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How to Remove Highlight in PDF

– How to Remove Highlight in PDF –

Is it possible to remove highlights from a PDF? Yes, you certainly can. We’ll teach you how to remove a highlight in PDF, whether it’s a single word, a line, or a whole paragraph.

How to Remove Highlight in PDF

This may happen to anyone: you mistakenly highlight text in a PDF and want to delete it. We may use highlighters and other annotation tools to draw attention to specific portions. However, if you put your thoughts on autopilot, you can accidentally highlight anything.

How to Remove Highlight in PDF for Free

Some of the top tools on the market have been featured by Wondershare. It has concentrated on creating simple, accessible, and convenient tools while simultaneously providing fully loaded tools.

Wondershare PDF Reader is a good example of a program that allows users to conduct a variety of easy annotation operations on their PDF documents. It is absolutely free to use on Windows.

If you wish to conduct a basic job like removing highlights from a PDF, use a PDF reader and follow the steps below.

a. Open the Highlighted PDF in PDF Reader

Install PDF Reader on your computer’s desktop. When it opens, select “Open files” to import the document from which you want to remove the highlights.

b. Remove Highlight from PDF

After you’ve imported the file, go to the left-hand panel of the screen and press the “Comment” area. This brings up all the menu’s remarks and highlights.

Locate the relevant highlight in the PDF that you want to delete. When you’ve found it, right-click it and choose “Delete” from the drop-down menu. You may also delete the Highlights by single-clicking the highlighted text and using the “Delete” key on your keyboard.

This will correctly remove the highlights from the PDF. Save the document after it’s finished.

How to Remove Highlight in PDF with PDFelement

The highlighter function is quite helpful. It allows you to highlight text in a PDF document and add comments to the highlighted region. The highlighted text is usually yellow, but you may change it to any color you choose.

You may quickly erase the highlighted part if you no longer require it. It’s also possible that you highlighted it by accident.

Consider this scenario: you’ve received a 300-page document with highlights in yellow, green, and blue. You wish to get rid of all the yellow accents in the PDF. Alternatively, all the blue accents.

Consider going through the PDF one by one and deleting the highlights. This can take a long time. Fortunately, PDFelement provides a method for removing all highlights from a PDF document. You can accomplish it in just a few minutes.

a. Open PDF in the PDF Highlight Remover

To remove the highlight from a PDF, open PDFelement and navigate to the file you want to remove it from. You may either drag and drop the PDF file into the software or go to “File” > “Open.”

b. Remove All Highlights from PDF

When you open the PDF file in PDFelement, you’ll find five icons in the document’s left panel. The thumbnail, bookmark, remark, attachment, and search options are all available. Select “Comment” from the drop-down menu.

A window will now appear, listing all the comments. By holding the “Ctrl” key and clicking the highlights, you may select the ones you wish to eliminate.

If you unintentionally choose one, you may undo it by pressing and holding the Ctrl key while clicking again.

Simply press the “Delete” key on your keyboard once you’ve selected all the highlights. You may also right-click and select “Delete.” You may save the PDF file when you’ve removed all the highlights.

Please follow the procedures below to remove single highlighting from a PDF.

i. Locate the highlighting on your PDF in the Comment tab.

ii. Hover the cursor over the text that has been highlighted.

iii. To access the menu, right-click.

iv. To remove the highlighted, click Delete.

c. Save PDF

After erasing the highlight in PDF, click the “File”>”Save as” option to save the PDF file. If you need to change the PDF before saving it, you can do so.

How to Remove Highlight in PDF Online

If you prefer to work with online platforms, Wondershare Document Cloud is a great solution for removing all highlights from PDFs. You should check at the measures below to successfully cover this procedure.

a. Access the Online Tool to Delete Highlight in PDF

To access the Document Cloud interface, go to the official Wondershare Document Cloud website and touch on “Access Cloud.” Log onto the platform.

b. Upload PDF File to Remove Highlight

To import the file that has to be modified, go to the next screen and touch “Upload Files.” You’ll be taken to a new screen after a successful open.


c. Remove Highlights in PDF

When the file opens on a new screen, touch “Add Comment” to get the tools you’ll need to remove the highlights. You may see the highlight conducted over the document in the “Comments” column.

To remove the highlight from the PDF, use one of these functions.

i. When you tap across the highlight in the document, you’ll see a “Delete” symbol appear alongside it. To remove the spotlight, simply click it.

ii. In the “Comment” column, you may view further information about the highlighted material. To delete a highlight from a PDF, press the three-dotted icon and then “Delete.”

When the file opens on a new screen, touch “Add Comment” to get the tools you’ll need to remove the highlights. You may see the highlight conducted over the document in the “Comments” column.

