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How to Pair a Firestick Remote to Your Amazon Fire TV

– How to Pair Firestick Remote –

Is your Firestick control no longer working? Does the volume control on the Firestick not work? It’s natural for a Firestick remote to get into mischief now and again. Fortunately, troubleshooting one is simple! Fixing the remote will be simple after you’ve identified the problem.

How to Pair Firestick Remote

Using easy swipe-based touch controls, Firestick Remote Operate allows you to control your fire TV straight from your iPhone or iPad. To operate it from a remote, just connect an iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV or media player.

How to Pair an Unresponsive Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

Press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds, or until the light at the top of your remote starts blinking quickly, to connect an unresponsive Amazon Fire TV Stick remote.

When your remote is associated, you’ll receive an on-screen notification, or the light on your remote will flash blue three times.

If you’re trying to link a remote that was previously associated with your Fire TV Stick or a remote that was previously paired with another device, this technique may work. If that fails, you may try resetting your remote and pairing it again.

How to Reset an Amazon Fire Stick Remote

a. For 60 seconds, unplug your Fire TV Stick. You may either unhook it from the wall outlet or disconnect the power connection from the Fire TV Stick.

b. Then, for 12 seconds, press and hold the Left, Menu, and Back buttons on your remote. The menu button has three horizontal lines, and the back button has a rounded arrow pointing to the left. You must simultaneously press and hold all three buttons.

c. Remove the batteries from your remote after 5 seconds.

d. After that, wait 60 seconds after plugging your Fire TV Stick back into the power socket.

e. Replace the batteries in your remote after that. If you have a spare set of batteries, now is the time to swap them out.

f. Finally, hold the Home button down for ten seconds. When resetting your Fire TV device, Amazon suggests standing at least 10 feet away.

Causes and Fixes for Non-Working Firestick Remote

Causes and Fixes for Non-Working Firestick Remote

You may turn a conventional TV into a smart TV using the Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, if your remote isn’t working, it won’t be as smart.

When you set up your Fire TV Stick for the first time, your remote should immediately pair with it, however it might lose connection.

Here’s how to couple an unresponsive Fire TV Stick remote, as well as how to pair a new remote and use your phone as a remote.

Reasons your Firestick Remote stopped working

Because your Firestick remote isn’t linked with your TV and Fire TV Stick, it won’t operate.

If the devices are outdated, the remote batteries are empty, the TV IR sensor is blocked, the Fire TV Stick is out of range, or it hindered the connection, the three devices may become disconnected.

1. Low or Drained Firestick Remote Batteries

The most common cause of unresponsive Firestick remotes is low or depleted batteries.

Batteries power the Firestick remote. Remote controls consume more electricity than other gadgets. The batteries in a Firestick remote can deplete quickly. Especially if the Alexa voice assistant is enabled.

That is something that many Firestick remote users are unaware of and the Firestick remote will stop working once the batteries are depleted.

For complaints as: “The remote sensor on my Firestick turns on. “I’m not sure the batteries are dead,” that might be the case.

However, Firestick remotes connect with the Fire TV Stick through Bluetooth. When the remote’s batteries are low, the connection might become unreliable.

As a result, your Fire TV Stick cannot correctly accept commands.

For complaints such as “However, I just replaced the batteries,” check to see if you placed accurately the batteries and completely.

Batteries and battery connections have positive and negative sides. The remote will not operate if you do not put correctly the batteries.

It’s also possible that the batteries aren’t entirely inserted. If you change the batteries too quickly, this might happen. The charge will not flow if you do not insert one side of the battery into the contact.

Solution to Low or Drained Firestick Remote Batteries

You must replace the batteries as quickly as possible, whether they are low or exhausted.

Two (2) AAA batteries are required for most Firestick remotes.

As a result, be certain you get the identical replacements. When replacing the remote batteries, keep the following points in mind:

a. New batteries should be used.

b. Use the same voltage batteries.

c. Use two identical-brand batteries.

d. Never combine old and fresh batteries.

Because Firestick remotes consume more power, you must use brand fresh batteries. It is more practical to use fresh ones that will last several months, rather than buying second-hand ones you’ll have to replace in a few months.


2. Out of Range Firestick Device

Firestick remotes use Bluetooth to connect to the Fire TV Stick. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that sends signals and orders using radio waves. It doesn’t require a clear line of sight to function.

