You might have to wait a day or two, but you would not use it anyway because it’s full of water.”

5. What if Water Gets Into Your Phone Speaker?

Ans: “You may dry out your phone by leaving it at ambient temperature for several hours (24 hours). Simply make sure you position the phone such that the impacted speaker is facing down.

Alternatively, you may bury your phone for at least 24 hours in uncooked rice.”

6. How Do I Remove Moisture from My Rear Camera on My Phone?

Ans: “Set your phone in a compact, sealed container or plastic bag containing a desiccant, such as silica gel packets, to eliminate the moisture.

Alternatively, submerge your phone in a bag of rice, ensuring sure that it is totally submerged.”

7. How Can I Dry Out The Bottom Mic of an iPhone?

Ans: “If it’s a recent iPhone, it’s probably water resistant and won’t need any special care. Otherwise, turn it off and vacuum it.

Place the phone in a plastic bag with the microphone facing upwards if you need more suction. Then, wrap the bag around the vacuum’s handle.

Although this approach may need a few changes to the bag since it does not make a seal against the microphone, it is the most effective way to drain water and moisture from a phone.

Even after finishing this stem, I put the phone in front of a dehumidifier for a couple of hours to let it dry off.”

8. How Can You Dry Out And Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

Ans: “When your phone is submerged in water and won’t power on, rice is thought to be good in absorbing fluids and humidity. So the next thing you may try is placing your phone in a rice bag. Keep your phone in rice for two to three days.”

9. What Should Be Done when The Phone Gets Water Damaged?

Ans: “Immediately turn off the smartphone and do not push any buttons.

If your phone is water resistant and you’ve spilled or immersed it in something other than water, Apple and Samsung both recommend cleaning it in cool tap water (but not under a running tap, which could cause damage).”

10. How Do I Get Water out Of My Phone Charge?

Ans: “The easiest way to get water out of your charger hole is to put your phone in a cool spot with some sunshine, preferably with the charger hole (charging port) towards the light.

Please avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight, since this can damage the battery and other fragile components, reducing the effectiveness of your phone.

You may gain a case for your phone that covers the charging port and the headphone jack to prevent water from getting into it.”

Do well to give us your feedback in the comment below as to what method worked for you, and share this article with your friends to prepare them for “rainy season.”

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