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How to Wake Someone Up Over the Phone

How to Wake Someone Up Over the Phone –

Are you prepared to ring someone’s doorbell? Let’s say you need to contact them right away for an important message. We’ll go through several alternatives in this article, so you can attract someone’s attention.

How to Wake Someone Up Over the Phone

How to Wake Someone Up Over the Phone

When you wish to wake someone up over the phone, this post will also cover some basic settings and enjoyable apps to use. Read on to see how you may assist a buddy get out of bed, even if their phone is on mute.

When their Phone is on Silent?

When someone’s phone is on mute, there’s no way to notify them right away.

If a person activates “silent” mode on their phone, all alerts from their contacts are muted. They won’t be able to hear ring tones or warnings when you call.

They mute any alerts in “Silent” mode. A phone will continue to light up or vibrate.

When a phone is set to “Do Not Disturb,” it stops receiving notifications and does not light up or vibrate.

They’ll hear it even if it’s in silent mode if they set their own alarm on their phone.

Phone Settings to Wake Someone Up

There are settings and programs that may wake someone up over the phone if you arrange ahead of time.

This person will need to turn off quiet mode or change their phone settings to allow you special permission to contact them in order for any of them to function.

When you change someone’s “Do Not Disturb” settings or add yourself as an emergency contact, they’ll be able to hear you when you call.

You may set amusing alarms and reminders to wake this individual up using special applications called “social alarm apps.”

We’ll discuss how to set these updates for Android and iPhones.

1. Updating Settings on iPhone to Allow Alerts in Silent Mode

To update settings on iPhone, do these:

a. Go to “Settings.” Tap this app on the Home Screen or the App Library.

b. Tap “Focus.”Choose the square purple icon with the symbol of a white crescent moon. Select “Do Not Disturb.”

c. Select “People.”Find it under the “Allowed Notifications” tab.

d. Add yourself to the “Allow Calls From” list. Now, you’ll be able to call them—even when their phone is on silent.

e. Go to their contact list. Scroll down until you find your number. Tap it to select it.

f. Edit the info for your number. Choose a ringtone with a special sound effect that’s loud and exciting, so you can wake this person up.

For example, “chimes” resemble the sound wind chimes make

2. Updating Settings on Android to Allow Alerts in Silent Mode

To update settings on an Android phone, do these:

a. Edit their “Do Not Disturb” settings. Swipe down from the top of their phone’s screen to access the “Control Center.”

b. Tap “Do Not Disturb.” When the menu opens up, select “People” under the “What can interrupt Do Not Disturb tab.

c. Add yourself as a “starred contact” on their “phone Calls” list. Select “Calls from” and add your number to the list that pops up.

d. Enable sound alerts for your number. Swipe “Alarms” to the right.

e. Go to their Contacts list and edit your number’s info. Select “Sound” and choose an alert that will get their attention every time you call.

Alarm and Notification Apps

Here are a few good applications you can use to wake someone up over the phone.

1. Galarm App

Give the Galarm app a go for helpful reminders. Galarm allows someone to create group chats, “buddy alarms,” and urgent alerts. Members can configure alarms in their apps or on a web browser.

Galarm also has special alarms that notify multiple people at the same time. This is helpful if a whole group needs to schedule a wake up call.

Install the Snoozle app so they can receive audio messages. If you and other mutual friends also have Snoozle.

You can record yourselves talking and send this person voice memos as a fun alternative to a standard alarm tone.

a. Their friends and family can record messages that are up to 12 seconds long.

b. The messages are also self-deleting, so anyone sending them can get really silly without worrying about the voice memo being played again later!

2. WakieChat App

Use the WakieChat app’s “social alarm clock” feature. This allows a random stranger to give someone a wake up call.

They both have to be in the same region that speaks the same language, and it will hide their numbers from each other.

a. WakieChat’s research suggests that a 1-minute call with a stranger immediately engages a person’s brain, which is very effective for waking this individual up.

b. If this person really hits it off with whoever called them, they can go to the in-app forum and message the individual who woke them up.

