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How to Unblock a Blocked Number or Contact on Your iPhone

– How to Unblock a Number –

Perhaps you block some numbers because you don’t want messages from a specific acquaintance with a skewed sense of humor to appear on your screen while you’re at work. Perhaps you wish to release them from the bottom of that blocked forgotten list (speaking of hell). This article will teach you how to unblock a number on both iPhone and Android. 

How to Unblock a Number

The good news is that it simply takes a few seconds to block a contact. The good thing is that banning a phone number isn’t permanent, so you can unblock it if you change your mind. It’s really easier to unblock a phone number than it is to block it.

But first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page on what blocking phone calls actually entails.

Know that when you block a number on iPhone, you won’t be able to call a blocked iPhone contact. They also won’t be able to FaceTime or text you. However, the rejected caller still has a method to contact you since they can leave a voicemail.

When someone from a blocked number contacts you, your phone instantly sends the call to voicemail, but your iPhone does not notify you on a new message.

Rather, the blocked caller’s voicemail will sit in your voicemail box, unheard (and undesired), until you go into your voicemail box, find it, and delete it. (Or just listen; it’s your choice.)

To begin, decide whether you’re unblocking a number on iPhone in your contacts or a number from your recent call list.

Here’s how to accomplish both tasks.

To unblock a number in your contacts, do these:

a. Go to the “Contacts” tab in the green-and-white phone app on your screen.

b. Locate and open the specific contact you’re looking for.

c. Scroll to the bottom of the back of the phone and hit the words Unblock this Caller in blue.

Here’s what to do if you accidentally blocked a recent caller who isn’t in your contacts and now regret it (maybe you now want that dental insurance plan).

1. Go to your phone app’s “Recents” menu and look for the number.

2. Tap the blue “I” in the blue circle to the far right of the number that corresponds.

3. Scroll down and touch the blue “Unblock this Caller” button.

You’ve completed the task. That’s all; those previously blocked contacts have now been unblocked.


How to Unblock a Blocked Number on an Android Phone

How to Unblock a Number

Previously, the only persons who could call your mobile phone were those to whom you had given your phone number.

Your phone number is now all over the place, and you may have realized that you’re getting a lot more unsolicited calls than you used to.

All you have to do if an unpleasant caller continues to phone you is block the number. On an Android, blocked calls will go directly to voicemail, and they will not send SMS.

And if you subsequently decide that you need to hear from that number, you can quickly unblock the number.

Using your Android’s built-in Phone app, here’s how to accomplish both.

With so many various phones on the market today, there are a variety of options for blocking a phone number on Android. One of the most prevalent methods is as follows.

a. Launch the Phone application.

b. To access the menu, tap the three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner.

c. Select “Settings” from the menu.

d. Scroll down the settings app menu and tap on “Blocked numbers.”

e. Tap “Add a number” at the top of the blocked numbers list.

f. Tap “Block” to finish the procedure after entering the phone number you wish to block.

How to Unblock a Phone Number on an Android

Unblocking is much easier than blocking if you accidentally block a number or your circumstances change and you no longer need to stop the individual from contacting or messaging you.

a. Go back to the list of blocked numbers and press the “X” button next to the one you no longer want blocked.

2. Tap “Unblock” to confirm that you wish to unblock the number.

You’ll get calls and messages from that number again in the future.

Best Spam Call Blockers for iPhones

There’s good news if you’re tired of robocalls and scam calls on your iPhone. Call blocking applications for iOS are available that function effectively and can protect you from bothersome scam calls.

Find out which applications are the best for blocking spam calls on your iPhone, both free and premium.

Although Apple’s iOS 13 release added a new direct-to-voicemail tool for unsolicited calls, they still bombard iPhone owners with phone spams.

According to industry studies, the typical American receives 17 spam calls each month, with millions of people receiving several spam calls every day.

Unfortunately, joining a “do not call” list will have no effect.

Users of iOS might consider downloading one of the finest spam call filters for iPhone to avoid receiving unsolicited calls.

Spam call and robocall filtering applications not only help you prevent unwanted calls, but they also connect you to a rapidly increasing community devoted to putting an end to phone spam.

