How to Remove Sim Card from iPhone 12

– How to Remove SIM Card from iPhone 12 –

To remove or replace the SIM card in your iPhone 12 Pro Max, follow this tutorial. Only the actual SIM card is covered by this manual; the embedded SIM (eSIM), which is silicon-based, cannot be taken out.

How to Remove Sim Card from iPhone 12

How to Remove Sim Card from iPhone 12

“No SIM” will appear in the Control Center if a SIM card is not present on the device. The documentation folder within the iPhone box contains the SIM tool.

1. Find the Sim Tray

On the right side of the device, there is a SIM card tray. To remove the SIM tray and insert a SIM card, put a SIM tool into the gap.

2. Add or Remove the Sim Card

The notched edge on the lower right and the gold contacts should be facing up when inserting or removing the Nano-SIM card from the SIM tray. Once it snaps into position and is flush with the device’s side, insert the SIM tray back in.


Frequently Asked Questions

Go through this section for more answers on how to remove SIM card from iPhone 12.

1. How to Open an iPhone SIM Tray if it Won’t Open the Normal Way?

Ans: “Locate the SIM slot which on iPhone 11 is on the right-hand side. · Use the pin tool that comes with the iPhone to gently push it. If you don’t have that, using a pin is a second option.”

2. How Can I Remove a SIM Card from My iPhone?

Ans: “To do this,paper clip

b. Find the SIM tray.

c. Look for the small hole next to it.

d. Insert either a SIM eject tool, or the end of a paper clip, into the hole.

e. Press firmly until the tray pops out partway.

f. Pull on the tray to remove it completely.”

3. How to Take My SIM Card Out When the Ejector Tool has Been Lost?

Ans: “For those who don’t have a SIM tray ejector on hand, the humble paper clip is one of the best alternatives. Just bend one of its ends and you’re good to go! But make sure you use a paper clip thin enough to fit into the tray’s hole.”

4. How Do I Move a SIM Card to a New iPhone?

Ans: “On the right-hand side of the iPhone, look for a tiny indent. If you look closely, it looks like a mini c draw. Take the paper clip and insert it into the indent, and push gently.

The draw pops out complete with SIM card on the new iPhone. There is a similar setup. Before you transfer the removed SIM card to your new,  iPhone check for compatibility. You can do so with your phone carrier.”

5. How Do You Get a Stuck SIM Card Out of Your Phone?

Ans: “Use a paper clip or ejection tool to press the eject button and ideally, the tray will function again. If this fails, turn the phone upside down so the tray is facing the ground and press the ejection button several times.

The extra force of gravity may help the tray spring loose.”

6. How Can We Turn Off the Dial Pad Sound on an iPhone?

Ans: “Settings/Sounds/Keyboard Clicks (on the bottom) to OFF. Flip the Ring/Silent switch. Settings/Sounds/Keyboard Clicks (on the bottom) to OFF.”

7. Can You Put a SIM Card in an iPhone without The Tray?

Ans: “No. It will not stay or connect without a SIM tray. It may be possible if you opened up the iPhone and then tape the SIM card down to the contact points of the SIM reader… but you’re better off just buying a replacement SIM tray online rather than do that.”

8. How Do I Place a SIM Card in an iPhone?

Ans: “In the iPhone box you will fine a metal stick that is pointed from the top. You insert it in a small hole that is the border of the phone. You insert it then the SIM card chip will appear.”

9. Is it Safe to Remove a SIM Card While Your Phone is on?

Ans: “Yes, it is safe to remove or insert into your SIM card when your phone is on. Older phone models may automatically restart the phone after removing/inserting the SIM card, but this will not cause any damage.”

10. How to Take the Phone Case Off of My iPhone 12

Ans: “Start by removing the corner of the case that is catty-corner to the ringer switch and volume buttons. Grab your phone like you’re going to send a text and rotate it 180º, keeping the screen side up.

On this new, top-left corner, place both thumbs on the front of the case and firmly pry the case away from the phone.”

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