To submit commands, you don’t have to point your Firestick remote to the Fire TV Stick. Bluetooth has a restricted range. It can theoretically connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 30 feet away (9.14 m).

Doesn’t it sound appealing?

However, everything in your home might be a hindrance. Also, the Bluetooth connection will become unpredictable.

Among these items are:

a. Walls.

b. Doors.

c. Cabinets.

d. Appliances.

e. Large furniture.

f. And sometimes even the TV itself.

The weaker the connection is, the further the remote is from the Fire TV Stick. These things can also act as additional physical barriers.

Electromagnetic radiation moves quicker in open space, according to one study. When your Fire TV Stick is within a cable cabinet, remote signals may have a tougher time reaching the device. The signals are becoming weaker.

When the signals get weaker, the Fire TV Stick won’t get any commands at all. If your Fire TV Stick is plugged in at the back of the TV, this can also happen.

Solution to Out of Range Firestick Device Problem

To begin, make sure the Firestick control is close to the Fire TV Stick.

When in use, the same devices must be in the same room. Consider using an HDMI extension if your Fire TV Stick is plugged in at the back of the TV.

With the HDMI extension, you may position your Fire TV Stick next to the TV, where it will be more visible. Consider opening the cabinet doors every time you use your Fire TV Stick if it’s within a cable cabinet.

The Firestick control could transfer signals to the Fire TV Stick more easily in this manner.

3. Bluetooth Interference

Bluetooth Interference

Radio-frequency-using electronics and appliances can also disrupt Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth uses the 2.64 GHz frequency, which is found in many household gadgets.

A microwave oven, for example, has a frequency of 2.64 GHz. We may hear static sound when two radio-frequency equipment is close together.

This static sound shows that there has been frequency interference. One research has proven such an assertion, saying that microwave ovens in homes might interfere with Bluetooth connections.

Devices with the same frequency collide and shift channels during Bluetooth interference. Other equipment and appliances that may cause Bluetooth connectivity problems include:

a. Wireless phones.

b. Wireless Wi-Fi speakers.

c. Unshielded power lines.

d. Other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

And to answer the question if Wi-Fi uses the same 2.64 GHz frequency, yes, the majority of Wi-Fi routers operate on the same frequency band.

It may also interfere with the Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth technology may now “self-correct.” It can also keep a steady connection to the associated device.

It can or cannot induce lethal effects depending on the scenario.

Solution to the Bluetooth Interference Problem 

Remove any equipment that uses radio frequencies to avoid Bluetooth interference.

To answer the question, “How can I figure out which gadget is interfering with my Bluetooth connection?” With your household devices and appliances, you may do a simple test.

Turn on all of your gadgets. And then disconnect them one by one. Check to see if unplugging impacts the connectivity of your Firestick remote.

You can then figure out which device is blocking the connection. And it stops your Firestick remote from working.

Move the “obstruction” to a different room once you’ve identified it. At the very least, keep your distance from the Fire TV Stick.

4. Blocked TV IR Sensor

“The volume on my Firestick control does not function.” “What is the cause?”

Is there anything blocking your view of the television?

Firestick remotes use infrared signals to communicate with the TV. The Firestick remote uses infrared beams to relay commands to the TV. The TV receives the orders through its infrared (IR) sensor.

Do you see the small red light on the corner of your TV? That’s the IR sensor on the TV. Infrared, unlike Bluetooth, requires a clear line of sight to transfer signals.

It won’t be able to reach the IR sensor if they impede its route. As a result, it cannot deliver orders. If the volume on the Firestick remote does not function, it is because the remote cannot connect with the TV’s IR sensor.

Objects that directly block the TV’s IR sensor are the most typical cause. Check for cords, decorations, or plant leaves that may block the IR sensor.

Humans, besides things, can block infrared signals.

Someone standing might block infrared signals in front of the TV or sitting nearby. Also, your Firestick’s remote volume control will stop working.

How to Fix the Blocked TV IR Sensor Problem

This issue is quite simple to resolve, as only the things that block the TV’s IR sensor must be removed.

If you’re going to put the decor in front of the TV, keep it away from the IR sensor. If your TV is housed in a casing, check sure the sensor is accessible.

Note: Clean the TV’s IR sensor regularly. Because dirt and dust may impede infrared signals and act as a barrier.


5. Firestick Remote Incompatibility

“I recently purchased a replacement Firestick remote, but neither of them work!”