How to Find the Best Spam Call Blocker

For apps which are allowed in the App Store, Apple is rather picky. As a consequence, the majority of iPhone robocall and spam call filters have been thoroughly tested for consumer safety.

However, there are significant differences in everything from pricing to features.

We’ve given each of these applications its own Spam Killing Score based on the following factors to help you better understand which apps could be worth checking out:

a. User reviews and ratings on the App Store (minimum 1,000 reviews threshold, minimum 4-star rating).

b. Customer service is important. (responds to negative App Store reviews in a kind manner)

c. Features of high quality.

d. The cost (as it relates to quality).

We’ve also given each category a 5-point scale, for a total of 20 potential points, to account for minor variances.

While no spam-blocking software on our list has a perfect score, each of the apps we’ve discovered performs admirably in these areas and is worth investigating.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to remember that no spam call filtering tool can guarantee that all spam calls will be blocked. To avoid being blacklisted, many fraudsters and telemarketers may alter their phone numbers or impersonate new and different numbers.

Your greatest goal is not to have every spam call prevented (which is technically impossible at the moment), but to limit the number of spam calls and to have better foresight into when a call could be spam.

Best Spam Call Blockers for IOS Devices

How to Unblock a Number

We’ve compiled a list of the best spam call and robocall filtering applications for iOS based on our research into iPhone spam call blockers.

Each of these services is successful in its own way, and our list of iOS spam prevention applications includes a wide range of capabilities.

1. Robo Shield

Robo Shield, a newcomer to the spam filtering software market for iPhone, has swiftly established itself as a very effective solution for blocking unsolicited calls.

This software is special because it is part of a broader bundle of desirable privacy and security solutions that you may contemplate or paying for separately.

Review of Robo Shield:

a. Ratings/reviews in the App Store: 5 stars

b. 5 points for customer service

c. 5 points for feature quality

d. 4 points for price

SPAM Deactivation Score: 19/20 (95% )

Robo Shield Ratings and Customer Service

In providing an attractive solution to robocall and spam call filtering on the iPhone, this software knocks it out of the park.

Robo Shield has received 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 6,000 users in the Apple App Store.

The app readily satisfied our requirements for inclusion on the list, and it has the following benefits in terms of ratings and customer service:

Pango, the creator of Robo Shield, and how he handled negative feedback, blew us away.

A Pango (previously AnchorFree) representative responds positively and helpfully to almost every negative comment on the company’s App Store page.

That alone distinguishes this software, since we discovered that this approach to customer help is regrettably uncommon.

Because of the efficiency of its spam-blocking feature, users offer Robo Shield excellent ratings and positive reviews.

And, while this program doesn’t have a lot of functions, the ones it has are all useful—nothing feels superfluous or unneeded.

Robo Shield Features

This app has the following features:

a. Caller ID

b. Automatic call filtering based on its hourly-updated spam database

c. Number lookup tool

d. Automatic number blocking

A category-based blocking option that enables you to stop certain sorts of spam calls, such as robocalls from charities, political agencies, and account management services, is unique to Robo Shield (as in, no other alternative we’ve looked at has it).

You won’t have to worry about picking up the phone if you divert such calls to voicemail.


Robo Shield Pricing

The pricing is our major criticism of Robo Shield, although there is one exception.

Robo Shield costs $12.99 a month and includes a premium membership to Hotspot Shield VPN, the popular 1Password password manager, and the Identity Guard identity theft protection service.

A membership to Robo Shield is more expensive, because it includes many tools in one bundle.

However, if you’re already looking for the tools included in its special bundle, it can save you a lot of money.

In the future, the business should be able to sell its spam call prevention program as a separate service. Until then, it’s one of the better solutions for iPhone users concerned about privacy.

2. Truecaller

Truecaller is well regarded in the phone spam filtering market, and for good reason.

It’s one of the most popular and widely used spam-blocking programs on the market.

It’s also one of the few solutions on our list that offers a completely free membership tier and efficient spam call filtering for iPhones.

Truecaller Review:

a. Ratings/reviews in the App Store: 5 stars

b. 5 points for customer service

c. 4 points for feature quality

d. Points awarded: 5

Spam Deactivation Score: 19/20 (95%)

Truecaller Ratings and Customer Service

In the App Store, this service has received over 200,000 customer ratings. Despite having so many, it has maintained a 4.5-star rating.