To remove the highlight from the PDF, use one function.

i. When you tap across the highlight in the document, you’ll see a “Delete” symbol appear alongside it. To remove the spotlight, simply click it.

ii. In the “Comment” column, you may view further information about the highlighted material. To delete a highlight from a PDF, press the three-dotted icon and then “Delete.”

Best Tool to Remove Highlight from PDF

We have included a unique introduction to three different methods for eliminating highlights from PDF documents in this section. If you want a rapid solution that doesn’t require any downloads, Wondershare Document Cloud is a fantastic choice.

Despite its user-friendly design, this platform requires a constant online connection to function. You can use offline solutions for this.

While researching offline solutions, Wondershare PDF Reader is a free choice that provides basic editing features. If your assignment only necessitates minor changes, PDF Reader might be a great free solution.

Wondershare PDFelement is a feature-rich utility that performs a wide range of tasks, making it an ideal PDF manager.

They created the program with use and simplicity in mind, and it allows you complete control over the material. There are several transformation and customization options available.

With a simple user interface, you’ll be able to learn PDFelement in no time. The navigation is based on a straightforward and well-designed layout. Almost anything can be done with a single click.

Features of PDFelement

Let’s look at all the features and see what makes PDFelement one of the top professional PDF software options available.

a. Protect sensitive data with 256-bit password encryption

b. Redact text to protect sensitive content within the document

c. Create and manage digital signatures

d. Assign permission for team members to change the content

e. Insert text, image, or link within the document

f. Add watermark to the PDF document

g. Edit the background or adjust the visible page of the PDF document

h. Optimize PDF to reduce the file size

i. Perform OCR to turn scanned documents and images into searchable and editable text

j. Convert to Office formats, rich text format, EPUB, HTML, image, or text format

k. Insert pages, split pages, or extract pages from the document

l. Extract data to CSV file

m. Auto recognize and create interactive form fields

n. Share your document directly from PDFelement via email, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read more on how to remove highlight in PDF.

1. How Do I Unhighlight a Text in Foxit PDF Reader?

Ans: ” To do this,

a. Open your PDF file.

b. You will find the “Comment” icon at the top of your screen; click on it to display the comment panel.

c. Right-click on the highlighted comment, then select delete.”

2. How to Edit, Mark, or Highlight Text in A PDF without The Editor?

Ans: “One solution is to open your PDF file in Word, do your markings, etc., and then save it back to a PDF file.”

3. Can You Change the Highlight Color in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

Ans: “To change this color, right-click the highlighted text and choose “Properties.” You will see a “Highlight Properties” window. Here, at the top, click the “Appearance” tab. Then select a new highlight color from the “Color” field.”

4. Which PDF Readers Can Export Highlighted Text?

Ans: Foxit Reader is one of the best free PDF readers. You can open multiple PDF files in separate tabs, highlight PDF, add a note, export comments, add signatures, and more. Among the huge list of features, extracting highlighted text from PDF is also there.”

5. How Do I Find a Highlighted Text in an Adobe Reader or PDF File?

Ans: “Select the Highlight text icon from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Once you select it, the Highlight text tool will be active, showing it as the chosen option. Locate the text or sentence you want to highlight.”

6. How Can I Redact a Document/PDF for Free?

Ans: Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, and then choose “Tools” > “Redact”. Step 2. Choose “Mark for Redaction” > “Text & Images” to redact your PDF file. Drag to select a line, block of text, object, or area.”

7. How Do I Remove Highlighter Pen Marks from a Paper?

Ans: “Lemon juice fades highlighter enough to make it virtually undetectable. Cut a lemon in half and get some juice on a cotton swab. Run the swab over the highlighted text and watch the color fade.”

8. How to Change the Text Highlight Color in Nitro PDF Reader?

Ans: “To do this,

a. Open your PDF in Nitro PDF Reader. Right click on the highlight.

b. Open your PDF in Nitro and choose a highlighting on the page. Right click and select Properties.

c. After selecting properties, a small window will be activated. Click the Appearance tab and then choose an highlight color you prefer.”

9. How to Blur Some Sentences in PDF File?

Ans: “To do this,

a. Choose Tools > Redact.

b. On the Edit menu, choose Redact Text & Images.

c. Select the text or image in a PDF, right-click, and select Redact.

d. Select the text or image in a PDF, choose Redact in the floating context-menu.”

10. How to View All the Highlighted Text Together in Adobe Reader?

Ans: “To search for the highlighted text, again click on “Comment” and then the “Comment” icon in the left vertical toolbar. Once you click on it, all the highlighted text will appear in another bar next to the vertical toolbar. Now, you can select any one from the list to check it.”

Try any of the above methods and see which works best for you. Do well to give us your feedback in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this knowledge with friends.

Tech Regards!