If that’s the case, it’s probably because your Firestick remote doesn’t work with your Fire TV Stick. There are various Fire TV Stick and Firestick remote models available and not all versions are compatible.

Here’s a list of Fire TV Stick devices that work with each version of the Firestick remote:

‣ For Basic Edition Firestick Remote

Works with 4 Fire TV devices:

a. 1st-gen Fire TV.

b. 2nd-gen Fire TV.

c. 1st-gen Fire TV Stick.

d. 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick.

For 1st Gen Alexa Voice Firestick Remote (no Power and Volume Buttons)

Works with 4 Fire TV devices:

a. 1st-gen Fire TV.

b. 2nd-gen Fire TV.

c. 1st-gen Fire TV Stick.

d. 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick.

‣ For 2nd Gen Alexa Voice Firestick Remote

2nd Gen Alexa voice remote works with 7 Fire TV devices:

a. Fire TV Stick 4k.

b. Fire TV Stick Lite.

c. 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick.

d. 1st-gen Fire TV Cube.

e. 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick.

f. 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube.

g. 3rd-gen Fire TV (pendant design).

‣ For Alexa Voice Firestick Remote Lite

Alexa Voice Remote Lite

Works with 5 Fire TV devices:

a. Fire TV Stick 4k.

b. Fire TV Sitck Lite.

c. 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick.

d. 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick.

e. 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube.

‣ For 3rd Gen Alexa Voice Firestick Remote

Works with 7 Fire TV devices:

a. Fire TV Stick 4k.

b. Fire TV Stick Lite.

c. 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick.

d. 1st-gen Fire TV Cube.

e. 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick.

f. 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube.

g. 3rd-gen Fire TV (pendant design).

Determine the version of the Firestick remote you have.

Check to see whether it works with your existing Fire TV device.

How to Fix Firestick Remote Incompatibility Problem

The only option to solve the incompatibility issue is to get a new Firestick remote. Make sure it’s compatible with your Fire TV device this time.

While you wait for the replacement, you may use the Amazon Fire TV app to operate your device.

Amazon developed an app that allows customers to operate their Fire TV sets from their phones. This remote software gives you another option for controlling your gadgets.

To use the Amazon Fire TV remote app, follow these steps:

a. Open the Fire TV app.

b. Sign in to your Amazon account.

c. Select your Fire TV device.

d. Then enter the connection code displayed on the TV.

6. Not plugged in an HDMI-CEC port

Is your Fire TV Stick connected to an HDMI port? “Yes, it’s connected through HDMI.”

Is HDMI-CEC supported by your TV? “I’m uncertain…”

All Fire TV Stick devices should be connected to an HDMI port. However, there is a dedicated HDMI connector that allows you to control the volume with your Firestick remote.

HDMI-CEC is a technology that allows you to control all connected HDMI devices at once. When you attach your Fire TV Stick to an HDMI-CEC port, you can use the Firestick remote to adjust the volume on your TV.

To see if your TV supports HDMI-CEC, do these:

a. Navigate through your TV setting.

b. Read your TV user manual.

c. Check the port labels at the back of your TV.

“I already have my Fire TV Stick hooked into an HDMI-CEC connector.” But it’s still not working.” Some TVs require manual activation of HDMI-CEC functionality in their settings.

So start by adjusting your television settings.

How to Fix the Not plugged in an HDMI-CEC Port

First, check to see if your TV has the HDMI-CEC capability. If that’s the case, move on to the next step.

If not, you might not use the volume buttons on your Firestick remote. The HDMI-CEC port can be found on the back or sides of your TV.

Most TV companies name the ports, so finding it should be simple. Your TV should have a “HDMI-CEC” label on the back.

Note that “HDMI-CEC” is referred to by different names by different television manufacturers. As a result, go over your TV’s user handbook first.

Connect your Fire TV Stick after you’ve found the port.

Following that, the Firestick remote volume control should function. If not, you must first activate HDMI-CEC functionality on your TV.


7. Firestick Remote Unpaired with the TV

How to Pair Firestick Remote

Your Firestick remote may stop working if it becomes separated from your television.

Several factors might cause disconnect. However, the most prevalent cause is software problems in the TV system.

A TV might malfunction because of software problems. This includes not being able to use the Firestick remote. Alternatively, you may unpair the device entirely. Your Firestick remote will stop working if this happens.

This is especially true when the volume on the Firestick isn’t working.