Its ability to maintain such a high score shows the tool’s enormous efficacy and its excellent customer service.

Truecaller has a lot of potential because:

a. It’s one of the few applications that responds to both negative and good star evaluations.

b. Even for individuals who have had a favorable experience with the app, the firm is continuously providing helpful advice and comments in its App Store review area.

Truecaller Features

On Truecaller’s features list, you’ll find:

a. Caller ID (free)

b. Spam call blocking (free)

c. Profile creation (free)

d. Extensive and detailed call history (free)

e. Who Viewed My Profile (premium)

f. Contact requests

g. Incognito mode (premium)

h. Call recording (premium)

You’ll discover that this software is jam-packed with features. In some ways, to its own detriment.

They actually awarded Truecaller a lower score, since most of the premium features felt gimmicky and unneeded.

For example, the premium service includes social media-like features such as the ability to see who has visited your Truecaller profile and a gold-colored caller ID sign that only other Truecaller members can see.

Thankfully, the essential functions (call blocking and caller ID) are all available for free and perform admirably. If you don’t like the ad-supported model, the premium packages do remove advertisements.

Premium also includes a call recording capability, which you can get for free with other applications.

Truecaller pricing

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind commercials, this app is a terrific choice. If the features appeal to you, the Truecaller premium edition is rather reasonable, costing only $2.99 per month or $26.99 per year if paid annually.

3. Nomorobo Robocall Blocking

Call Blocking

Nomorobo, a past winner of the Federal Trade Commission’s Robocall Challenge, isn’t the most well-known program for preventing unsolicited calls. Not that isn’t a viable alternative.

Indeed, Nomorobo is a solid candidate on our list, and one that every iPhone user should give a go. You’ll have a hard time rationalizing not trying it out thanks to its 14-day free trial.

Nomorobo Reviews:

a. App Store ratings/reviews: 4 points

b. Customer service: 5 point

c. Quality of features: 5 points

d. Price: 5 points

Spam Deactivation Score: 19/20 (95%)

Nomorobo Ratings and Customer Service

This service has relatively few flaws that we could detect. As of this writing, it has a 4.5 rating on the iOS App Store, with over 12,000 reviews.

Despite this, the business claims to have over 2.5 million customers, which is fairly questionable given the lack of app ratings.

Regardless, if you’re an iOS user, you’re receiving the most of what this app offers, especially when contrasted to its dreadful Android counterpart.

Nomorobo also responds quickly to its consumers. We give the developer great points for responding to feedback on the App Store in a timely and friendly manner.

Nomorobo features

The Nomoborob app offers the following features:

  • Spam call blocking
  • Spam text blocker
  • Adblocker
  • Anti-tracking for web browsing
  • Phone number lookup tool

The program allows you to choose between automatically banning robocalls and forwarding them to voicemail, or just flagging suspicious numbers as “Robocallers” when they arrive.


Nomorobo Pricing

These appealing features, as well as excellent customer service, are accessible for only $1.99 each month.

Taken together, this makes Nomorobo one of the top spam filters for iPhone users in terms of “bang for your buck.”

4. YouMail Voicemail & Spam Blocker

YouMail stands out in the spam filtering industry by concentrating on voicemail services.

The YouMail Voicemail & Spam Block software checks numbers contacting your phone against a “bad number” database and automatically sends spam callers a “this number is not in service” message. It even provides a free service.

YouMail Voicemail & Spam Blocker Review:

a. App Store ratings/reviews: 5 points

b. Customer service: 4 points

c. Quality of features: 4.5 points

d. Price: 5 points

Spam Deactivation Score: 18.5/20 (92.5%)

YouMail Voicemail & Spam Blocker Ratings and Customer Service

This app has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating in the App Store, based on over 75,000 user reviews.

The speed with which this organization reacts to customer feedback is quite outstanding. In terms of customer service, we noticed:

a. YouMail responds to a significant percentage of unfavorable evaluations.

b. Positive reviews are also highlighted, along with a thank-you remark.

Customer service was far from perfect:

While this service excels at responding to users, YouMail reacts to negative comments in a caustic and occasionally mean-spirited tone much too often.

