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How to Reset Motorola Phone

– How to Reset Motorola Phone –

You will learn how to reset a Motorola Phone using various key combinations and special code functions. The button combinations and key codes apply to all Motorola mobile phones, including locked Motorola phones.

How to Reset Motorola Phone

To cure a variety of problems, you may need to reset or restore your Motorola Mobile Cell Phone (Feature Phone or Android Smartphone) to its factory settings. The following are examples of problems that require “RESET”:

a. Your Motorola phone is locked or has been locked.

b. You’ve forgotten your Motorola Mobile Phone’s Secret Code, Password, or Pattern.

c. If the message “Subscriber Not Allowed” appears on your Motorola Mobile Phone Model W220, follow the steps below to reset your phone to factory settings and solve the problem.

d. You have an excessive number of hang-ups on your Motorola mobile phone.

In such circumstances, you’ll need to reset your phone to get it back to factory settings and address the issues.

How to Reset Motorola Feature Mobile Phone With Code

To reset the Motorola phone, do these:

a. Take out the SIM card from your phone.

b. Call *#**367628# with the password *#**367628#. Master Reset will begin when you complete the steps above.

c. Type the following code after one minute: *#**778337#

d. This will factory reset your Motorola GSM phone.

How to Reset Motorola Android SmartPhone

To reset the Motorola Android smartphone, do these:

a. Go to -> Settings -> Select Privacy -> Select Factory Data Reset -> Check Erase Internal Storage (If you want) -> Select Reset Phone. OR

b. Remove the SIM card from your phone and turn it off.

c. Press the Volume Up+Volume Down+Power Keys at the same time.

The Motorola logo and the Android logo with an exclamation mark will appear when the phone starts up.

d. Remove all keys and press the Home key.

e. On a black background, the phone will display some blue text.

f. Scroll down to the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option using the Volume Down Key.

g. Continue to reset by pressing the Power Key.

The factory data reset process will begin.

h. Press the Power Key to Reboot when the Formatting Process is Completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more on how to reset the Motorola phone in this section.

1. How Do You Factory Reset a Locked Motorola Phone?

Ans: “To do this,

a. Switch off your device

b. Press volume down + power key

c. Now press volume down key to see option recovery mode -then press power key to select recovery mode

d. Now the device boot into recovery mode – with exclamation mark

e. Now press the combination key volume down key + power key then immediately release the power key

f. Now you choose options on recovery mode – wipe data and reset all your user data .

g. After job done reboot your device. First time boot will take a few minutes to see the welcome screen then setup your device.”

2. How Do I Do a Factory Reset of My Motorola Phone?

Ans: “The methods to factory reset any Android phone running Android 10 are as follows.

a. Go to the Settings menu.

b. Select System.

c. Select Reset from the drop-down menu.

d. Select Erase all data / Factory reset from the menu.


You can enter your device’s Recovery mode and do a Factory Reset.”

3. I Am Locked Out Of My Moto G. How Can I Perform a Hard Reset?

Ans: “First take your phone in bootloader and then move to recovery using volume rockers and power button then select wipe all data option.”

4. I Forget the Pattern Lock for My Moto G2. How Can I Release It?

Ans: “If your phone is still on Kitkat 4.4.4 and you have a Google account tied to it, you can try this.

a. Continue trying different patterns until you see a “Forgot Password” popup.

b. Click it and sign in with your Google account information.

c. It will now prompt you for a new password.”

5. My Moto E Speakers Are Not Working. How Can I Fix It?

Ans: “To do this,

a. Open the back cover of the book.

b. Press down firmly on the rear of the speaker, close to the battery.

c. It’s quite difficult.

d. Please let me know if you like this exercise as well.”

6. How to Factory Reset My Tracfone Wirless Phone?

Ans: “Remove the battery from your ZTE Tracfone and turn it off. Keep pressing the Power button until the screen shuts off.

a. The power button is located on the phone’s upper right corner.

b. To go to the Android Recovery menu, go to Settings > Recovery > Android Recovery.

Press and hold the Volume Up (left button on the phone) button, the Power button, and the Menu button (found at the bottom-right face of the unit) (located at the bottom-right face of the unit).

c. Hold on to the buttons until the Android Recovery menu appears.

d. “Wipe data/Factory reset” is located at the bottom of the page. To get this option, hold down the Volume Down button until “Wipe data/Factory reset” appears.

e. “Wipe data/Factory reset” should be selected. After highlighting “Wipe data/Factory reset,” tap the Back button to pick the option.

f. The Back button is located on the phone’s bottom left side.

Allow the wipe procedure to complete. After you hit the Back button, the phone will begin the wipe process and reboot automatically.”

7. How Can I Hard Reset a Moto G8 Power?

Ans: “To turn on the phone, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. Press and hold the Volume Down button until Recovery mode appears.

To enter Recovery mode, press the Power button. Scroll to Wipe data/factory reset with the Volume buttons, then push the Power button to choose it.”

8. How Do I Factory Reset a Motorola Droid?

Ans: “Tap the Menu button on the home screen, then Settings. Tap the Privacy option on the Settings screen. A variety of options will appear, including Back up my data,” “Automatic restoration,” and “Factory data reset.” To restore your phone’s factory settings, choose the “Factory data reset” option.”

9. How to Delete a Google Account from a Reset Moto Z3 Phone?

Ans: “From a Home screen, swipe up to access all apps.

a. Navigate: Settings. Accounts.

b. Tap the Gmail account.

c. Tap. Remove account.

d. Tap. Remove account. to confirm.”

10. How Do I Fix a Motorola Phone that Keeps Restarting?

Ans: “Manually clean the cache on any apps you use regularly to see if it helps. Cache cleansers don’t work, at least not the ones I tested on a daily basis.

To delete cache manually, go to settings, applications, the app in issue (my favorites are Pandora and Facebook), storage/cache, then clean cache. If you accidentally wipe storage, you’ll have to redo any sign-ins or configurations, so just do cache.”

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