“Do software defects count as a virus?” No, flaws in software are not viruses. Errors, flaws, or blunders arise while software is being updated.

When a user’s gadget is afflicted with software defects, it is not their fault.

How to fix the Firestick Remote Unpaired with the TV Problem

The simplest and most effective method is to update your television software.

We may accomplish this by accessing the settings.

“However, I don’t have a smart TV.” So I can’t update the software on the TVs.” If this is the case, the best course of action is to reset your television.

Soft resetting helps get rid of common bugs. It also aids in the resolution of most connection difficulties.

To soft-reset your television, follow these steps:

a. Unplug the TV power cord from the socket.

b. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes.

c. Then, plug the TV into the socket.

This should fix the connection problem between your Firestick control and your TV. You may need to repeat this process many times before you can work.

8. Unpaired with the Fire TV Stick

If your Firestick remote isn’t linked with your Fire TV Stick, it won’t operate.

They sometimes include Firestick remotes in Fire TV devices. When you connect the device in, the remote should start working immediately. If you purchased the remote separately, you must link it with the Fire TV Stick first.

“Mine arrived in a package. It worked until today.” If this is the case, your Fire TV Stick must be malfunctioning. Fire TV devices, like smart TVs, contain software.

As a result, they may become infected with software flaws. If this happens, your Fire TV Stick could stop working. The device’s system can freeze or lag, preventing it from receiving signals from the Firestick control.

How to Fix the Unpaired with the Fire TV Stick Problem 

You should link your remote with your Fire TV device if you bought it separately.

To do so, first:

a. Plug your TV into the socket.

b. Set up the Fire TV Stick to the TV.

c. Then, press the home button icon on the remote for 20 seconds.

A blue light on the remote or a display notice on your TV should appear depending on the version.

Note that the “house” icon on the remote corresponds to the home button.

“How about the second option?” What is the best way to soft reset my Fire TV Stick?”

Here’s how to reset Fire TV Stick:

a. Make sure that the TV and Fire TV Stick are plugged in.

b. Press the back and right buttons for 10 seconds.

c. Wait for a pop-up message to display on the TV.

d. Then, click “Reset.”

Note: During the resetting procedure, do not unplug or switch off any devices. This may cause the reset failing.

9. Dirty Firestick Remote Battery Contacts

Battery Contacts

Are some buttons on your remote unresponsive?

If this is the case, your remote is probably broken. Alternatively, the remote button contacts may be filthy. If you’ve been using your Firestick remote for a long time, it’s likely to have this issue.

You may know your remote might collect dirt and dust. Even if you use it daily. Some of the dirt and dust get into the remote control. They become trapped in the contacts of the remote button.

When the contacts become filthy, they may have trouble interacting with the PCB of the remote. As a result, your remote will stop working.

How to Fix the Dirty Firestick Remote Battery Contacts Problem

If the remote button contacts appear to be dusty, open the remote to clean them. The warranty on the Firestick control will be invalidated if it is opened. So only do this if the warranty on the remote has already expired.

a. Remove the remote battery compartment lid to clean the Firestick remote. Then, using a hard card or similar item, pry apart the remote’s sides.

b. Remove the button contacts and clean them after the case has been opened.

c. To clean accumulated dirt and dust, use a microfiber cloth.

d. If the contacts are clogged, clean them with a moist microfiber cloth and an alcohol solution.

Make sure the button contacts are completely dry before replacing them in the remote casing.

10. Internal Damage

If none of the previous methods work, the remote must have internal damage.

Internal damage is the most difficult, distant problem to resolve. Because you’ll have to correct the faults on the printed circuit board (PCB). Which many users aren’t knowledgeable of.

Many factors can harm the PCB of the remote, including:

a. Surges in power.

b. The remote keeps dropping.

c. Because of regular use, it has become worn out.

If you observe bruised regions, broken tracks, or scratches on the remote PCB, you know it’s damaged.

How to Fix the Internal Damage Problem

You can repair a damaged remote PCB in a variety of methods, depending on the extent of the damage.

Damaged parts must be removed and replaced with new ones.

Doesn’t that sound simple? When you’re not an electronics specialist, though, this isn’t the case. PCBs are delicate. And if one component is damaged, the entire system may collapse.

It’s preferable to get your Firestick remote repaired by an electronics professional if you’re not an expert on it. You may take your remote to a service center and have it examined by professionals.