3. WakeMe App 

Give the WakeMe app a shot for a fun surprise. WakeMe gives users a chance to record their own alarm tones and send them to strangers to change up their wake up routine.

If someone wakes up within 90 seconds of the new alarm, they chat with whoever sent it.

a. WakeMe also allows users to create profiles. That way, members can learn about each other if they respond to their alarm quickly enough.

b. If the person prefers to be woken up by a stranger of a particular gender, there’s a feature for that.

c. Once an individual adds friends, they can opt to receive alarms only from these members.

Members can create a schedule and review all of their alarms. For example, they can see when they need to wake up for exercise classes and exams.

4. Air Horn App

Try out the Air Horn app. Grab their attention with an exciting sound effect. Install an “Air Horn” app on your phone’s friend.

Choose one of the app’s sound effects as your ringtone when you call.

If you’re able to walk up to them while they’re sleeping, play one of the app’s alerts to surprise them and get them out of bed.

Ask which sound they like the best or think they’re more likely to wake up to—they might prefer a stadium horn or a trumpet effect.

5. Wi-Fi Activated Sunrise Alarm

If they live with you, set up a Wi-Fi activated sunrise alarm.

Use a special app to connect your phone to the alarm. Place a sunrise alarm near this individual—on their nightstand, for example.

Install an app that’s compatible with the sunrise alarm and connect the alarm to your phone. Use the app to select the time this person wants to wake up.

a. Make sure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network—if you are, then you can use your phone to configure the settings on this individual’s sunrise alarm clock.

b. Most sunrise alarm apps also allow you to choose different shades of light for this person to wake up to. Check which color they prefer.

c. Sunrise alarms can help defeat grogginess and offer a gentler way to wake up.


Frequently Asked Questions

This section will provide you with more answers.

1. How Can I Send an Alarm to A Friend’s Phone to Wake Them Up?

Ans: “To begin, if you know his PC password, you may use TEAMVIEWER to log in and set an alert on his computer.

Another simple method is to contact him right after your alarm goes off, causing his phone to ring and disturb him.”

2. How Do I Wake Up Someone if His/her Phone Is on Silent?

Ans: “You won’t be able to overcome the quiet ring unless the owner has established the contacts list for you.”

3. How to Send a Wake Up Alert from One iPhone to Another?

Ans: “Buddy Alarm is a function of the Galarm app ( Because it is a universal program that works on both Android and iPhone, you may include other people in your alerts regardless of device kind.

Basically, you can set an alarm for someone else in your contacts if they have the Galarm app and haven’t stopped you from being included in their alarms!

If you set an alarm for someone else (the alarm receiver, often known as a “buddy”), they will be notified at the time you choose.

You (the alarm “maker”) will not be troubled if the buddy answers to the alarm and marks it done; but, if the buddy does not mark it done, it will alert the creator after a time the creator has defined.

The creator can then use additional methods to notify the receiver.”

4. Will the iPhone Alarm Go Off During a Call?

Ans: “Yes. Even if you are in the middle of a phone conversation, the timer or alarm will be loud and visible on the screen if you use it.”

5. How Do I Ping Someone on Discord?

Ans: “@[name of the person to ping/role to be pingged] is a simple way to ping any person or role.

If there are many people with the same name, a drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to choose the correct person.

This approach can ping folks who have a nickname.”

6. How Can I Send a Wake Up Alert from One Android to Another?

Ans: “If this is the case, use a tasker or macrodroid to have the 1st android call the 2nd android at a specific time.”

7. Do You Call to Wake Up Someone?

Ans: “Not at all. It is inappropriate.”

8. When and Why Did You Wake Up Early?

Ans: “For personal reasons, early!”

9. How Can I Get a Hold of Someone if Their Phone Is Off?

Ans: “You can call the local police to conduct a check individual if it is an emergency or if you believe they are in bodily trouble.

Otherwise, write them an email or call them at work.”

10. Can I Send a Loud Noise to Someone’s iPhone?

Ans: “You may transmit any form of noise to any phone, either as a recording to attach to an email or a message, or as a live transmission during a phone conversation.”

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