This type of action results in a loss of points for an otherwise excellent app.

You Mail Voicemail & Spam Blocker Features

On the features side of things, YouMail offers:

a. Separate voicemail service (free)

b. Robocall blocking pulled from YouMail’s database of 100,000+ known spam numbers (free)

c. 100 voicemail inbox limit (free)

d. 10 voicemail-to-text transcripts (free)

e. Unlimited blacklisting (free)

f. Unlimited personalized voicemail greetings for your contacts (free)

Paid plans have some potentially helpful added features, but they’re usually only worth it if you use your phone for work. Most people don’t require a voicemail limit of 1,000 messages (Plus plan) or 10,000 messages (Professional plan).

Spam filtering is not a key function provided by YouMail. It has a large database, and its strategy of forcing spammers to send automated messages is more effective than other services.

However, because its user base is smaller, its user-generated spam database is likewise smaller.

It will capture fewer robocalls than its larger competitors, making it less effective than Truecaller and RoboKiller, for example.

YouMail Voicemail & Spam Blocker pricing

YouMail Voicemail & Spam Blocker’s free option is fantastic. However, if you plan to use the service for business, it has a number of subscription tiers that boost voicemail limitations, remove commercials, and provide other useful corporate features.

The Plus plan costs $5.99 per month, while the Professional plan costs $10.99 and the Small Business plan costs $24.99 per month.

5. RoboKiller

Robo Killer Multiple Contacts on iPhone

RoboKiller is one of the most commonly used spam prevention applications available for iPhones and iOS devices, having been named “App of the Day” by The Washington Post.

Its positive evaluations and user ratings are a significant indicator of how good it is at what it does, and they contrast with the mixed reviews it has received from Android device users on Google Play.

Robo Killer Review:

a. App Store ratings/reviews: 5 points

b. Customer service: 3.5 points

c. Quality of features: 5 points

d. Price: 5 points

Spam Deactivating Score: 18.5/20 (92.5%)

Robokiller Ratings and Customer Service

RoboKiller, like many of the top applications on the market, began on the iPhone. It’s also properly optimized for the iPhone, which contributes to its 4.5-star rating on the App Store.

Notably, it has maintained that high rating through over 300,000 customer evaluations, outlasting the competition in terms of both market longevity and popularity.

The history of this service’s customer care is our major issue:

a. Although it reacts to a handful of negative reviews in the App Store, the majority of them appear patronizing.

b. While RoboKiller obviously does not address more complicated issues raised in app evaluations, it also has a habit of asking consumers to contact support rather than responding to complaints in a more constructive manner.

Robokiller Features

With Robokiller, you’ll get access to:

a. Call blocking

b. A regularly updated spam number list

c. Whitelisting for trusted numbers

d. SMS spam blocking

e. Spam call recording

f. Create your own answer bot

g. Listen to yours and others’ recorded scam calls

The blocking approach used by RoboKiller is completely unique. This service reroutes all calls to its own exchange service, rather than just screening calls for known numbers and barring them.

RoboKiller deploys an army of bots that answer your spam calls and compel scam callers to waste their time via conditional port forwarding. There is no usage of your own phone time in this procedure.

RoboKiller’s product is meant to bring a little mischief to individuals who prefer to lash back at fraudsters and spammers.

It not only wastes the time of robocall and scam callers, but it also records them and allows you to listen to (and laugh at) them afterwards.

You may even use RoboKiller to turn off your voicemail and put scam callers on a never-ending ringing loop.

Robokiller Pricing

RoboKiller costs $29.99 per year, or around $2.50 each month. Given how well it works on the iPhone, it’s a great option for iPhone users on our list.

6. Malwarebytes Mobile Security

This program is well-known for its antivirus software, but it also has a highly rated mobile security app with fraud and spam fighting capabilities.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security Review:

a. App Store ratings/reviews: 5 points

b. Customer service: 5 point

c. Quality of features: 3.5 points

d. Price: 5 points

Spam Deactivation Score: 18.5/20 (92.5%)

Malwarebytes Mobile Security Ratings and Customer Service

Malwarebytes Mobile Security is one of the top alternatives on our list, with a 4.6 out of 5-star rating and over 20,000 user reviews in the App Store.