If this is too much trouble for you, you’ll have no choice except to replace your Firestick remote. To assure product quality, purchase remote replacements directly from Amazon.


FAQs on How to Pair a Firestick Remote to Your Amazon Fire TV

This section provides solutions to common questions on how to pair a firestick remote to your Amazon Fire TV.

1. How to Pair/Unpair a Fire TV Remote Easily?

Ans: “To do this, follow these steps:

a. On your original Firestick control, press the Home button.

b. Choose Settings.

c. Choose from a variety of controllers and Bluetooth devices.

d. Go to Amazon Fire TV Remotes for further information.

e. Select Add New Remote on the following screen.

f. To recognize your new Firestick remote, press and hold the Home button.

To unpair, if your Fire TV doesn’t have a menu option for controlling an accessory, go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Amazon Fire TV Remotes and choose the item you want to control.

Then, for 15 seconds, hold Menu + Back + Home. When the unpairing is finished, Fire TV will take you back to the main menu.”

2. How Do You Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Stick 4K?

Ans: “Legally, you can’t.

Google Play is a trademarked service. For Google Play, Amazon does not have a deal with Google. As a result, you cannot install it.

If you install it according to other people’s instructions, it’s the same as someone producing a duplicate of music or a movie and then providing it to you, but you didn’t buy the music or the movie via the proper channels.”

3. How Can I Control My Non-Smart TV with My iPhone?

Ans: “With a Raspberry Pi and a Universal TV remote, it will turn your non-smart TV into a smart TV that you can control with your iPhone through Wi-Fi.”

FAQs on Firestick Remote

Go through this section for further questions and answers on Firestick remotes.

4. How to Reset an Amazon Fire Stick Remote?

Ans: ” To do this,

a. Hold down the Home button for a few seconds. Press the Menu button three times at the same time.

b. Release the home button.

c. Press the Menu button 9 times.

d. Your remote’s batteries should be removed.

e. Wait 60 seconds after unplugging your Fire TV.

f. Replace the batteries in your remote and connect your Fire TV.

g. Press and hold the Home button for 40 seconds once the Firestick Remote appears.

h. Allow 60 seconds for the setup to finish.

i. If you’re having any problems with your remote, consider replacing the batteries.

5. How Do I Connect My Amazon Fire Stick to My Tv?

Ans: “To connect the Firestick to your TV, your TV must have an HDMI port. Simply insert the Firestick into the HDMI port on your TV, then into the adapter on your Firestick, and turn on both your TV and Firestick.”

6. How Do I Connect Fire Stick to Wi-Fi without a Remote?

Ans: “The remote that comes with the Fire TV Stick appears to be the only one that works with Fire TV.

I’ve also used a remote to operate a Fire TV stick, which is commonly used to turn on and off the TV attached to the Fire TV stick. That’s something I can work around.”

FAQs on Firestick not Working

Go through this section for solutions to fix your Firestick.

7. Why is the Firestick Remote Not Working? What Happened to It?

Ans: “Your Firestick remote not working can be as a result from any of these:

a. Out of range device

b. Low or drained remote batteries

c. Bluetooth interference

d. Blocked TV IR sensor

e. Remote incompatibility

f. Not plugged in an HDMI-CEC port

g. Unpaired with the TV

h. Unpaired with the Fire TV Stick

i. Dirty battery contacts

j. Internal damage”

8. How Do You Fix an Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working?

Ans: “If your Amazon Firestick remote isn’t working, follow the instructions below. To pair the remote, press and hold the Select button for 5 seconds.

To restart the device, hold down the Select + Play buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Restart the computer: Settings – System – Restart, then disconnect the power cord for 5 seconds before plugging it in again.”

FAQs on How to Connect Firestick Remote to TV

This last section resolves questions on how to connect firestick remote to TV.

9. Why Is the Amazon Fire Tv Remote Voice Search Not Working?

Ans: “Water might cause harm to the microphone. I have one voice remote that I accidently washed a few weeks ago. All of the buttons function, however the voice search feature responds as if you said nothing at all.

The Fire TV box is OK because I have a spare voice remote that works with it. If there is water damage, changing batteries and otherwise messing with the defective remote will not solve voice search.”

10. What Remote Is Compatible with Firestick?

Ans: “Only the remote that comes with the Fire TV Stick appears to function with Fire TV. I’ve also used a remote to control a Fire TV stick, which is often used to switch on and off the TV to which the Fire TV stick is connected. I’m able to work around that.”

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