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How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track

– How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track –

Do you ever feel you’re being watched? As if they know exactly what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what you’re saying? You’re not alone if you’re worried about people following your phone. Every day, it seems like there’s a new story of someone’s privacy being invaded. Read to find out how to make your phone impossible to track.

How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track

People have grown more concerned about their privacy with introducing smartphones, and while it is difficult to keep your phone completely safe, there are measures you can do to make it more difficult (or even impossible) for others to monitor your position and activities.

How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track

As a result, in this blog article, we’ll go through 6 techniques to make your phone untraceable!

1. Keep Your Location Services Turned Off when Not in Use

You may do this in your phone’s settings to prohibit apps from tracking your whereabouts in the background. By going to the “Location” menu, you may quickly disable the location function. Once you’ve finished using a background app, this will prevent it from tracking your position.

Turning on your location services when you are not using them might deplete your phone’s battery faster than anything else — which is something no one wants!

2. Don’t Use Location-Based Features and Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Geotagging and check-ins, which depend on location, should be avoided.

These capabilities broadcast your position to the world, making it easier for others to follow you, whilst public Wi-Fi connections are frequently unencrypted, allowing hackers to spy on your traffic and gain data about your locations.

3. Opt-Out of Ad Tracking

Advertisers may target advertising depending on where you’ve been by using Location History. You may decrease the amount of data gathered about your whereabouts by opting out of ad tracking.

After all, it’s no secret that applications and websites track our location and browsing history all the time. This helps that they may receive more tailored adverts and have a better user experience.

However, many of us dislike being monitored all the time, so consider installing an ad-blocker and deactivating cookies to prevent them from collecting information about you.

4. Use a Burner Phone

Consider using a burner phone if you want to make it extremely difficult for someone to monitor your actions. Prepaid phones known as burner phones can be used for a limited time and then destroyed.

Because they won’t be able to link your phone number to your identity, it will be considerably more difficult for someone to follow your movements.

Here are the top five reasons people buy burner phones:

a. They Value their Privacy

As previously said, our phones record everything we do and save all of our personal information. If you’re someone who values their privacy, a burner phone is an excellent choice. You may use it to make calls, send texts, and surf the web without worrying about your information being traced or kept.

b. They’re Going on Vacation

A burner phone is a terrific alternative if you’re going on vacation and don’t want your work or family to be able to monitor your location. You may use it to communicate with loved ones without worrying about them tracking your position.

c. They’re Planning an Event

If you’re hosting an event, such as a birthday party or wedding, and you don’t want your attendees to know your phone number, a burner phone is a perfect solution. You may use it to phone and send SMS without worrying about your privacy.

d. They Need to Take a Break from their Regular Life

A excellent reason to utilize a burner phone is to take a vacation from your usual life and avoid being tracked. Your information will not be traced or retained, allowing you to communicate with your loved ones.

e. They’re a Celebrity

You must be extremely cautious about who has access to your personal information if you are a celebrity or public figure. Using a burner phone can help you keep your phone number hidden and avoid being tracked by paparazzi or stalkers.

5. Use a VPN or Proxy Server

Your communication is encrypted and routed through a separate server when you use a VPN or proxy server, making it more difficult for someone to monitor your location and activity. Using a VPN or proxy server is a fantastic solution if you’re concerned about your privacy.

There are a variety of services to choose from, so do your homework to pick the one that’s ideal for you. Once you’ve chosen one, you may browse the internet with confidence, knowing that your information is safe and secure.

6. Use an Untraceable Mobile Service

You might use an untraceable mobile service if you want to keep your mobile communications secret.

When selecting such a service, however, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

One is the sort of phone you’re using; some of them are only compatible with particular phones, so double-check compatibility before joining up. Another thing to consider is what features you require.

Some services have more features than others, so choose the one that best suits your need. Finally, before signing up for any service, read the fine print and make sure you understand the terms and conditions.

If you want to keep things simple, go for a provider that gives you a private phone number, a private messenger, and private payment choices all in one app; an all-in-one software that keeps Big Tech from watching your every move.

These things are simple with Volta since it ensures total privacy and no data collecting. As a result, here it is: this is the best solution to keep you secure and make your phone untraceable!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible to Hide My Location in Google Maps Mobile?

Ans: When using Google Maps, you can now go incognito. Google Maps now includes an Incognito Mode function that allows you to go MIA while using it.”

2. Can You Change the GPS Location of Your Phone?

Ans: “Yes, all you have to do is download the app, link your iDevices to it, and select a destination. It’s quite simple to use, and all of your iPhone’s location-based applications will be moved to the phony location as well.”

3. How to Turn Off Google’s Location Tracking on Mi Phones?

Ans: “To turn off location tracking on Mi phones, hit Windows key+C > click Search > type PC Settings in the search bar > click PC Settings.

Go to Privacy > Location > Let Windows and apps use my location > Off.”

4. How Do We Make Our iPhone Impossible to Track?

Ans: “In “Privacy,” select “Location Services.” In “Location Services,” scroll down and tap “System Services.” In System Services, scroll down and tap “Significant Locations.” In “Significant Locations,” tap the switch beside “Significant Locations” to turn it off.”

5. How to Stop Someone from Tracking or Spying on Your Cell Phone?

Ans: “You should turn it off. That is the simplest approach to keep a phone number from being tracked.

Turning off a phone prevents it from interacting with cell towers. Authorities can track a person’s movements using their cell phone thanks to cell tower information and triangulation. No signal, therefore turn off the phone.

Authorities can trace your phone and whomever is holding it again as soon as you switch it on and a ‘handshake’ is conducted with a mobile tower.”

6. How Can I Prevent My IP Address from Being Tracked?

Ans: “Your IP address can be traced back to your service provider, but not to you personally.

If the government gets a search order, and the provider keeps the logs, the government will identify you. However, no one else can monitor your whereabouts.”

7. Does Edge Track You Like Google?

Ans: “You implicitly signed an EULA when you installed Browsing Explorer, which shows that Microsoft may track your internet patterns in order to optimize your internet experience.

They will track you everywhere you go, how long you spend there, what you look at, what you search for – everything you do, with no notice other than you agreeing to this EULA. Everything.

They’ll anonymize you to some extent and use this information to tailor their adverts to what you’re likely to be interested in.”

8. How to Monitor Private/Incognito Browsing on Android Devices?

Ans: “You may watch the incognito/private window using a spy app.

There are several capabilities for spying on the incognito/private window, but one thing to keep in mind is that you will require one-time physical access to the device to install the software, after which you will monitor the incognito/private window’s activates.”

9. How Do I Stop the Police from Tracking My Phone?

Ans: “Simple answer, you can’t. “

10. Are There Any Phones that Can’t Be Tapped or Tracked?

Ans: “There is a phone that cannot be tapped, hacked, or monitored. It’s a flip phone called the KaIOS My Flip. It is available at Walmart and Straight Talk. The phone’s operating system is called KaIOS.

You can still use the internet and send email, but the only things you can download onto the phone are applications from the KaIOS store on the phone itself, and most of them are basic.”

Now that your phone is impossible to track for security reasons, you can share this with your friends and family as weel. Don’t forget to drop a comment on your experience in the comment section.

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