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How to Save TikTok Drafts to Camera Roll

– How to Save TikTok Drafts to Camera Roll –

Seasoned content creators will agree that some videos, despite making it to the TikTok platform, might not make it out in this very competitive content industry. Drafts offer you an opportunity to save you this piece of future inspiration towards creating a mind blowing content. You will find in this article steps on how to save TikTok drafts to camera roll.

How to Save TikTok Drafts to Camera Roll

The TikTok drafts folder is a handy place to save and examine videos before clicking the publish button, but if you’re worried about the quality, getting a second opinion can help.

The first step in collecting feedback is to transfer those drafts off TikTok and onto your camera roll or picture album. You can text drafts to pals with caution for viral material from here.

How to Save TikTok Drafts to Camera Roll

A small modification from a fast dialogue might catapult you to TikTok fame, and you might even catch stuff in the background that should be kept hidden.

We’ll show you how to save TikTok drafts on your phone without publishing them.

1. Open the Drafts Folder

To access your profile page,

a. Open TikTok on your Android or iPhone

b. Then Screen tap “Profile” in the lower right corner.

c. Tap “Drafts” on the left side of the screen to see a list of your unreleased videos.

Although it is shown on your profile, you are the only one who can see this folder.

There’s no need to be concerned about someone viewing stuff that is currently being developed!

Your drafts will be destroyed if you remove TikTok.

2. Change the Privacy Settings

To access the settings page,

a. Tap the video you want to save, then tap “Next.”

b. Next, tap “who may watch this video” next to the lock icon, then select “Only Me.”

If you don’t finish this step, it will make your video public to everyone on TikTok.

c. Then, at the bottom of the page, select “More Options,” then “Save to Device” to give TikTok access to your phone.

3. Privately Post the TikTok Video

To see your video, hit the lock icon on your profile page, then tap Post. Your TikTok video, along with any effects, filters, and music you applied throughout the editing process, should be saved to your smartphone.


Frequently Asked Questions

This question-and-answer section explains how to save TikTok drafts to camera roll.

1. How Can I Save a TikTok to A Camera Roll?

Ans: “To save a TikTok video, do this:

a. Launch the TikTok app.

b. Play the video you want to download.

c. Click on the Share icon at the right-side menu.

d. Once a sharing menu appears on the screen, select Save video.

e. Wait a few seconds until it saves your TikTok video to camera roll.”

2. How Do You Save a TikTok Draft?

Ans: “To save a TikTok draft, do this:

a. Open your drafts folder and select the video you want to save. Click ‘Next’ to head to the options.

b. Where it says who can watch this video,’ change it to ‘only me.’

c. Under more options, ensure that the ‘Save video’ option is toggled to the one position.

d. Tap ‘Post’ to post your video.

Check your camera roll, and your video should be there.”

3. How Do You Save a TikTok Video without Posting It?

Ans: “Here is how to save a TikTok video without posting it:

a. Launch your TikTok app

b. Tap on the + icon to create a new TikTok video

c. Choose a filter and effect for your video

d. Click on “Who can see my video?”

e. Select the “Private” option

f. Post your TikTok video

g. Navigate to your TikTok profile, then open the particular video that you want to save

h. Click on share and choose the save option.”

4. How Can You Free Up Storage on TikTok?

Ans: “To free up storage on TikTok, do this:

a. Go to your profile.

b. Click on the three dot icon in the top right corner.

c. Click on Settings.

d. Click on Clear Cache.

e. Clear both (Video and chat).”

5. Where Are TikTok Drafts?

Ans: “Your draft will display in a dedicated folder at the top of your profile page once you’ve saved your film. TikTok You can see your Drafts folder on your profile page.”

6. Why Can’t I Save Certain Videos on TikTok?

Ans: “According to Influencer Marketing Hub, if you don’t see a save option through either of the aforementioned ways, the video’s owner has prohibited downloads from their account.

Not that you can’t store those videos for later viewing; it simply means you’ll have to be covert about it.”

7. How to Download TikTok Video without Watermark?

Ans: “Open your browser and go to Copy the URL and paste it into the search box. Dropbox has the “MP4″ option enabled by default, which allows you to download video without watermarks. Select Download.”

8. How Do You Save a Video in TikTok?

Ans: “To save a TikTok video, first click the share button, then select the save video option. This option will only appear if the video’s author has enabled downloads in his or her account’s privacy settings.”

9. How Can I Make a Wallpaper from A TikTok Video?

Ans: “When you go to TikTok and save the video, you’ll see an option to download it as a live video. Then save it as a wallpaper from your camera roll.”

10. How Do You Send Private Videos on TikTok?

Ans: “To send private videos on TikTok, do this:

a. Open the private video.

b. Click on three dots “…” or share.

c. Click on “Copy Link”. The URL of your private video link is copied to the clipboard.

d. Tap “Messenger” to send the URL link to your private video out in TikTok.

If the contact already has TikTok, the video will appear when they tap the link. If not, they’ll be prompted to download TikTok.

Another method is to download the video and send it out with the attachment of this video file. 

a. Locate the private video you want to send and open it.

b. Click “Save Video”.

c. Open Messenger application.

d. Find the person whom you want to send your video to.

e. Type the photo icon.

f. Tap your TikTok video to send it in the chat.

g. Tap the airplane icon in the lower right corner. This will send the video to the selected contact.

It is just a rough idea to do it. You need to play with it based on the real situation of your TikTok app in your phone.”

We hope you can now save TikTok drafts to camera roll. Do well to share this article with other content creators and TikTok enthusiasts within your circle using the share buttons on this page.

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