The antivirus service is well known in the industry, and it now offers mobile security as browser protection and call protection.

Malwarebytes also provide exceptional customer service, as seen by:

a. The organization takes the time to reply to consumer complaints in the App Store in a kind manner.

b. According to what we’ve seen, replies to nearly every complaint.

c. Users have revised their ratings of the app in many situations after receiving troubleshooting help in the review area.

Malwarebytes Mobiles Security Features

With this app, you’ll get the following features:

a. Adblocking (free)

b. Malicious site blocking (free)

c. SMS fraud filter (free)

d. Spam call blocking (premium)

e. Caller ID (premium)

There is no automated blocking or forwarding calls to voicemail, which you will discover with the services on our list that are more targeted and built to deal with robocalls.


Malwarebytes Mobile Security pricing

This service appears to be free. You’ll have to pay for the premium service if you want to use it as a spam call blocking tool.

You may upgrade to the premium service for $1.49 per month or $11.99 per year, which includes effective spam call filtering and the Call Protect function.

FAQs on How to Unblock a Blocked Number on Your iPhone

Go through this section for a detailed first-hand experience on how to unblock a blocked number or contact on your iPhone.

1. How to Unblock a Contact Number on My Straight Talk Phone?

Ans: “Straight Talk Cellular’s network can not ban calls or text messages. Blocking and unblocking calls is possible on some feature phones, however it depends on the model. For instructions for your specific phone, consult the handbook.

If you have a Straight Talk Android or Symbian smartphone, you can block/unblock calls via the phone’s settings menu, or if you use a third-party program to block calls, you just need that specific app to reverse blocking.”

2. How to Unblock a Phone Call?

Ans: “If you are the one who is being blocked, there are applications available for some phones that allow you to disguise or temporarily change your phone number for an outbound call made using the app.

On iPhones, if you have stopped someone from contacting you, you must unblock them using the phone settings.

You would have had to block them directly with the network on conventional phones, thus the network will have to unlock the number at your request.”

3. How to Call Someone if They Have Blocked Your Number?

Ans: “Using *67 before their number to hide your caller ID could work unless they’ve employed a sophisticated call blocking service. I’m not so convinced about that.

You also have the option of calling them from a different phone number. You may borrow someone’s phone or use Google Voice or another VOIP service to get a new phone number.”

FAQs on How to Retrieve History of a Blocked Contact

Is retrieving the call log, and chat history of a blocked contact possible? Read this section to find out.

4. How Can I Unblock Myself from Another Number and Call Him?

Ans: “Simple; You cannot! But if you insist on reaching out, you can either use a new number or go through several social media platforms. “

5. How Do I Retrieve Texts from A Number I Blocked?

Ans: “Folllow these steps to do this:

a. Look through your messages.

b. Open Settings from the drop-down menu.

c. Go to the prohibited messages section.

d. It should open them if you click on it.”

6. How Do You Unblock Blocked Numbers?

Ans: “To do this,

a. Open the Phone app on your device.

b. Tap on More.

c. Blocked numbers may be unblocked by going to Settings > Blocked numbers.

d. Tap Clear Unblock next to the number you wish to unblock.”

FAQs on How to Unblock Contacts on Phones

The question remains, how do I unblock a contact I once blocked? Read to find out.

7. How to See Calls from My Blocked Contacts on iPhone?

Ans: “Unless you use a third-party app, you won’t be able to view calls from persons you’ve blocked. If you’re using the iOS built-in block, you won’t be able to do anything.”

8. How Do I Unblock Incoming Calls on Samsung Phones?

Ans: “To do this,

Go to Settings > Applications > Call.

Next, click on All Calls > Auto Reject > Reject list.

Here, you will add or delete numbers on this list. You can remove a number from the reject list by simply unchecking the number(s) of your choice”

9. How to Get a Blocked Number that Was Deleted from My Contacts?

Ans:Only if you have the VCF file of the contacts or if you have the contacts stored on the SIM can you retrieve the contact; otherwise, it is lost.

If it’s in your Google account, just sync it to receive the contact back for your SIM or device.

10. How Can I Call or Text Someone that Has Me Blocked?

Ans: “To call or text one that blocked you, know that you can’t text someone who has blocked you, but you may certainly find another means to communicate with them.”

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